Dad Jokes from Denny's (Part 2 of 800)

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Gut Feel Stat: I think 1 out of 20 tweets catch my eye. 

(Yes...I do think that maybe there is a 'regular person' who's tweets appeal to me more. So...I'll start putting in dates on each tweet that gets added to the list!)

Similar to my episodic posts (posters, images, tweets...) I am going to aim for between 5-10 entries per post. 

11.) The dancer lives (11 July 2017)

12.)  One of these things....(11 June 2017)

13.) This is how you end all the dad jokes. (18 May 2017)

14.) OMG!!!! (09 May 2017)

15.) The Turkey Secret (22 November 2016)

16.) When this phone gets lost...we know who to return it to. :) (30 September 2016)

17.) Customer Evolution (07 July 2016)

Note 1: While researching this post, I learned that Denny's is on Tumblr. (It doesn't look like a Tumblr page based on the URL --- once you click on a all gets revealed)

Note 2: Looks like I got to the end. (Next Challenge: searching tweets by date!)

Of course....the video:

No image embedding here! Just links so you can enjoy the original creations! 

Not sure when I first heard about Denny's (Might have been one  of those posts about 'Best Twitter Feeds') --- I did take a note of this though. :)

Do you have favourites? You can add them  as a  link in the comments Here is my bookmark for the next entry.  Alternately... Feedback is welcome here.     

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