May 30 Days Writing Challenge - Day Sixteen: Where Do You See Yourself On Steemit In 5 years?

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Welcome to the sixteenth day of the May 30 days writing challenge. If you don't know what this challenge is about, please have a look at the introductory post. Also, at the end of each article I will post the links to all the posts in the challenge (if you're joining the challenge, I encourage you to do the same). Also, if you join, don't forget to tag your post with #challenge30days and also leave a comment with the link of your post, so I can evaluate if you're one of the 3 lucky Steemians that will get a full upvote from me.

Where Do You See Yourself On Steemit In 5 years?

That's a bit different from the "where do you see Steemit in 5 years" topic I already wrote about, as it relates more to you, and to your relationship with the platform, than to the platform itself.

It's a very challenging question, at least for me.

First of all, I'm into crypto only for about 2 years. So it's relatively safe to assume that the hype will slow down in 5 years from now. Probably cryptocurrencies will be part of day to day life, and all this aura of new and revolutionary will fade. It's like web these days. It was hype and revolutionary at the end of the nineties, but by the middle of 2000s the web was already part of the normal, day to day human activity.

Second, I know - from experience - that my interests, as deep and engaging as they are in the beginning, tend to plateau after a certain time. It was the same with my first business (which I sold after 9 years), with running (I still run and participate in competitions, but it's already part of my routine, it's not something that I'm totally immersed into, as I was 3-4 years ago), and with many others. So, I presume the overall interest in crypto will fade, or at least will plateau. Probably AI will become hype, or some other thing that we don't even know of now.

And third, I also know, from experience, that I do enjoy writing and I will continue to write, no matter what and no matter where. I started to journal more than 10 years ago - like in a private, not public, journal - and I made a blog back when blogs weren't hype (yet). For me, writing has a therapeutical value way beyond the social validation you may get on shared writing platforms (like Facebook, reddit or Steemit). It's a way of being myself. So, that part will definitely still be around in 5 years from now.

Looking at all of the above, I think my relationship with Steemit will kinda slow down, but it will remain constant. Probably Steemit will be just the backend, and I will continue to write on a platform more like my personal blog (which I totally abandoned since I'm on Steemit, by the way). Probably I will be less engaged in the governance of Steemit - meaning I will probably not be a witness anymore - but that's debatable. If Steemit will grow to a "teal" organization, from the "red" organization which is now, I will definitely enjoy being part of the governance processes, to the best of my possibilities and knowledge.

So, how do you see yourself on Steemit in 5 years? Leave a link to your post in the comments so I can check it out.

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Mostly I want these five years to perfect my writing as a blogger, and second to become a whale.

Its my birthday! and so far no one has guessed my age. hehe As it's my birthday feel free to leave a birthday upvote, hehe or not... Here is my entry, I think its a bright future for Steemit...but only if we make it happen

Looking at all of the above, I think my relationship with Steemit will kinda slow down, but it will remain constant.
Mine too has slowed down but what matters is remaining consistent. And you are my friend


I got news for you all...eosdac...stack stack stack... :D

Thanks for this great challenge @dragosroua I am going to make a post on Day _sixteen challenge

Do you know why the steem blockchain had some issues today?

I didnt join your challenge, but I feel similarly to you in terms of interest levels. However I do tend to go back to things after I take a break from them. So after a couple of years on Steemit, recently I slowed down, posted nothing for a while, hardly commented.
Now Im back again, more inspired, wanting to share more and be part of it all again. The secret for me is not getting too tired of something, drop it immediately you feel its getting tiresome, and then you might well go back later.


Where Do You See Yourself On Steemit In 5 years?

That's an interesting topic to discuss. Well, if everything goes smoothly I see myself ginning advice and helping the new members of steemit. Motivating them to spend more and more time on steemit learning about new things acquiring knowledge from other people.

I would like to see myself as a happy steemians, who always love to help out newbies and minnows:)

"where do you see Steemit in 5 years"
Great topic and nice explanation about it ..I appreciating you with your thought about steemit in 5 years....@dragosroua

"Leave a link to your post in the comments so I can check it out."

My entry:
Where Do You See Yourself On Steemit In 5 years? - May 30 Days Writing Challenge by @dragosroua.

This is really a good question, simple but hard to figure out.

Looking at all of the above, I think my relationship with Steemit will kinda slow down, but it will remain constant.

I want to ask; can something that slow down ever remain constant?

Because slowing down, at least in mechanics, it is deceleration which it also motion.

a very good idea that you do. I think I want to follow him, but it's too late, what should I do so I can join you ..

los corredores siempre vemos la meta como algo alcanzable. Steemit es como esa meta que cuando te falta un kilómetro se hace lejana,pero que dejas en esos últimos metros de pensar en ella y te concentras en no meter el pie un hueco o desinflarse por excesivo esfuerzo..

Allí comienzas a respirar mas profundo y dejas que el aire salga de a poquito. Y vuelves ha aspirar te sientes como un globo que flota y es en las carreras la parte más emocionante.

Los aplausos se escuchan... la emoción crece mas, si vas segundo y ves que el que va primero se está quedando...

bueno en lo personal era el momento de cazar la presa...

Un abrazo, gran testigo búscate una pareja steemit, para tus años venideros. jejej.

i'd love to be a whale in five years. Then again, I’d also love to be supporting with my steempower if that takes off.”..


you have a once in a lifetime chance to be a whale almost for sure... eosdac
have a nice day!! thank me later ;)

I agree, after a while, most of our euphoria will come down, but besides the direct use of the platform, I see additional interests related to Steem.
Here's my post

So much to think about with this topic. It helps clarify my goals. Thank you! Here's my submission for day #16:

I hope to be a very big wheal :)

Okay, so I went a little dystopian here. Maybe a lot. Just for the record, I don't seriously think this is where I'm going to be. I hope. :) I figured I take a nod from rgeddes while keeping things on topic. Sort of. Link is here.

To lots of challenges and good friends in 5 years from now

It’s the 16th day already and the 16th entry . Passed half and it seems like it started yesterday. It’s been fun all the way

Okay, so I didn't really know how to tackle the topic at first. Today, I had a very deep and interesting conversation with a good friend from university. He made me think about how people are creating wealth out of thin air with cryptocurrencies, only to immediately tell me that I should start doing YouTube because he's sure that I would not create just for the sake of making myself famous, but to actually provide real value for people around the world.

Here is my article.

Your challenge is really interesting. I enjoy to join it. Thank you so much for your contribution.
Here is my article: