Steemit Advice for Newbies : Vie for Eyeballs, Be Seen, Get Out of Your Blog, and Make Conversations Happen!

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Time and again, the most experienced community members on Steemit will tell you to comment more. As a newbie, you have to understand that no one is going to see your posts and visit your blog (except your mum or best friend, may be). Wondering why? Because you are a newbie. Except for buying loads of Steem Power upfront and voting others with it, there's hardly anything you can do to attract people to your blog. Detailed reasons for reduced visibility in the beginning are given in this post later.

Before jumping to what-to-do part, let's see why being a newbie is a slightly disadvantageous situation.

No One Sees Your Posts!

 As a beginner and a minnow, your posts get very low visibility. Hardly anyone sees what you post. And because you are new, your posts may not be of required quality. Rookie mistakes at times and blunders at others. 

Accept this!

Creating a post is an art and while I can help you learn how to create engaging posts on Steemit, I cannot assure you that every post will be seen by 100 people and voted by 10. Your post may be wonderful but it will receive, may be, less than 10 views; or zero views. Because...

  • You don't have enough followers who can see your posts in their feed. Also, not all your followers are online when you publish your post.
  • The new section on the website is where your post immediately goes and can be seen by people on that section. But only for less than 2 seconds because newer posts takeover and so on. New section is practically insignificant now that there are 1 million Steem accounts
  • Social media, specially a Facebook group, is insensitive to your links. No traffic from there as well.

So basically, your post gets ignored unless you manually send its link to people to see, as is the case with sending links to voting bots. But that costs money. Spending money to earn that money back is not smart or sustainable.  

Wanna Be Seen? Start Commenting!

I have 4000+ followers. Some of them have huge Steem Power as well. But what is the guarantee that they all are online? What is the guarantee that all of them are even active? Is there any assurance that despite being online, the followers who see my post in their feeds will click it to see and read it? 

The answer is simple! There's no guarantee that people will see my post in their feeds. If there's no guarantee for me with such a significant following, what can a newbie hope for?

Let's come to the point!

When you post something on your blog, it may not be seen by anyone. But what about comments on others' blogs? Will they be seen? Are they generally seen? Do comments present us with an opportunity? Let's see.

The screenshot above is of the Replies tab of mine. Every account has a Replies tab. Whatever you comment on someone's post, it goes to the replies tab. There are tons of Steemians, including me, who regularly check their Replies tab and respond to the comments. I know and remember hundreds of people through their comments on my blogs. They keep coming back to share their thoughts on my posts because I generally reply to almost every comment.

The comment box of my yesterday's post containing reasons for my months long absence from Steem shows exactly what I am saying. Look carefully how the conversations have happened. I have replied all but the most recent comments. I built my account from scratch not only by putting good content, although it is essential, but also by reading extensively from other bloggers and commenting on their blogs.

So, the comments are seen, as well as replied.

Comments Get Upvoted!

Not all, not by everyone but comments are definitely upvoted. I have received significant votes on my comments when I was active and I will start receiving them again soon. I can't share the exact number here but I have personally upvoted thousands of comments by others. There was a time when my vote was worth $1 to $2 and I could afford to share a lot of love in the comments. I used to do that.

Even with a relatively smaller vote due to returning SP delegations and powering down 50 % of my stake lately, I try to upvote at least some of the comments that people do on my blogs. (I am soon going to do something about having a bigger vote).

PS: Thank you, @marty-art, @hungryhustle and @kamchore for interacting regularly even after such a long absence of mine. 

Here's a comment of mine which got a $0.41 vote from @lukestokes. Before becoming inactive, I used to read each of his post, and many of his older post because he is such an insightful person. You should find people like him and engage with them. There's a lot to learn from experienced people.

These examples are recent and may seem smaller amounts to you but remember that these upvotes are an added advantage of commenting and the real gain is the engagement and relationships. I have received votes worth $10-$40 on a single comment multiple times. It's more than newbies can earn on 20 well prepared posts. Think about it.

You Get Followers!

