Puns from Vinnie's Pizzeria (Part 1 of 700)

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Good ones...and bad ones. :) Okay...I'll make sure to only include the ones that make me laugh.

Puns are not the usual mainstay of my humour. Though...why skip it...if it makes me laugh. What do they say? Sharing is caring. :)

For a glimpse...here's a video of one of their pizzas:

Similar to my episodic posts (posters, images, tweets...) I am going to aim for between 5-10 entries per post. 

1.) Pizza Tree

2.) A 'sort of' Halloween costume

3.) A Stanley Tucci Tribute

4.) When Oscar Turns....

5.) Slayin' Veggies

6.) Refresh-Za

7.) Other Unhealthy Treats

8.) Literally

9.) Dough...dough....dough... (Hat Tip to the Deckard-Replicant debate)

10.) Baby Shaped

See comments before for images! (Though I recommend you open the Instagram link ---- it's true...that comments do enhance the humour of each of the posts) 

If I remember correctly, I was on Tumblr looking for FNL related posts. Then found one with Coach Taylor (TBA for Instagram link!).

Do you have favourites? You can add them as a link in the comments Here is my bookmark for the next entry.  Alternately... Feedback is welcome here....or via a Tweet.    

For upvoting, I had heard from Steve Clark (@steevc), that it is better to upvote posts that are less than 7 days old. So if you would like to be sure I get rewarded, head here to see newer posts.       


 Search Terms: New York / Pizza / Cheese / Crust / Vegetables / Sauce 

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