How to stop almost all abuse on Steem (Edited)

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Too often I have read posts about abuse and reward pool rape. Some users try to exploit Steem and get more than they actually deserve. I am talking mostly about bot upvote abuse. The solutions so far didn't really work.

With some users trying to exploit the dMania bot as well, I have to deal with it somehow. I want to shed some new light on the problem and make it clear for everyone where the actual problem is.

Why only bot upvote abuse?

I would argue that bot abuse is the only real abuse that exists on the platform atm. Every other post that receives high rewards was upvoted by some real person. That person invested a lot of money so that he is able to make those high upvotes. He can use those upvotes however he likes. If he likes to upvote his own comments to $200, that's his choice. It's probably not the best idea or a good strategy for an investor, but it's his choice.

It isn't any different when a low stake user upvotes his own posts and comments all the time. Nobody complains about that, but it is actually the same thing.

If some user upvotes content of the same user all the time (@haejin or others), it's not abuse either. Looks like it and a lot of people don't like that, but not really abuse. Some users with a high stake choose @haejin as their special friend and upvote all his posts. They have invested a lot in the platform, so they can do that. It's their choice. It's probably not the best thing to do if you are interested in the long term growth of the platform, but if they think @haejin posts are their letters worth in gold so be it. 

People can use their own stake to fight that kind of Steem Power use or they can let it happen. Again it's their stake and they should use it as they see fit.

Where the real problem lies

Most people don't  realize where the actual problem is. For me it is as clear as day and I wonder why I haven't seen any posts about it. The only real abuse that happens on Steem is by paid upvote bots. Not their existence, but how they are designed at the moment and the amount of power they have on Steem.

People normally use paid upvote bots to boost their posts a little and make them a little bit more visible. Nothing wrong with that. On Steem there is already a feature for that -> Promotion. The problem is that nobody really uses it. Mainly because of the way it was designed. Promoted posts on Steemit are only visible in their separated tab. There are a lot of ads and stuff by ICOs. Most people don't want to look at that. The quality of content is lower in general on the promotion tab. 

Other platforms had the same problem and they integrated ads and paid posts into the regular content. That way those posts would get more exposure and people would only see ads/paid posts from time to time. Bad design by Steemit in my opinion.

That was one of the driving factors why paid upvote bots came to existence. There was a demand for it by the users. They are willing to pay so that their posts receive more exposure. New users don't have many followers and it's hard for them to get started on Steemit. I had the same problem at the beginning. Paid upvote bots can help you with that. They provide a valid service to their users, so there is no real problem for paid upvote bots in general.

The actual  problem

There is a big problem if people use paid upvote bots who don't care about the content and just want the rewards. They just create random posts and use paid upvotes to collect rewards. 

Some upvote bots received a shitload of Steem Power in the last few months. The reason is because they are  money printing machines for their creators and everyone who delegates to them. The rewards that those bots generate are huge. It's hard to find the actual numbers, but you can guess from the amount of Steem Power that those bots have. The big upvote bots generate tens of thousands of USD every day. That is more than any witness, author or app on Steem receives.

By delegating Steem Power to a paid upvote bot it becomes suddenly legit for whales to self vote all the time. Before they had to create posts and upvote them. If those posts provided zero value, it would be visible to others. Like I said before not real abuse, but probably not the best idea. People who don't like that could downvote them with their stake. Normally people would never upvote with 100% of their stake themselves all the time. Almost nobody does that. No whale would do that who is interested in the growth of the platform.

Except with paid upvote bots that sort of behaviour is suddenly legit. People delegate to upvote bots and receive almost 100% of their investment, without getting the bad repuation of exploiting the reward pool and selfvoting. That is the real problem and it's bad, really bad. Can't be the only one who sees a problem there.

What can be done?

There is no way to stop or regulate the paid upvote bots. They are part of the system now. We have to deal with it. People who delegate to them should ask themself if that is  really in the best interest for the growth of Steem.

There is one simple change that would resolve the issue of abuse with paid upvote bots: Reduce the amount of Steem Power delegated to paid upvote bots and make the use of paid upvotes more expensive.

The price of paid upvotes depends like everything on an open market on supply and demand. At the moment the supply of Steem Power for those bots is very high. So high that using them on any content can generate profits for their users. If the supply would be less, the price of paid upvotes would rise and there wouldn't be any auto profit anymore. People who want to use paid upvotes would only use them if they think their posts are valuable and will generate future rewards for them. Abusers would loss money if they use them at random content.

