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I am going to ask you 5 yes/no questions, answer them honestly and you could win 1 Steem! When you are done, check below to reveal the true meaning behind your results.

Trust me, you don't want to miss this!

I have even provided you with a simple exercise for you to do directly on this post which will have you feeling POWERFUL in no time!

Drumroll for the questions please...

Are you having trouble finding your purpose in life?

Is independence something that you desire?

Are you interested in reaching your goals?

Do you ever find it hard to take your plans and turn them into reality?

Have you ever felt a lack of clear direction as to what you are meant to do?

If you answered yes to even one of those five questions than you will benefit greatly from what I am about to teach you. If all of your answers were no, congratulations - your solar plexus wheel is effortlessly swirling a beautiful yellow energy through it! Regardless of your answers to those questions, every single human can benefit greatly from opening the solar plexus chakra. I will show you simple tips that will guide you in finding your own personal power.

To gain knowledge as to what chakras are and why they are important, please visit my Chakras For Beginners guide and then come back to join in on the fun!

Before I can show you these tips, we need to know what this chakra is and why it is important to our mind, body and soul.


photo source

Location- mid abdomen
Color- yellow
Element- fire

This is where we start to get into finding our life purpose, being confident in our work and ourselves. This is the chakra that gives us POWER! Previously, we discussed the first chakra (root) , that is where we learned how to ground ourselves. We need to have our feet planted firmly into the ground, we need to start with a solid foundation. Think of this as building a house, to build a house you need to start with the foundation. The same principle works with our chakras, build your solid foundation and everything else will work around that perfectly. The second chakra that we learned about is the sacral. By opening the sacral chakra we have awakened our creativity and gained emotional stability. Now we are ready to gain personal power and release this yellow solar plexus energy which enables us to turn our desires into action.

Functions Of The Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Personal Power
  • Independance
  • Self-Discipline
  • Turn Ideas and Plans Into Reality
  • Reach Your Goals
  • Find Your Purpose
  • Easier Decision Making
  • Take Responsibility

Have you ever felt like you were so motivated that you could take on the world all by yourself? Well, you can feel that motivation every single day by keeping the solar plexus chakra balanced. Making tough decisions will no longer be a daunting task. You will have the motivation and the desire to turn your dreams into reality! All of those plans, ideas and goals you have written down, will no longer just be ink on a piece of paper. By opening the solar plexus you will have all the motivation in the world to take action. Your life purpose will either become clear to you or it will no longer be something that you are clueless about.

Codependency will more than likely not be option when this chakra is open. The independence and power you feel from the solar plexus turning its gears in the right direction, will change your life forever. The solar plexus is associated with the fire element. That comes to no surprise because when this chakra is balanced, you can certainly feel the burning fire and desire, light that spark inside of your mind, body and soul that you are so desperately longing for.

photo source

Imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra

Considering this is the chakra that gives us personal power, when the solar plexus is blocked it will have some very negative effects on us. You will no longer feel like you know what your purpose is, you will feel lost and very helpless. This chakra will easily become blocked when we are made to deal with difficult moments in life. This is a very important chakra to keep balanced so that we can overcome and power through these terrible moments. Excessive control, insecurity, anxiety and poor self image can all start when the wheel to our solar plexus stops swirling. We can also develop any illness that is connected to the digestive system when this chakra is blocked.

Misusing your power is a clear sign of an imbalanced solar plexus - I am talking to some of you Steemians on that one, I see you over there. Do this wonderful community a favor and open up that solar plexus!

Are you ready to learn how to find your own personal power?

Opening The Solar Plexus Chakra

The tips and tricks are very simple. You don't have to start talking to trees, doing the downward dog or sitting quietly hoping to shut your mind down and meditate. These steps are great for beginners and also for someone who doesn't have much time to spend on their chakras. The first thing that you can do is wear yellow, if you don't have anything yellow to wear that is okay. Every time you see the color yellow, visualize that bright beautiful color flowing into your solar plexus. Eating foods related to this color will not only help your mind to focus on this chakra but also your body. Bananas, sunflower seeds and yellow peppers are just a few to start with. The sun is an incredible way to allow the solar plexus wheel to spin in the right direction. Not only is the sun yellow, it also relates to fire which is a double win when we are working on the solar plexus. I find affirmations to be one of the most effective way to work on my chakras. Repeat these in the morning to start your day and anytime that you need a reminder or boost in your personal power.

