Detailed Opinion on Appropriate Use of Upvote Bots, Bot Abuse, and Quality Content!

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There's an interesting survey being carried out by @inquiringtimes to determine what appropriate use of voting bots is and what constitutes an abuse of these bots. It basically invites people to be part of the discussion in the comments section and he will gather all the opinions and publish an update a week later. I have promised him to comment only after I am done sharing my detailed opinion on the matter. This post serves as my detailed opinion as well as an invitation for you to read his post and participate in the discussion in his comments.

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I have read a lot about abuse in general and voting bots abuse in particular. In fact, I have been successfully reporting abuse cases to get them blacklisted and prevent the abuse from happening. A huge discussion happened on this post by @zombee, the founder of @dMania. The post was flagged heavily and criticized greatly. But I credit it a lot for starting a discussion on abuse through voting bots. Just yesterday, I found two amazing posts on the topic; a take on bid bot abuse by @michaeldavid (owner of @sneaky-ninja) and a guide on how to use bid bots properly by @valorforfreedom

What is Appropriate Use of Bid Bots?

I am going to list a few cases in which, I think, using bots is perfectly fine. Sometimes, it may even be necessary. Here is what I think is appropriate use of bid bots.

1. Promotion of Good Quality Content

You may have your own idea of what quality content is. I have my own. This is another debatable point but my detailed opinion on quality content, as also asked in the survey post, is included later in this post. If your content is of good quality but you are not getting significant attention, it might be a good idea to boost your content enough to have some visibility. It may bring you more upvotes. 

Another case of promoting quality content with bid bots is when you are sure that your content is absolutely valuable for people and promoting it will certainly bring more votes and you will hit the trending page. I promoted my detailed guide on Steemit Reward System with MinnowBooster and it paid out at $648. The initial momentum from considerable votes was topped by @minnowbooster vote and the rest of the community responded with more votes. Using a voting bot certainly helped.

2. Spreading an Urgent But Important Information

This takes me to another post which was based on voting bots abuse. Owner of @buildawhale (one of the bid bots), @themarkymark, wanted to inform the community that a plagiarist was about to with $2800 in rewards. He sent a 100 SBD bid to @postpromoter immediately to get the post hot and trending. It ruined my 50 SBD bid at the same time though because I was hoping for a good vote on my guide about bad commenting habits (and that's how I spotted his post). 

The information reached the community and immediate action was taken by concerned people. All the active posts which were work of plagiarism were absolutely sunk to zero, preventing the plagiarist from abusing Steemit reward pool through bid bots. Here's the screenshot of the consequences.

So, it can be very useful to use bid bots to spread information of urgent but important nature.

3. Promoting Your Content in Specific Tags to Reach Focused Audience 

This is something I learned by reading the how-to guide by @valorforfreedom that I already mentioned. I post a lot using #steemiteducation and #tutorial tags because of my content being educational in nature. If I promote my content with these specific tags, the people looking for content on these tags will find my posts. They may choose to read my posts and end up voting it and following me. I think this is an incredible use of bid bots to reach a focused audience. I am going to work on this strategy more often.

I think the whole point of using bid bots and content promotion bots should be to gain visibility to your important content. It can be good quality content, important information of content tailored for a specific audience. I see no problem with using bots to promote yourself on Steemit. 

Inappropriate Use / Abuse of Bid Bots

The most concerning part of the discussion around bid bots is the abuse that frequently happens despite all the efforts to curb it. The amount of effort being put into stopping bots abuse is huge. I have been discussing things closely with people in charge of bots and promotion systems lately; especially @therealwolf of @smartsteem and @reggaemuffin and other team members behind @minnowbooster. However, the abuse still happens; more due to inherent ignorance of new users than due to faults in the system. Introduction of spam detector by MinnowBooster is one big step forward though. 

Here are some cases of bid bot usage which I consider abusive. The degree of abuse may vary. Some even may consider it normal but they are cases of abuse in my opinion.

1. Using Bid Bots on Plagiarized/Spam Content

One example of folks using bid bots on plagiarized posts has already been discussed. I have seen many. Bid bots are maintaining lists of thousands of banned accounts for spam or plagiarism. I once saw a person from my own country getting $200 worth of upvotes on a single picture with no text or description. One of the votes on it was my own because I was selling my vote through MB. I was checking the posts my vote was used on and found the useless post. It was reported, unvoted, banned and all the reward retrieved.