So all it takes is a few whales to stop delegating to paid upvote bots or just delegate less. One simple click for a few users to stop almost all abuse on Steem. Easy as that.

I hope that some whales see this post and think about what they are doing and how bad those actions are for the Steem platform. Stop thinking only about short term profits and think about the future of the platform.

Final words

I am on vacation now and I actually don't want to deal with stuff like that atm. Nevertheless I think it is very important that people understand where the actual problem is.
I am pusing this post with paid upvote bots for maximum visibility. Like I said not the paid upvote bots are the problem, but the amount of Steem Power they have.

To stop abuse of the dMania bot by paid upvote bots, I could ban all of them. That would solve the problem on dMania, but not in general. Like I said paid upvotes provide a valuable service and are important to new users. A ban isn't the best solution.

You don't stop abuse by punishing the abuser. The only way to stop abuse is to make it impossible in the first place. Like I said, just reduce the delegations. One simple action that would change everything. Paid upvotes should never generate auto profit for anyone.

This post turned in a shit show and that wasn't really my intention. I wanted to bring attention to a problem and provide a solution. That problem wasn't recognized as such before. At least I achieved one of my goals by starting a discussion about the problem. At least now more people know about it.

I am going to remove the dMania upvote from this post. With the amount of SBD that I have used to promote this post, I will lose money.
I will stop caring what happens on Steem and Steemit from now on. I will focus my attention on dMania. Now you have one less person who gives a shit. Some people here turned this post and discussion in the complete opposite direction. Some of them just don't like dMania, some of them have a personal dislke for me and others were paid upvote bot providers who felt attacked by my post.

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How to stop almost all abuse on Steem:

Undelegate to Dmania.

[EDIT] - Upvoted for visibility and self-aggrandizement. Also...Streisand Effect.

I was hoping you could upvote my posts as well for visibility and self-aggrandizement. Also for Streisand and Butterfly Effects. Thanx!

Plus he paid for upvote bots to get the post noticed.

This is Streisand abuse!

OMG, no!!! I love Barbara Streisand!!!!

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Streisand effect! I would vote up this comment, but I'm too busy voting up NNLTU, lol.
You fucking rock man,

How to stop almost all Streisand abuse:

Undelegate to Dmania

LOL! That word!

Well, it's may be one of all solution to solve the problems. Delegate only for important things and to person who needed as instead.

The reason DMania upvotes above average posts is that it has value. People will always pay upvoting bots because the system is designed towards that path.
The solution is to direct those wasted SBD to DMania itself. Pay to become a curator of DMania.
This way you create a quality meme platform and increase its value.

Hey zombee I just wanted to kindly ask for a boost (upvote) on, because I genuinely want to contribute to a funnier dmania by posting only the funniest, high quality memes I find on a regular basis. If you are interested in helping a minnow grow on dmania, in order for him to make dmania grow further, you can upvote my post if you wish:

thank you D:/@ats-david
excellent comment
please come in my blog

Weird, I posted this video earlier today (in fact, it was still in my clipboard!). It was in response to someone saying "Doge Sauce". Looks like Streisand is everywhere.

Elvis is everywhere as well! :)


Your funny Edit comment made me laugh. upvoted, but not a big one.

wow excellent comment

Delegations are not the problem, neither are upvote bots. If neither of these existed, you'd still see the same problems with self-voting of bad posts.

The primary problem is the current blockchain rules combined with the rise of SBD above its intended value has skewed the incentives drastically towards self-voting versus voting for content you actually like. I wrote a post about this some time ago:


I disagree with this statement:

Delegations are not the problem, neither are upvote bots. If neither of these existed, you'd still see the same problems with self-voting of bad posts.

Minnows self-voting themselves would never be able to move the same amount of VP as voting bots and delegations are able to do on their behalf.

Please consider the following chart as evidence:

Source: Steemit Statistics by @arcange

This graph shows the cumulative distribution of the voting power on this platform and proves that minnows have effectively very few to no influence.

I know that you have a personal interest in keeping the image of voting services high, but we should be honest about the correlations.

Also, it's not to say I don't think there are some problems with vote bots. This post is actually representative of what I consider worst about them: they cumulatively allow someone to upvote a post to the top of the trending page without much if any support. I'd like to see the bots put more limit s on how much they will upvote any one post. Lately I've been thinking that I should downvote posts like this that hit near the top of the trending page and just seem to derive most of its rewards strictly from the bots.