Yet another benefit of commenting is that you start gaining followers. And not the scammy looking spam profiles but the genuine profiles with caring humans behind them. When you keep commenting regularly, and get voted occasionally, people start seeing that you add value and they start following you. Commenting is such a great way to gain initial followers, as well as build on your existing following.

You Develop Habit of Reading!

You cannot, and should not, comment without reading a post. By taking interest in others' posts and commenting on them, you develop a nice habit of reading. It will go a long way for you because the more you read the more knowledge you will have to share with people. It will be rewarding in many ways.

Contribute Genuine Thoughts!

Conversations happen when you be genuine. If you try to comment without adding any value, it gets ignored. When you care about just the act of commenting and do not think about contributing something to the topic or conversation, you should not hope for any good outcome from your effort.

Avoid Being Flagged!

Just like good comments are rewarded, bad ones are flagged too. Avoid it. Here's how to avoid being flagged and how not to comment.

Some Resources

Here some good resources that you can read on the art and spirit of commenting. You can find my guide to commenting in the list of guides below.

Consult these amazing resources and thank these authors by leaving comments on their blogs.


Newbies are important for the ecosystem. Their retention is important for the blockchain's evolution. This post is an effort to inject some motivation in the newbies who may be struggling to be seen. The post clearly provides a definite way forward to be seen and rewarded through comments.

If you think this post might help your followers, please do resteem it.

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Nice to see you back. I’ll have to go look for your post on the reason for your recent absence. I’ve not been posting much lately myself, due to a home sale and interstate move/trip.

I share your emphasis on commenting as the way for newbies (like myself) to gain readers. I’ve only been on here a few months, but have a decent readership (still wanting to grow it of course) entirely through commenting and responding to comments of others. It’s a great way to find new people to follow and have them find you.


That's why I created yet another post about commenting. I hope you are settled now. Come back here. I'm still finding it hard to be regular due to Ramadan and job etc. Let's hope that we be here soon.

I wish I had this blog in front of me when I first joined. Could have saved me a lot of time, embarrassment and effort in improving myself. If you have your reputation less than 50, chances are that you still don't know a lot of these things that @ilyastarar has mentioned in this post. So my advice to everyone who falls under that criteria, please read this again and again to improve yourself. Just like Ilyas, I am also a fan of commenting and it reaps benefits like no other activity on the blockchain does.

Another gem of a write-up buddy. Way to go!


So I feel lucky that I'm new here and I found @ilyastar with all his advice :)


Welcome to Steemit, @tiglelight. Here's a small gift for you. :)


Thank you! :)


Thanks a lot @hungryhustle. Commenting is what I picked up from my time on WordPress prior to Steemit. Commenting is such a fundamental way to build relationships online. Plus it has added advantages as you mentioned. Excellent advice for people with rep under 50. Thanks a lot for amplfying the message.


You are most welcome sire.

You know what you said is the truth. Whenever I ask people how someone can be successful on steemit, all they tell me is to comment. They say "try to comment something reasonable, try to start up a conversation in your comment and you will do just fine" and believe it works like magic. A friend of mine got $11 upvote just by commenting on someone's post. Thank you for this sir.


It sure works like magic if done honestly. Thanks for making people realize the importance.

So the king @ilyastarar is again back on track with an amazing post which is the trade mark of you. Happy to see you in action after the absence of 2 months and frankly speaking more happier to see @kamchore in your post. It's so nice of you.
You are right the best way to get the attraction of felllow steemians by doing a lot of meaningful comments. meaningful and nice comments attracts follow steemians to your post. just like fruitfull trees attracts a lot of birds.

I did a lot of comments and mostly my comments earn more reward than what my post earn.

Wishing you a very happy and blessed Ramazan
Have a nice time


Thank you. I am no king. You have exemplified what I was trying to convey. Let's hope people realize it.

hi,hope you are fine ,congratulation for your car and welcome back
you are doing good work for newbies
on commenting you are right read,understand others content and leave a meaningful comment there is just like respecting others
here are some tips to comment ,
follow the persons with high SP , check their posts and comments on it, try to make them friends,try to comment first if you can,comment when post are hot and do not have much comments,if you can't understand post you should avoid commenting on it,find the posts according to your interest


Thank you so much. Good advice for targetted commenting. :)


Love this brief advise.

here are some tips to comment ,

  • follow the persons with high SP , check their posts and comments on it, try to make them friends,try to comment first if you can,comment when post are hot and do not have much comments,if you can't understand post you should avoid commenting on it,find the posts according to your interest

Many thanks.