2. Getting Massive Votes on Low-Quality Content

Again, quality is a subjective thing. The same post may be a quality post for one user and low quality for another. I am going to narrate my opinion of quality of content in a dedicated heading. Generally, a post containing one or more of the following features is considered bad quality content; at least by me.

  • Very less substance in the post. I can be lack of necessary details about or too short text.
  • Bad formatting.
  • Copyright violations or failure to cite source where needed.
  • False information on a topic.
  • Use of irrelevant tags.

There can be more detail on what constitutes low quality content. However, the scope of this post does not necessitate that. Getting votes of too much value on below average posts will result in flagging by people who find out the quality.

3. Voting Late on Your Posts

Late voting has been a topic of discussion lately. I can surely think of @grumpycat who warned bot owners not to vote on posts later than 3.5 days of their life. This warning has resulted in a lot of bots changing the age of votable posts to 3.5 days. Why is voting late a point of concern?

  • The bots were created to help users in promoting their content. Promotion works best in early hours or the initial day or two at best. After that point, no amount of votes can ensure a spot in the trending section.
  • I can think of nothing except abusive thought behind voting older content because it may keep spam/plagiarized/low-quality content out of sight even with significant votes on it. The abuse is prone to escape from any punishment.
  • Although I have discussed it exclusively below, the use of bid bots late also serves as a way to earn perceived profits. This might not be the case in actuality but the users do have an intention to do so.

I do not approve voting late on content through voting bots.

4. Using Bots for ROI

If you create high-quality content and hit the trending page with the help of some big but deserved votes, your initial promotion was surely a great investment. However, using bots to get profitable votes does not work at all. Let me explain it to you.

I used 50 SBD bid on a post and got $1oo dollar vote (it's actually a little less than $100 but I used this number to simplify calculations. Seems good? Let's see.

  • 5o SBD = $100 Vote
  • After Minus 25 % Curation = $75
  • 50 % of remaining amount converted to SBD = 37.5 SBD
  • Rest 50 % (37.5 USD) converted to SP = 10.62 SP (@ $3.53 per Steem)

 So, I will get less than 33 SBD (Steem price has fallen lately and vote's value is just $87 right now) by spending 50 SBD. No one will call it a good ROI even if you take into account the 9 SP I am going to get. Bots are not ROI tools. While using bots as ROI tools may not be called abuse, it is clearly a stupid idea. I would call it inappropriate use of bid bots.

5. Abuse of Reputation Score Algorithm 

Any reputation gained via the abusive tactics using bid bots is an abuse of the reputation algorithm. I have so many times asked this questions in discussions related to bid bot abuse. Let me formally share it with you.

How would the Steemit accounts look like in terms of reputation score acquired through bot votes is removed?

I know I will drop back to 62 only because I am not a massive fan of bid bots. I never used them for months but as the quality of my content and my knowledge of Steemit increased, I felt the need to promote myself through bots. It has worked in most cases.

I would like to request people to discuss the effects of bid bots on reputation score system and its repercussions on Steem blockchain. Reputation is only reversible through flags and simple banning won't undo the abuse that happened on an account through bid bots.

6. Excessive Use of Bid Bots

How much is excessive is debatable. But I can surely say that using bid bots on every post, regardless of the value it may create, is excessive use of bid bots. If a post gets $400 worth of votes from bid bots in its initial hour and pays out at $405 (keeping Steem's price constant) after 7 days, it certainly was not a post worth promoting. Promotion should generate engagement and it should be evident. 

7. Using Bid Bots Too Early

I won't call it abuse but it is an inappropriate use of bots in my opinion because it deprives your voters of good curation rewards. I had a funny incident today on my friend @jbn post on how vote value is determined by Steem blockchain (I admit it educated me from the scrap on vote value and you must read it!). It took me some time reading his post. By the time I finished commenting, resteemed and upvoted it, the post had already received a considerable vote on it from a bot. I was amused because I had this point in my mind at that time. I conveyed my feelings to him too. Haha!