Affirmations For The Solar Plexus

  • I Am Strong
  • I Am In Control Of My Life
  • I Feel My Power
  • Courage Effortlessly Flows Through Me
  • I Direct My Life
  • I Deserve Happiness
  • I Accept Myself
  • It Is Safe To Release My Personal Power

Are you ready for the simple and easy exercise of the day?

The image below can become a powerful tool to release your own personal power. This will show you how easy it is to begin balancing our chakras. You can choose to focus directly on the image or focus your eyes on the white screen next it and use your peripheral vision to connect to the yellow color. Whichever you choose is perfectly fine.

1. Start by visualizing the image of the swirling yellow color as your solar plexus chakra. Remember, your solar plexus is located above your belly button.

2. Now you are going to repeat any affirmation/s that you choose. I will recommend a simple one, "I Am Strong and Powerful!" Repeat this at least 3 times.

3. Take a few seconds to visualize the energy and vibrations of the color yellow, effortlessly flowing through your solar plexus chakra and then through your entire body.

That's all you do! If you are already aware of chakras and how to align them than you may have felt a tingling feeling in your stomach. It is normal to feel nothing at all, just keep practicing on the tips that I have shared with you.

photo source

By following these tips and opening the solar plexus, I promise that your personal power will flow through you. You will feel motivated to take control over your life and turn desires into action. Follow along with me and be sure you check out the first two chakras that I discussed. Our chakras are a system which will work best when all of the gears are swirling this wonderful prana energy.

SACRAL CHAKRA - Creativity, Sexuality, Emotion Stability

ROOT CHAKRA - Security, Grounded, Safe

Once we get through Chakras For Beginners, I will show you in-depth steps you can take to be sure you are keeping each chakra aligned.

These steps will include the following

  • DIY Moon Water Chakra Bottles
  • DIY Chakra Aura Sprays
  • Which Crystals To Use For Chakra Healing
  • How To Use Crystals For Chakra Balancing
  • Activities and Exercises To Help You Open Chakras
  • The Sound To Make For Each Chakra

...and much more!

I will be sharing several steps that you can take to help better yourself and ways to help you manifest success and happiness. First, we need to learn all of these simple basic techniques so that our mind, body and soul are aligned with the universe. Be sure to follow me so that you don't miss the lesson tomorrow! We will discuss the heart chakra, this chakra will help you find peace, love and compassion.


I wanted to host a contest that will benefit absolutely every Steemian in this community. By joining in on the fun here, you will be sure that you have gained the knowledge that will help guide you in turning your desires into action. Joining in will also allow for this post to reach more people so that they can hopefully gain knowledge to better their mind, body and soul as well. Help me pass this valuable information through Steemit so that we can all live happier, healthier lives.


1. COMMENT on this post and tell me how you plan on doing your part to turn your desires into action, how you felt about what you learned here today and how many questions you answered with a YES.

Very simple rules considering there is only one rule!


These are not necessary to participate but they will earn you extra entries into the contest.

Upvote + Resteem this post and your name will be entered THREE times into the contest!

Not satisfied with 3 entries? In your comment, invite a fellow Steemian to join the contest. IF THEY COMPLETE THE RULES of the contest, you will get an extra entry. You may invite as many Steemians as you desire but they must complete the rules in order for you to gain the extra entries.

This contest will end on March 6, 2018. The winner will be announced that evening or the following day.



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Well,practically all my answers were YES and I'm really appreciative of this,about what I've learned today.
However,Hardwork is a function of everything. I will be more hardworking and struggle hard to achieve my desires and with grace from above overcome all obstacles.