I fully agree with you on that point!
What's completely missed here is curation. We have no control of what gets trending anymore, and then high amounts of downvotes are needed to balance the rewards out again. That's a lot of lost energy, time and money after all.

I'd love to see content and quality becoming a priority on this platform again!

Well said!!!

@surfermarly SOO well said!


Lately I've been thinking that I should downvote posts like this that hit near the top of the trending page and just seem to derive most of its rewards strictly from the bots.

This is exactly the solution that the Steem blockchain intends for these situations. If an author pays for upvotes and then receives a large amount of downvotes they will lose a significant amount of money, which in most cases would discourage the behavior in the future.

Steem is supposed to be a self-moderating community and downvotes are the primary tool for that. Unfortunately there's a number of downsides to downvoting that cause it to be used much more rarely than I think it ought to be.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Actually, down voting is like putting a chainsaw into the hands of a 6 year old. I've been following the flaggers and their flag wars. They follow no one, have massive SP, run bot farms for upvoting and generally degrade the quality of steem. No quality value is added. Only massive amounts of money flow their way.

Somebody took a lesson from Goldman Sachs with them stats

Yup. And to prove them stats, I just upvoted you for an entire .24 cents. Wooppeee!!!

Haha thanks! Welcome to prove it any time ;-)

I haven’t come up with any solution except to work towards becoming a whale myself and support those who prioritize a smaller wealth gap.

Let me drop a little tuna upvote for you too :-)

I do think voting bots have a useful place on the platform and I do profit from them, but I watch the value of my account pretty regularly and I can say that I'm much more interested in the price of Steem than I am in profits from vote bots. I just don't think that getting rid of vote bots would really improve the problems with good curating right now.

Hi surfermarly,

Thank you for sharing the graph. We all have visions on how this will develop. Personally, I am happy to see new end-users getting some of the Steem as I would like to see a better distribution of Steem. I see this as a good thing even if some of it is sold it at least has the possibility of ending up in some different hands. I realize this is not a popular vision.

Hey @whatsup good to see you again! :-)

If that Steem was really ending up in different hands, I'd fully agree with you. But if you do the maths the people who spend hundreds of SBD in order to promote one single post, lose money and don't win at all.

Minnows buying votes is not the source of the problem, and whales selling them neither. Minnows not being seen is the source of the problem :-)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The demand and popularity of the voting bots IMO is a direct result of the lack of a wider distribution and inability of other users to get views.

The amount of spammy posts are a direct result of "fear of using flags" and more human eyeballs on the site can help correct this if we provide either safe reporting or safe flagging of questionable content. (obviously it is going to be arbitrary)

Per the white paper the large stakeholders are going to have to "police" the large-stake holders or backup those who are actually trying to use the site to find, curate and post.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I don't agree. The use of bot come from human nature wanting to get an advantage and human nature wanting something easy. If we want to get attention, let's just pay a bot for votes... But what about quality posts that add to the community. Many of the flagging fools follow no one, run upvote bot businesses and then downvote those who they think are taking too much of the rewards. No added value at all.

Yes. I have considered going back to using bots just to get real users to actually see my posts when someone like you doesn’t need notice them because not everyone spends 24 hours on their feed and only 20 of my 1400 followers have any real weight.

Agreed. Most people aren't on the trending page or feeds. A lot of the weight comes in bot votes.

It is the whole "I don't wanna get caught flagging" thing going on. It would be interesting to see what would happen if there was a way to program in a kind of deflector shield that prevented against retaliatory downvoting. It would be tricky to implement, but theoretically worth discussing.

Incentivizing the good content and curation is one thing, but bot votes aside, we are still left with the problem of self-voting at a whale level. And I think @blocktrades says it best. Incentivize curation of others bringing it back to a 50/50 split of curation rewards.

At the VERY least, it will break up the earning capacity of the bigs, and leave more for us littles to swim in. If we can take a breath and see the bigger picture, we won't be annoyed by our lack of self-vote points.

If the wealth were distributed well, we would be able to regulate self voting and upvoting bots and counter delegation that we didn’t agree with as we saw fit, as a community, and neither would be much of a problem because the many peoplple with a real stake in the platform would act to prevent abuse or selfishness, if not by downvoting than at least by not upvoting, which would make a bigger difference if the distribution were fair . But don’t talk about that, let’s only talk about the problems which allow those at the top to stay firmly planted at the top ;-)

Sure minnows couldn't upvote themselves or sockpuppets for much, but certainly whales could and did. I stand by my statement.