I think the first hour is what should not be used for bot votes. Let your regular readers vote in 20-60 minutes window so that they can collect some SP as curation reward. Use of bots after that will enhance their curation rewards. 

What is Quality Content?

Quality is not measurable. We can't quantify it. Furthermore, different people have different perceptions about quality content. But since this question is part of the discussion and I talk about quality content a lot, I am sharing my thoughts freely. You can add yours.

In my opinion, quality content is the content which fulfills most of the following conditions.

  • Regardless of the topic or type, the content formatted/presented in an excellent and organized way is quality content.
  • Quality content always addresses an issue or solves a problem for its audience. A well-taken photograph may be pleasing to the eye of a person who appreciates good photography. A detailed guide to doing something is of educational value. Just examples.
  • It contains references and links to more quality content. The images and resources used are well referenced.
  • The information presented in the content is useful and correct. It must be well researched before publishing.
  • After being published, it generates engagement. Such engagement is visible from social signals like shares, upvotes, and comments.
  • Quality content never fails to be appreciated and its author can never stay unnoticed forever. If you notice a Steemian progressing rapidly on all important fronts, he or she surely is dishing out great content on a regular basis.

These are general guidelines and do not rule out other possible perceptions. Some of the examples of quality content on Steemit are:-

  • An incredibly well written opinion.
  • A great work of fiction.
  • A photograph well taken and all the information about camera settings etc included in the post.
  • A Dtube video containing valuable information or guidance.
  • A cryptocurrency signal given based on technical analysis and charts.
  • A thoroughly detailed guide on how something works.
  • A personal story.
  • An update on homesteading.

I can go on with the list. But the point is; we have different tags and categories because each of them has quality content on that tag. It may not be useful for all the people but it certainly is useful people who follow that tag. 

Also, different people like different types of content. I do not curate photography posts much but it does not mean that these posts are not quality content. They are not just quality content for me. My content may not be quality content in many people's thinking and it is absolutely fine. But anything formatted and presented well never be flagged, if not upvoted.


I wanted to keep this opinion post short but there is so much to share, and on different fronts, that it has turned into another full blown post. However, recording my opinion on bid bot abuse and content quality is an important exercise. It also adds to my efforts to educate people about Steemit and its ecosystem.

I personally loved writing it. Do let me know how you feel after reading it. Resteems will generate healthy discussion and also educate your followers so I request you to resteem. Upvotes are always a source of great encouragement.  


This was a very interesting post for me to read today. In the middle of an existentialist crisis about Steemit, that involves bidbots and overestimated posts sucking dry the reward pool, I needed to see this.

I try to decrease the time I spend witing a post, but there is nothing I can do if I want to reach the quaity I am aiming for. Basically, it is minimum 6 to 12 hours work:
Researching the topic when needed, writing a draft, structuring, re-writing, taking the pics, making videos when relevant, searching for illustrations or making them myself, keeping track of all references and including them etc...

It's a lot of work, and getting a few dollars or a few tens of dollars wen I see posts that make hundreds or even thousands while it would have taken me 1 hour tops to write it, just makes me mad!

I am still hanging there, and will for a while more, but... Things need to improve in regards to abusers of the reward pool...

Thank you for your post, it revigorates me. Be well.

Glad to have your thoughts on this important matter. It's great that you feel better. I hope you continue because sunshine is not far away. I know how people exceed others regardless the amount of effort involved.

I am a turtle at writing. This post took me more than four hours to publish after I wrote its title. This is when I had all the idea inside my head and there was little visual imagery to add. I have written posts which took me more than 15 hours to create but they paid out well over $300 as well. I can assure you that your efforts will not be ignored for long.

You may need to change your marketing methods. Look for ways to reach out more people. See how others are doing it and use the methods which seem acceptable to you.

Steemit is still a young startup. A lot needs to change and we know that a lot is going to happen in future. We are lucky to be part of it this early.

Thank you Ilyas for your encouraging comments and for the personal advice. I appreciate grandly.

I must admit, that Marketing... well, I'd rather spend more time creating content. I guess many of us, especially in the arts and sciences feel like this... Don't get me wrong, I know how to , as I had to to promote some other works and managed to find my place with these online, yet it is not my cup of tea.