Hardwork and determination are a beautiful way to achieve our goals and be the best person that we can be. Answering yes to some of the questions is perfectly fine, now you can be more aware of what you need to do so that can turn those desires into action and achieve all of your goals.


Yes to all the questions :( thank you for all the information, it's a lot to take in at once, I'm keeping this post to re-study a bit more. But yes, you raise some very interesting points, and although I'm a bit of a sceptic, I can't deny the wisdom of your words. Thank you once again, definitely following you :)

It is absolutely okay if we answer yes to the questions. This chakra deals deeply with who we are and how we control our outlook on the world. It is hard to not answer yes to at least one question. It is a lot of information but if you put it to good use, you will feel better about yourself in no time. Being skeptic is perfectly normal but this isn't anything at all that has to do with spirits, ghost, Gods, Goddess or anything else that can be thought of as odd. Chakras are literally nothing more than energy points in our body. Energy has been scientifically proven to be everywhere!

Now, a person can say that they don't believe we have wheels of energy at different points in our body and lets say for a second that is true, we do still have energy all around us, even objects emit energy and colors do give off different vibrations. With that said, let's pretend we don't use the word chakra but instead only focus on the color of each chakra and its location in our body. By focusing on these certain points in our body, we will still gain the benefits from this.

It really comes down to mind over matter as well, which is why a lot of the tips have to do with focusing on a certain color that relates to the chakra. Today we are reminding ourselves to focus on the color yellow, when we do this we remind ourselves what the color yellow represents. From there, we are telling our mind that we are we powerful, we are confident and we have a purpose. Even if there was no wheel of energy, putting these tips to good use and focusing on each chakra or at least the color and affirmations will make us happier and healthier people :) Thanks for entering and good luck!


I love everything you just said! It's wise and makes a lot of sense! You've done something nice for me, by educating and motivating me, so if I can do something for you, feel free to ask! I do some graphics design and music and video, so if there's something you need, I'd be glad to help!

Congratulations, you are the winner! Thanks for playing. 1 Steem has been transferred to your account. You can check out the winning post at the link below

OMG!! Thank you!! :D I never win anything, I'm very happy.

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I answered YES to all the questions. I resteemed the article I’ll be studying it. Thank u for this post!

I'm not even going to lie, I answered yes to a few questions as I typed them lol It just means that we are now aware of what is needed to be done to find than inner strength.

Your name has been entered THREE times into the contest! :)


I answered yes to a few of the questions, I'm going to be more involved with the community here on steemit and in my neighborhood this should rise my self confidence and make me fell better as a person. I think helping others not as fortunate as your self is a very positive thing to do in life. I want to make my community a better place to live and the steemit community a better place to socialize with other people. For the year of 2018 im going to help out others for free and always look at the bigger and brighter side of the picture also maybe go back to school for a few classes to better my education and maybe get farther in life. Thank you for sharing your post and thank you for the great opportunity to be in your contest. I up voted and resteem ;)

Very good answer @godofbit. Keep up with the motivation and you will do very well. You seem to have an extremely great understanding of it all. You're right, giving back to others has so many amazing benefits. I really like your goals that you have set and I will try to help motivate you in any way that I can. Going back to school is always a plus. I also plan on maybe one day going to college. I wish I had listened when everyone told me to go after high school but it is never to late. Your name has been entered into the contest three times :) the winner will be announced hopefully tomorrow.


Cool thank you I appreciate the chance and its never to late, better late then never.

That's the way I try to think of it. I'm just nervous to start so late. You're contest is doing great! Good job on keeping up with the good work here on Steemit.

Thank you and I'm in the middle of writing the post for the day the contents is over with. You to keep up all of the hard work.

I wish i had seen this before now

It's okay, I will be doing more contest in the future :) Every Tuesday I will also be posting an updated list of active contest that I find. I want to do this to help new users engage with the community, have fun and hopefully earn a little something extra. Click here to see the contest post, at the end of the post I have listed 5 contest for this week. Join me next Tuesday for an updated list of new contest :)

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