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After noticing that my favourte bot (@originalworks) is currently being reconfigured, it occurred to me that I have yet to come across a list (official or not) of all the bots roaming around Steemit. 

So I leave it to you fellow Steemians to help populate this list. During the 7 day edit period I'll keep adding bots to the list and if needed...will do an updated post. 

My current list:

Now...for voting bots @yabapmatt has posted about a site that specifically tracks them

Have you released a new bot on Steemit? Are you thinking of developing one? I look forward to reading your views as a reply below or as a link to your post (whether or not it is on Steemit)! If your not yet on Steemit, you can send me a tweet too! If you are the type that doesn't like letting the public see what's in your mind, you can send me a note here

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For upvoting, I had heard from Steve Clark, that it is better to upvote posts that are less than 7 days old. So if you would like to be sure I get rewarded, head here to see newer posts. Because you still can upvote anytime ---- of   course  you can upvote this post even if it is more than 7 days old!  :D 

After reading this post (specifically item one), I've decided to include links for verification so any of the witnesses can confirm that I am me! :) 

#1 - Here's a tweet linking to one of my Steemit posts

#2 - Here's a page on my site with a Tweet from my handle embeded

#3 - Here's my Thrive Feed (that links to my site, which links to my Twitter feed...which links to my Steemit feed...)


 Posts about other topics:    

  • Stories from The Moth
  • Viewer Timestamp Commentaries
  • The Pun Collection (Pizza or Diner)
  • Cinematic Shots
  • Meet A - Individuals answer 36 questions for you to get more of a glimpse about them. 
  • The Poster Collection - If 1,000 people came up to me to ask to put anything I wanted ton their walls...these are among the ones you'll find. 
  • The Trailer Collection   - even if I rarely watch them, I still find films I end up watching   browsing through distributor and production YouTube Channels. 
  • Writer References - I am constantly stretching myself as a writer and even if a writing exercise doesn't end up for the public's consumption, I feel like it still contributes in every way. (Here's another screenplay entry)
  • Entries that should have been published elsewhere. Thinking about it this and this could have been more of a fit for my Thrive feed.

As for my other written pieces (outside of Steemit), some of them can be found on Thrive and Buzzfeed

 Search Terms: Programming / Artificial Intelligence / AI /

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Still figuring out the platform...meanwhile...

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