I believe, the most important is to build a solid and meaningful follower base, the ideal being when they genuinely look forward to your next post, and are curious on what you will come up with next. I am happy to see mine grow day after day. In addition, I do make it a priority of taking deep care of my followers, especially those that interact with me. That, I believe, will guarantee a minimal payout when I post a good quality article.

Maybe, you didn't really understand the source of my irritation: It is when you see posts earning 300$+, which really are not worth this sum in terms of work put in, but are being up-voted by 'friends' of the poster or bots.... In absolute, I have no problem in someone making money the way they want. Good for them. What bothers me is that they take out the money from the same pool as those that work their ass off to propose some really high quality content, that in the end, barely reaches a few dollars... For me, this is not far off from community theft.

Yet, beside my rant on this issue, I am really glad, like you, to be involved in Steemit: I love this platform and these are very exciting times to be part of it. And indeed, changes will occur. I just hope that these will be in favor of users (authors and readers), not those greedy people that hijack the reward pool... My witness votes are strongly based on this...

@ilyastarar - very well written <3 #qualitycontent

Found this very valuable. Thing I liked most what you said is that you shouldn't expect ROI from using just voting bots.

I have used only small voting in past for my posts to try bots out, which made me realize that if your content is not HQ there is no point in using bots on the - will be no ROI.

Great to see that person who used bots to up-vote plagiarism was punished.

I feel like this is KEY thing on Steemit, to eliminate as much abuse as possible, so people are much more incentivised to create actual QUALITY content. fist (1).png

P.S. IMO - Quality content is something that provides either entertainment or utility value to targeted audience. #my2cents

Thanks for joining the discussion. I agree with your version of quality content. It closely relates to my version as well. It depends on the audience to decide what is good quality content for them.

What an indepth post you have's funny how something can start as a response, in your case, to @inquiringtimes, and turns out to be a lengthy, detailed blog of your own. Not a waste though, my friend, because you not only managed to convey a great deal of information, but you've given me and hopefully many others, food for thought.

When I began on steemit just 2 months ago, I 'dabbled' in upvoting bots to try and figure them out. If I had a post that I deemed 'good quality', but because of my 'newness' hadn't received much from it, I tried to use the bots to basically "pay myself for a job well done". Other times, I tried them on some photos or posts that didn't take a lot of work, and felt like I had given myself a birthday present when it wasn't my birthday...not very deserving and I must admit, I didn't feel right about it. Or I had a post that was dedicated to my friend who was dying of cancer and all proceeds were going to her foundation....a very good reason to use a bot I think. I have since quit using them altogether now, so really, I'm agreeing with everything you are saying :)

When you say :
"I would like to request people to discuss the effects of bid bots on reputation score system and its repercussions on Steem blockchain. Reputation is only reversible through flags and simple banning won't undo the abuse that happened on an account through bid bots.",
are you suggesting flagging users for voting bot abuse, but in such a way as to lower their reputation level? I'd love to comment more on that, but truthfully, I didn't fully understand your intention.

Finally, thank you for linking @inquiringtimes survey here too. I may end up using much of my same reply there as here, but I think it's certainly a conversation worth having in as many places as possible. On that note, I am a member of @newbieresteemday, an initiative that helps 'newbies'. It started as resteeming but has become so much more of a mentoring and educational initiative; a place to offer support to new folks and not-so-new folks too. So, I'm coming back with that 'hat' on to resteem this to the @newbieresteemday feed in the hopes to educate more folks!

Again thank you so much for this! Cheers:) (Apparently my response could have been turned into a post as well haha)

Thank you for such a wonderful reply. I loved how you told us about your experience with bots.

"I would like to request people to discuss the effects of bid bots on reputation score system and its repercussions on Steem blockchain. Reputation is only reversible through flags and simple banning won't undo the abuse that happened on an account through bid bots."

It's an invitation to openly discuss what to do with the abuse happening related to reputation score. The reason is that it is not talked about enough or given due importance in my opinion.

Simply banning absusive people from using bots may prevent future abuse but there are two more things which can be done.

  1. Flag unpaid posts enough to stop the rewards going to abusers.

  2. Flag regular abusers enough to nullify the effects of bot votes on their reputation score. Most abusers don't deserve to be above 30 rep and still you can see them well over 50.

I am inviting the community to discuss this part openly and decide to do something about it. I hope you get it now.

