Notable Stories from The Moth (Part 1)

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"The Moth is dedicated to promoting the art & craft of storytelling. The Moth’s stories are true, first-person narratives told live, and without notes in front of an audience." - The Moth's YouTube Channel description

I ended up discovering The Moth after getting news that Steve from Blues Clues had moved on from the show. I have no idea why I got curious to follow that particular thread. His story (warning: content is definitely NOT family friendly!) that he told in one of the moth's events was one of the results I got. I ended up going through the other stories during that time. Though I couldn't go through them fast enough (so I can find the ones that drew me in). 

So next time I get the question: 'Which stories do you recommend I watch first from The Moth'? I can answer by sending this link (and ones from succeeding installments)

Disclaimer: If you are looking for something to make you smile or laugh. Go for stories #1 and #2. If you are feeling a bit like you need a bit of additional perspective on life. Go for #3 (my tears were flowing by the time Hector was sharing the time when he found out what happened to his daughter).

I also put rating notes. #3 got MA because of of the section when Hector was recounting the crime his daughter was a victim of (not overly graphic ---- in a way that I think 'In The Bedroom' and 'House of Sand and Fog' should have been MA instead of M.).

#1 - What happens if you interview a kid of lawyers? (Maile Meloy) - Rating: PG

"So now from my room where I sit alone typing, I'm supposed to go on National TV. And my first interview ever is going to be...Martha Stewart....the book publicist was excited and it didn't occur to her that I didn't know how to do a TV interview. And it didn't occur to me to tell her. Because honestly I didn't know...just as I didn't know I was shy until the reporter covering the Spelling Bee told me I was. I didn't know how utterly unprepared I was. I had no nice clothes, because I was a student forever and I live in Los Angeles and you can really wear jeans to anything."

(Watch the rest of the story here)

#2 - Something you can do if your kid decides she would like to run away from home. (Terry Wolfisch Cole)  - Rating: PG

"...when I was about five years old, I was playing with the kids next door. And I found out that in other people's houses: older kids had later bedtimes. And I was like: 'What?'. So I go to my mother to advocate policy change and I am denied. And I've had it. This big sister thing is not what it's cracked up to be. Every time we both do something together that we're not supposed to do, I get in more trouble. Everybody's paying more attention to her because she's little: she's got that eye-patch thing going on. And I'm done...So I go to my room and from my closet I take my white vinyl Partridge Family suitcase and I put it on the bed and I start to pack. Now I'm an early reader, so into the suitcase goes Nancy Drew, Amelia Bedelia, and some Barbies and by the time I'm done there is no room left for clothes. But I'm leaving forever and I'm running away. So I know I'm going to need a wardrobe. And I put on a pair of pants (two pairs of underwear first because you gotta change right?), a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a raincoat, and over it all a crocheted poncho with fringes. And I go down the stairs where my mother is in the kitchen and she kind of looks up and she asks if I'm running away and I told her 'yes'. And she is not nearly as upset as I feel she should be. And she looks at me and she goes: 'Are you going to grandma Sylvia's?'. Which is the only other place I know where to be, cause it's only a mile away. But I couldn't believe she could figure this out."

(Watch the rest of the story here)

#3 - The Path To Forgiveness (Hector Black) - Rating (MA)

"We sent him a Christmas package and I said: 'My god, what are you doing!?...sending a Christmas package present to the man who murdered your daughter!'. I knew I had to do it. Because I think when you forgive someone, you start to care for them again."

(Watch the rest of the story here)


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