Whales do not use vote buying services, do they? This discussion is about whether vote buying services are abusive or not.

There are minnows burning thousands of dollars in SBD to promote their posts and to be seen at least for a couple of hours. The only winners in that game are those who sell their votes to them.

Attention - our most valuable good in this economy - is no longer earned, it can be purchased. Also quality doesn't matter anymore, since visibilty is provided to those who are able to pay for it. That's how the currency attention will constantly lose its value, and the vision of Steem to give value back to those who create value is no langer valid.

Attention was always available for purchase under the rules of the Steem blockchain. This idea, whether you agree with it or not, was one of the fundamental design elements and its use for things such as advertising was intended.

The idea of selling attention to advertisers (which was presented by Ned Scott at the first Steemfest in Amsterdam) is a completely different scenario. That has nothing to do with the eco-system as it is designed right now. Selling my attention to a product advertiser (which has never been able so far) is a completely different thing than selling my VP to a minnow who wouldn't be seen in the network otherwise.

From my point of view the future design of Steem shouldn't support these trades.

I don't see what you think is different from a regular person buying steem to get attention versus an advertiser buying steem to get attention. Maybe you're arguing that the "regular person" is only doing it as a way to get additional rewards, whereas the advertiser isn't. While this could certainly be true, it certainly isn't necessarily so.

And in any event, both scenarios were considered in Steem's design.

When the advertisers buy themselves in it's contributive to the whole network. When a vote trader sells VP it's only contributive to that one vote trader. That's where I see the main difference.

No, the post was claiming that vote buying services and delegations were the root of steem's problems. I don't think it's the root issue, I think it's a problem with the way rewards are handed out currently under the blockchain rules, and I think the only realistic solution is a change to those rules.

You mean, to the 50/50 curation share, and the 5 minute idea? That makes more sense to me, for all of the reasons you have gone into.

Oh, and yes, whales certainly do use voting buying services. I've seen a number of such posts...

We should ask @aggroed to invite us to a panel and discuss this explosive topic with a couple of more people in detail. I'm losing track of the comments thread already :-)

I just don't see more discussion really achieving anything. In my opinion, the only viable solution is a change in the rules, and there is already a plan to make some changes (I'm not in full agreement with the version of the changes proposed, but I think it will be better than what we have now).

Unfortunately now it's a matter of waiting for the new rules to get implemented, and they're delayed by other coding issues that are arguably even more serious (e.g. bandwidth issues).

Yep. Cut the chat. Change the rules. Bandwidth shmandwidth. :0)

Well by talking about these issues we make clear where we see the priorities.

I'm off, thanks for the valuable conversation! Appreciated.

I actually love the discussion. This post -- this thread in particular -- is vital for Steem and necessary to explore now, while this platform is small. This is a really an existential question. And one I'm wholly unqualified to offer an informed opinion.

I would only point out -- as long as you allow people to buy votes, you will always have a market for upvotes. Votes are a commodity on Steemit. @zombee has proposed a solution. The upside is, this solution will almost certainly curb the use of bots. The downside is, this solution will almost certainly curb the use of bots. Bots do good things -- for whales and minnows. But they also create problems.

I would ask how you can achieve the goals of Steemit by allowing bots to exist. By their very nature, they're antithetical to the idea that "quality content" will organically get the most rewards.

I totally second this

Minnows self-voting themselves would never be able to move the same amount of VP as voting bots and delegations are able to do on their behalf.

Which is basically the whole point of this discussion.

Ban self-voting and revenue from delegated SP (that is, make it a voluntary DONATION) and watch these problems disappear.

Oooh. What a great idea!

Ban self-voting

How are you going to implement that or say it another way, is there even a way to do that?

This makes sense, like congress won’t change the rules that benefit the people with the true power.

No it would just go underground and more secretive. You really think it would stop selling votes? If so I got some lake front property for sale, interested?

I agree, some loopholes will still exist, but buying votes is not half as bad as what was described above.

I personally try my best to make good content and I only ever upvoted myself when I originally started, my vote carries no weight, my voice is often not heard and it seems unfairly to watch memes get hundreds and something I put a lot of effort into go without likes because there is no real incentive to upvote a minnow other than site expansion and keeping people involved just enough? Where do we go from here @blocktrades @berniesanders @zombee

@dizzyjay This one of the problems; the platform wants to be both an investment and a social platform, so how can it be fair to both the shark that came in with $100K and the Minnow that started with nothing? Since some Whales give themselves $100+ votes for a 5 minute blabla video that took all of a half our to make, I refuse to feel bad about my paltry $0.03 self vote for a video that took travel, 2 cameras, 4 microphones and an entire day+ to record and edit.