I see what you're saying here @ilyastarar, and truthfully, I'm not sure what the answer is; what I can do to contribute is make my own post, as per your suggestion on @inquiringtimes survey post to keep the conversation going. Perhaps the more people who are aware of the abuse, the more chance of something being done.

This is a little off topic, but on the same page as 'abuse of the system'...check out @fulltimegeek's post here: because I think it will be something worth following. Thank you again for all you do and thank you for your kind response!

it is good to see a number of posts sprouting up in response to this one. Mostly I hoped to encourage community discourse, and help to spread awareness of community values to new users. :) I'm grateful that this is being accomplished.

And that's what it's all about, isn't it?! I am a part of @newbieresteemday, which started out as a resteem initiative, but has turned into an educational, supportive and mentoring program for new and not so new folks here. Hopefully a lot will see my post and redirect to yours and @
@ilyastarar's as well..."spreading awareness of community values to new users" :)

I personally invited a lot of people to add their opinion. Some commented and some made posts. I saw Mark's post as well. It is such a great thing to see the discussion catching on. You have a lot of reading to do I guess.

I seriously enjoy reading your posts now. They are well thought, and provide in-depth analysis of situations .. that is quality content.

Indeed the topic of bot use and abuse is highly debated.
I agree with you on many of the points above. I had my own opinion against the use of bots with high bid value as before it was pure profit, but now I think bots are getting a taste of good regulation, they no longer yield high profit, at times a portion of the investment could get lost, yet they do provide the needed marketing so i tend to think of them as a marketing campaign on facebook/google ads/...

In that perspective, they serve well a good purpose. This is all under the concept of having quality content and messages that the steemit masses (and google visitors) need to see.

Thanks again for a well-written piece.

I think steemit should be fair to everybody and I think it will be best without bit bots and self-upvoters.
In our little Thai-community, we are not allowed to do self-upvote and bit bots are something we don’t want to see.
Why can’t anybody sees that Steemit is dieing slowly because of this!

Nice. The information about your Thai community is interesting. Not using bots and not self voting but still thriving as per the value added is what this system needs. There are so many complications though. There's something in the draft which may have the potential to change this for good. Let's see. Systems evolve over time.

PS: I did not self vote or use bid bots on this post (yet). I did not market early like I do with most posts. I just wanted to see how it naturally performs. It had $4.45 as rewards before a considerable vote just a few minutes ago. Surviving without promotion is too difficult, considering that the userbase has increased rapidly and locating good content is so hard for the curators.

then now you could understand how all little minnows feel when all the big fish run ahead with all those tricks. Everybody should have a chance to fight this battle with the same weapons and let the real best one win, not the one with the stronger bots!
Project Curie is the only project, that really support the minnows, bit bots cost Curie a huge damaged.
If steemit crashs one day, then we all know who we should thank for!

Hi man this article is brilliant! I'm a bot operator. I want to use your article as a reference and teach all my bidders how to use my bot. Can I modify your article to be used on my post?

A lot of it is so subjective to the viewer of the material, like you said. Those who supported reducing the amount of time to 3.5 days have worked to make it more objective, but I've heard of people getting flagged for using bots that allowed votes on posts after 3.5 days, but the user was doing it before 3.5 days. I don't want trouble, so I just stick to bots that cap at 3.5.
It's a complex issue. There are some who say bots shouldn't be allowed on here. At Steemit's purest form, I think they would not. I think you would see each person manually voting on each post they liked or didn't like. You wouldn't have votes being bought/sold. It would be a manual rewards system. As it is, I use bid bots from time to time. They haven't been very profitable, but when you're starting out, anything that gets good exposure helps. I work to only put out useful/informative/entertaining content though so hopefully people don't have an issue with my posts.
You did a good job of summarizing the discussion. I'm curious to see what comes of it.

You've hit the nail on the head there:

There are some who say bots shouldn't be allowed on here. At Steemit's purest form, I think they would not. I think you would see each person manually voting on each post they liked or didn't like. You wouldn't have votes being bought/sold. It would be a manual rewards system.

I agree with this entirely, but I think one of the main issues is that it's quite difficult for newcomers to get noticed and earn much at all. Ignoring the fact that many bots are actually negative ROI due to last minute bids, you can clearly see the appeal.