Like I wrote in one comment here, I feel lucky that found your account with all valuable information and help for newbies :)
I see that steemit is really nice place, but I was wandering why you have this description "Struggling to find motivation to keep going. Will the Steem promise be delivered? Currently, I don't see it happening...".
Is something happening here what people should know? ;)
Thank you for your work!


Oops. I shared my gift vote on the other comment. Let me share some here too. Anyway, I need to change my description. It was a period of pessimism for me generally when I updated the description.

Good luck to you!


Welcome :)


And thank you here also ;))

This is the most insightful newbie recipe I have ever read. You are such a great writer @ilyastarar.

Hey no wonder u have been seen your post, you have been inactive for sometimes now. I hope it's for good and there is no problem.

I will really advice you don't go inactive for considerable period of time. Because I have seen some guys who never really get to recover his worth after some months of i activity.


@eurogee of @euronation community


Thank you for the advice. Losing the momentum can be so damaging I know. It is hard to bounce back. I will try to remain active on a daily basis via commenting if not posting.


Best decision

This is very helpful information for beginners. I used to think how to get friends in steemit. Finally I try to comment on their posts, but I must read first and understand the contents of the post correctly. when I get a reply, I feel fun. And from your post I can also new understanding. Thank you @ilyastarar.


Here's another reply, Jamal. Happy to see that you learned to do it right. Good luck!

you are right @ilyastarar. i make a post about comment. comment is the secret Weapon To Get More Reward In Steemit


Thanks for sharing your experience.

Welcome back brother!
That is why i'm working on comments from about 4 months :)


Has it been beneficial?


A hugeeeee yes,
I'm making relations, taking to the people, knowing their reviews.
I am getting upvotes on my comments.
and ALHAMDULLILLAH i'm getting 2 to 3 sbds votes daily by just commenting.


you know ilyas you are an inspiration for newbie like me here in this platform :)

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I see many posts like these. And since I'm a numbers guy I wonder is there any proof that you can make it as Newby?
For example, how many accounts started in 2018 so now earn some nice rewards?


That's a technical thing but I think devs can retrieve such a data from the blockchain. There must be some if not many. However, you can try commenting and see a difference.


So far I didn't see any data to prove you can make it as Newby. Data I did see is that only very few Steemonians earn a material amount. So as Newby your chances are very little. Most certainly below 1% of total active Steemonians. And most likely when below 0.1%.

What I do know is that writing a lot of comments basically doesn't get you anywhere. This is proven by at least a few Steemonians, the ones that win Ashers engagement league on a regular basis.

When I first started Steemin' it was all about reading, commenting and engaging with others. Now it has become a habit and it's a productive one.


Thanks for sharing your experience.

You have been defended with a 4.72% upvote!
I was summoned by @gabeboy.

Thank you for these wonderful insights and tips. I really want to build followers that are not spamming and follow people who are deeply sensible. It is indeed a struggle to have my posts to be seen more by here in steem. I am a newbie in blogging and I like my to do more valuable posts that can be seen to make everything worthwhile here.

I am upvoting this and following you.

Thanks for the information @ilyastarar

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Good article.

It's never too late to respond to this nice advice I believe.

You're truly on point my dear Ilyas. Getting out to interact with others is very key in this space for one yo have any tangible degree of success in the long run.

Been a while boss @ilyastarar How is your new car? I believe you're enjoying it well.

Lest I forget to send your Ramadan greetings...


Great to see you back creating man! Appreciate your content!

Wanna Be Seen? Start Commenting!

This is huge. So much so that I think it goes over looked by the masses. Nothing helps you more than being seen as active on this platform. Everyone appreciates it, from followers to lurkers....

Great piece of advice for everyone, not only new Steemians but old as well :)


Thanks, Jon. I must follow my own advice when I finish replying to comments here. Thanks for the encouragement. :)