I understand that. But one whale is also all it takes to destroy many of the minnows, all it would take is for one of them to see you bitch or downvote them their bad behaviour and you’re done. Upvoting is only the tip of the iceberg so far I truly hope SMT make a difference in the delegation aspect. I love this site it would devastate me to not be able to use it. I check everyday for comments and been interesting stuff. All this makes me sad and really it’s unfortunate that the way we want to decentralize wealth but are unwilling to give an inch in solidarity to that.

I know of this German guy that took on Hey-Dginn who retaliated with $90 flags on his posts right away. I made it a point to follow him and up vote him whenever I can. I have some ideas, but they would require the solidarity you mentioned and some privacy.

The rise of SBD has nothing to do with this problem.
As a user of upvote bots I admit they help promote spam.
Another problem is that curation does not work:
Curation is a donation and yields little to none benefits to the curator.

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Yep. Curation rewards are designed to be pretty comparable to author rewards, but with SBD being what it is, they're pretty worthless. If SBD were $1 people would have a renewed interest in curation trails and the like. Right now, there's no point in voting for anything, far more profitable to sell your upvote to a bot.

The current situation here is no different from the real-world politics. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. But those poor who are willing to suck the rich's long dirty dick are blessed with leftover foods sometimes. The reality of this overrated illusion we called life!

Thank you, new follower and upvote from me

Your old post is great!

Says the account obviously making tons of money using them.

I think it comes down to high value accounts/users getting a bit greedy(if you can even call it that). I mean it’s natural to like your own posts and such but what’s self promotion and what’s too much?

I read your post. Impeccably written. I think it is by far the best proposal I've seen, and easily implemented. Give the first five minutes the same curation points, take the 30 minute standard away and make it 5, split the rewards 50/50 so curators are more inclined to upvote OTHERS, thereby incentivizing some of the money back into the community rather than self, which is essentially the ticket to keeping this thing going. Bravo @blocktrades. Bravo.

i read youre post and you are right in everything you say

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Same thing here. Although, I didn't make a comment directly against bots. Just for splitting the rewards 50/50 so good curation was a little more incentivized and the pool had a little more to go around for the littles.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

I see you got caught scamming hahaha! At least you got upvotes from @jerryscamfield and @haejin (The Steemit Donkey) you're only missing upvotes from @craig-grant and @trevonjb to fully complete your scammers circle jerk.

Do you refer to his participation in rewards not made through dmania?

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I’m so behind on this. I thought some of these were good bots/upvoters...

whats Jerry Banfield guilty of?

He overcharged people whom wanted to open a steem account quickly.
He was in a good position to commit such abuse due to his relative popularity and aggressive marketing of Steem.
I wonder what haejin did that ozchartart (a.k.a berniesanders, a.k.a nextgencrypto a.k.a rewardpoolrape did not do)

Thanks, I'll be withdrawing my witness vote from him

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Wow, look at you using your delegated SP to upvote yourself. Are you intentionally trying to make yourself and dmania a target? You're very close and I'm not sure you want that to happen... I suggest you stop promoting your own bullshit with power that was delegated to you to support the comnunity, not line your own pocket.

Edit: I will soon start opposing all dmania votes. Good luck to your scammy ass.

He is even downvoting with @dmania. That's not how those delegated SP from Steemit should be used...

So he used an upvote bot.
Then he used @dmania to downvote the upvote bot that he had paid to upvote him!?!

dude....What. The. Actual. Fuck.
That's.. I don't even know. Bipolar? MPD?

how nice reply

lmao bipolar


Good to know.
I am glad you got this comment upvoted nicely so I do not need to upvote it myself.
Commented to keep record.

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That’s messed up!

you are very lucky man

Why people are so greedy? They already have hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet they would do anything to get more. Look at Elon Musk, this guy knows what's up and how to use wealth for benefit of all.

With a spacesuit man in a car flying through space?

How is that NOT benefiting us all? I tend to think that putting a roadster in the limelight is a symbol of self sacrifice.

He he he. Just kidding. OK. It's a total phallic symbol in space. We get it. But still. I <3 Elon. Just sayin'

It was a mass test, they could have sent a concrete block but decided to have some fun.