As the number of users grow on Steemit, there is more 'competition' for those high paying upvotes from dolphins/whales. I have used bots a couple of times, either breaking even or seeing a slightly negative ROI, but my main reason for using them was to try to gain a little exposure.

Exposure for newbies who create good quality content is a really logical use of bid bots. But then the bots will miss on big money coming from whales and dolphins. So much to debate about.

There are some who say bots shouldn't be allowed on here. At Steemit's purest form, I think they would not. I think you would see each person manually voting on each post they liked or didn't like. You wouldn't have votes being bought/sold. It would be a manual rewards system.

I was of the same opinion and for my intial six months, I hardly used bots outside testing purposes. To be very honest, I have accepted the fact that bots exist and people use them. I know that I cannot do anything about their existence. I will, however, advocate for some measures which can reduce use of bots by most people and the SP delegated to bots may be retrieved, leaving just enough to support newbies only.

Because my peers use bots, their posts outshine mine regardless of what effort we bring in. Bots have become necessary. But I would love to have a system where people do manual curation. As long as that system is not implemented, it is useless to sit back. Why not avail the opportunities rather than seeing your posts and rewards shrink? These are my honest thoughts.

leaving just enough to support newbies only.

That would be great. I've done fairly well, but I see a lot of people who are struggling to get ahead at all. I think Steemit's long-term success will be in getting a healthy, upwardly-mobile middle-class. If the existing whales just eat all the food, the minnows will die off. If the minnows leave, there won't be much value to Steem as the only people who will be posting will be the 30 whales.

It's a difficult one. I have used bots a couple of times as a newcomer to try to gain some exposure on some content I've put a lot of work into. Sadly, the ROI ended up being negative anyway, but I certainly understand the appeal of trying to boost one's earnings when you're starting out.

Abuse is a major issue for a platform like Steemit. Sadly, it is apparent that there are accounts with large amounts of SP that simply vote within a very small circle, ignoring the rest of the community. I think this is one of the reasons minnows look for other ways to try to get their foot on the ladder somewhat.

Everyone is hoping to see a whale or two upvote them with a large % of voting power, but there is a lot of competition for those votes these days as more and more people enter the platform. I do think something needs to be done about abuse of the system. GrumpyCat, although rather antagonistic, has helped a lot by forcing bots to cap at 3.5 days.

I think the first hour is what should not be used for bot votes. Let your regular readers vote in 20-60 minutes window so that they can collect some SP as curation reward. Use of bots after that will enhance their curation rewards.

I agree and that's something I have started to do recently. I want to reward my readers so I let them get first dibs on the upvotes etc...And then after it's been hour or so, I'll start promoting.

Interesting note you made about the ROI....To me, if I can get on the radars of other Steemians, that's my end goal. Never thought I'd make any extra cash using the bots except maybe things like SmartSteem / Minnowbooster.

Maybe I'm just an odd one lol I try to use the bid bots for one thing only....Getting noticed.

Awesome content as always sir!

ADaab Ilyas,
Like always you have come up with very important but well answered issue.
Sometimes, you might be able to exploit the system but in most of the cases, you will not get the exact amount back what you had before. Yes, we can use them for good causes or if you really want to get the community's attention.
I used to use bots, but now I have stopped.Maybe, I have learned the hard way.


I am really considering things seriously as well. So far, I have not used any bot on this post. I didn't use bot votes on my last post as well. It is not sustainable or easy to go through but I am trying to establish things without using bots. It's a thought not a decision yet.

Thanks for your feedback!

I totally agree with you. And you know what? You are doing right. The thing is for a short moment you will get upvote from the bots and you might think you are getting some appreciation or your little work is paying you more but that is not the case. When you will leave them, not a single user will upvote you because you didn't make connection with them. You were only intereacting with the bots.
So the only way is to go for quality of followers/intereactions not he quantity.

Thankfully, I've worked a lot in relationship department. I never wanted to rely on bots completely. It's not worth it at all. My priority will remain to interact with people.

Thanks for such an informative article. The other day I made a post about which kind of bots are preferable, and one user said that those whose votes are distributed based on the quality of the content of the posts. Well, such bots don't really exist at the moment, but wouldn't such bots be great. They could use Artificial intelligence and natural language processing etc. to rate the content.

Use of AI and code to verify quality is again a subjective thing. MB came up with a spam detection system a few days ago. One bot that I know has a credible whitelisting system is @smartmarket ( If you are whitelisted and prefer to publish quality posts regularly, it is easier for me to vote on your posts without any fear of abuse. This is one of its kind.

"Quality content never fails to be appreciated."

I have nothing to add, but my appreciation.

bid bots, in my point of view bit bots, is one of the main topics for minnows and the way you demonstrate this topic is just amazing, I got a hell of a knowledge by this article.
Thanks for sharing.
Can I have your facebook id brother?


Nice writeup revealing deep insights into the world of bid bots which many don't really understand.

I myself have learnt a thing or two in this post.

Worth my upvote. Upvoted and Resteemed.

I would be deceiving myself if I say that this article was not helpful. I really appreciate this, thanks a lot for this wonderful expository to the nitty gritty needed to success in this beautiful platform.
Keep the good work up, really learnt a lot from this.

Thank you so much for your feedback and beautiful words. By the way, yours was such a generic comment that I actually had to check your comments to see if it is copy pasted. Gladly, it wasn't. It would help to always comment in a way which looks specific to the post you are commenting on.

The truth is bid bots should adopt more rules because these would help a lot in curtail over hyped posts who earn a ton of and

Such rules need to be discussed. I can think of a few but I will have to co-relate all the context and consequences attached before saying anything. I do agree on their need though.

Strange, I just asked you about bid bots on discord....and now I have this amazing post by you as an answer...Best answer ever, I would say....

Thank you so much. The whole discussion incidently happened within two days and you go your answer thanks to the posts I have read on the topic.

u r really nice teacher... i'm new here and i was very confused about these bots.. thanks.. love from Pakistan... <3

Welcome and love from Pakistan too.

This is a very educational post worth reading for anyone!

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Once more I will like to appreciate you for dishing to us all your thoughts about Steemit community. This post is very useful for new Steemians like me, I am just getting to know about use of bots from quite a number of posts I have read.

However I have two thoughts on this


In the case of bad formatting I have seen a situation whereby the content has a lot of information that is needed but not well formatted. Personally, I think a comment and few corrections will go a long way to improve such people's post.

Secondly, how do we resolve the issue of irrelevant tags that gets high upvotes due to favouritism. A post on this can help the community.

Thank you.

@ilyastarar Thank you for such an informative and detailed post. I'm not that new to Steemit, yet I feel like there's still much more for me to learn. This post has definitely helped. I find you very valueable to Steemit; many can learn from you. Best wishes and much success to you here on Steemit. - @splendorhub

Good day sir @ilyastarar. I have intermittently visited your posts by coincidence whether I see ypu in the trending section or you simply happen to be everywhere. I kinda forgot where I came across you today but Im glad it les me to your blog once more. I believe it had something to do with me being mentioned in a post and I ended up learning how you taught soneone how to use a leasing SP in minnowboaster. Long story

I never really bothered to follow you up until now. Taking a break from posting really dis me well. I made sure to use thia day to interact, find great content and learn new things. I am so glad I did this.

Anyways, I do have a question with delegating. I am going to take a hiatus feom steemit because I need to review for my board exams and I need to have passive i come for my static SP and steem lying around. Honestly, I am really looking forward to have maximum profit for the 2 months which I will take away from steemit.

It woyld be a pleasure to have your advice as to how I could do this. I am considering contacting you thru discord but I wanted to ask permission as to not intrude, if thats okay with you. I will be making a tutorial as well on how to do it for those who want to take a hiatus as well. Surely, I will tell my community of the quality content you make.

You esrned yourself a new follower today. Thnks for your dedication to the platform. I look forward to read more of your posts amd lesrn from it. You share with me the vision of educating newbies as to how steemit works. Bet of luck! I look forward to your response

Good content.. Its quite helpful for newbies..
The most important thing that is neglected nowadays is quality of content.. Thanx for sharing.. It clear some important points for me

Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate, your encouraging comment will take someone very far! Well say dear,your the best @ilyastarar.

Flagged. You may find useful guidance on my blog.

Hi, I followed u.. plz follow me in return ... greetings.