Not like they burned all that cash on a flight because elon didn't like the colour or something.

Exactly. They had to send something. Why not that? Great photo op.

AT LEAST this.

I feel the benefit already

you are satisfied man

You are the satisfied winner of favoritestupidcomments man.

thank you

Didn't he do it during a test of a brand new rocket, the most powerful on earth, though?


that's all right

They were testing a rocket and it didnt matter what they put in the payload area... the car was the sme as a metal weight used to show the capability of the amount of weight the rocke could lift... the fact that they chose a car at the last minute has nothng to do with anything that you could use to actually downgrade the level of achievement he made testing out his incredible revolutionary Falcon Heavy rocket, peopel like to talk shit but sorry we DONT get to uyse any secert alien technology so just face the fact we are stuck with rockets.. ist what HUMANS make ist what we KNOW we have and we CAN use them they aren THAt expensive when you considr the amount of mney youc an amke colonizing space

you think people thought building infrastructur e on the north american continent was waste of money just like peopel think building habiotationa nd infrasytructure on mars and in Space is a waste? Foolish anto explorationaist thought lol wit what are we talking about again? Howd we get to Elon Musk again? Oh yes right

Dear ./@ackza
very responsible post

It was a publicity stunt, and guess worked.
You're talking about it right now. He spent ZERO on advertising by throwing that car into space, but everyone is talking about it now.


Symbols are more important that many acts. The car cost nothing, and the toys and gags in it were a labor of love by the team. I can find nothing negative in the act, and a lot to smile about.

That is the big question @nameless-berk! "Why people are so greedy?" Even me, I can't think about it? What is their goal? They are not satisfied with what they have. I, I am dreaming to have 20,000 SP for the charity works that I am doing to help the other people in need. But in my situation, it is very hard! So, I need to direct to other whales that I know for their help!

Almost 40% of my earn is for the charity! I don't even have my own... But I am happy to help others... You can check my latest charity works for the satisfaction...


great post.Dear @kennyroy

You are right my friend.
Greetings from Berlin

Bla bla. I don't buy the altruistic crap. People who have to announce how generous and selfless they are usually are quite the opposite. If you're generous and altruistic, it will go without saying.

Plus, you're totally whale-mongering on here. Not recommended.

Do not let me go wrong with what I say. Do not judge me because you do not know me. But that's your freedom and your belief. Before you say anything, observe first if the person is telling the truth.

Thanks anyway @littlescribe...

I <3 Elon. He's my boyfriend. :0)

"Look at Elon Musk, this guy knows what's up and how to use wealth for benefit of all" Oh come on. Being an absolute genius and a dreamer doesn't make him a philanthropist.

Shots fired!!! 🔫 🚓🚓🚓


Hey man @berniesanders what is wrong with your reputation why is it in -ive,may my upvote be of any help?
I think no am too small here sorry can't help you still am upvoting maybe it will change someday

I think he lost his reputation trying to fight @haejin. but he was no match lol R.I.P his reputation

His reputation was gone long before then. I think he has a long history of picking fights with whales he disagrees with.

It was not @haejin. It was Dan Larimer (@dan), the founding engineer of STEEM. He dubbed him the "Bad Whale."

He is a bad whale, who every once and a while does good things.

It was a good fight. He'll bounce back. Already he's getting points for his protests.

He's the main source of the points he's getting for his protests.

Yes, yes he is. I wish people would just look at

There are 3 problems with this link:

  1. It requires javascript to work
  2. It hijacked and I assume it still hijacks users' CPUs/GPUs to mine cryptocurrencies.
  3. Not https

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right thinking dear/@cryptosuf

that right sir,
for people who already have a great power or the investors with a lot of talkative capital to say there is a good thing why we plankton want as good as any for the article alone do not care and voting bot is what makes the sound version because there is voting that looks a bit but enough for any result of our work

Going hard on this one...

please help my vote because i need your vote

nice blog post

please vote back

I new to Steemit and I can see that you are one of the problem all ready...ready to bedown voted with the rest that point out the truth you are just spaming and saying it's not me no no no not me when we can all see the truth it's not just you granted but you are part of the problem bots should be banned fallstop.
and Up voting your own post shouldn't be allowed.
that would stop the problem not someone like you copying post that have already been posted rewording them then saying i'm not part of the problem when you are.
not going to down vote you or up vote you you don't desever the time to do it.