Tip for New Steemit Writers

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I’m asked this question by newbies to Steemit all the time: How do I get followers and upvotes?

I am not a fan of this question. It feels wrong. It feels selfish, to me at least.

Reword that question, ask this one instead: What do I have to do to succeed on Steemit?

And when you ask that question, ask yourself this one: What am I doing to bring value to the community? And be honest with yourself. What are you doing to be an asset to the platform?

THAT is the question you need to ask.

To succeed on Steemit, you must be dedicated, consistent, unique and patient. Nothing great is built overnight. Not one of the successful Steemians you see on the trending page got there overnight. Everyone who is doing well on Steemit put in months of hard work. Writing original and compelling articles to educate and entertain the community every day. They learned to format, how to find free and legal images to use on their posts, and tweaked to find their unique “voice.” They struggled every week for pennies, working hard and bettering themselves and researching and fine tuning their writing. They interacted with the community and wrote thoughtful comments after every post they read. They asked questions and answered questions and grew a little every day.

Nobody registered on Steemit and was a hit overnight. Or even in a month.

It takes time to build something great. Steemit is no different.

So how do you get followers and upvotes on Steemit?

By being a valuable asset to the community.

If you build something entertaining and educational, they will come :)

Happy Steeming my friends <3

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Thank you for your support, I love you guys ♡


With Love, Positivity and Good Mojo Light,
May Your Days Be Always Happy and Bright!


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Great post .
I joined steemit . at the first i want to earn more and more at less time . but after some time i realize its not a way to earn on steemit .
Steemit is not a short term program . it take a lot of time .
So i decided to do my best . and i learn a lot of thing so i want to split my knowledge to other so i posted some post about steemit .
Hope fully your post will give every newbie a good guide line .
I am very much happy that you post like this .
Because i realize big steemians do not want to help others . but you do .
Thank you very much .


You definitely have to play the long game with Steemit :)

I love Steemit. I absolutely believe in the unlimited potential of the platform. And I want every good person to be able to succeed! There are those who come here looking to make a quick buck, but that is not what this is about. This is about community and interaction and helping your fellow Steemate. It's about growing together and sharing and learning and helping uplift each other.

I have never before seen such a supportive and encouraging community online- not even close. I want everyone here to succeed and grow and experience the good that is Steemit :)


Yep its right .
At first i do not like steemit . but now its a part of my life . i feel boring when i do not use steemit .
Also steemit give me a way to learn too .
A lot of things a learn from this community .
But the things is . now we have some experience but we do not help anyone else .
That is why i posted some posts for newbies because i want to grow up this community .


Thank you for your positive contribution and you are so right about giving and building a community. Giving is better than receiving!


Yep thanks

Great post.

A lot of people are looking for instant rewards.

But there might be a deeper reason, too: fear.

Fear of many things, like wasting time or money on something... What if it doesn't work out for me? What if I get my hopes up, and I'll never make more than a few cents? Who can give me security? Who can tell me with absolutely certainty that I can make it?


So they try out a couple of things and then jump to the next bright shiny object that promises instant riches.

I'm a victim of that doubt myself to a degree. What if I should rather be doing something else than reading, commenting, and writing on Steemit?

But well... We must take a chance sometimes, right? I go with my gut feeling. I go where my heart takes me, and I'm elated to be here.

Thank you for your post.1527666.jpg


To succeed, you have to take chances sometimes.

I'm thankful I took a chance on Steemit :)

Listen to your instincts- they will never lie to you...


That is so true.

Whenever I listened to reason and my intuition warned me about something, I always ended up regretting it. That taught me to be better at listening to my instincts instead.

Ask not what Steemit can do for you, but what you can do for Steemit. Seems to sum it up. :)

I agree, it takes work to achieve your goals here. But it can be done. I've seen many rise here over the last 2 years.

I'll resteem and tweet this because i think others need to read it!


Ask not what Steemit can do for you, but what you can do for Steemit. ~ yes!

Great tips! Thanks for sharing :) i'm a singer who has just joined myself so i'm learning new things every day :)


Welcome to the community Melissa! Steemit is a wonderful community of supportive and encouraging individuals, you'll do well here :)

And yes, it can be overwhelming at times, and I want you to know I'm here for you. I post a lot of helpful tips and advice for minnows (newbies) so please take a stroll down my page and if you have any questions at all please ask :) I know what it feels like to be the new kid, so I promise to sit with you at lunch ;)

Good tips. It takes a while and some weeks are better than others, but when you're engaged and contributing consistently, you can look at the overall success and see each milestone you achieve more clearly.

An additional tip I'd add is to create a spreadsheet where you track your income. I do it every Thursday since that used to be pay day when I worked. I write down how much total Steem, SBD and SP I ahve, and how much I earned that week and if I took anything out. That way I can see, ah this week was a small week, wow this one was a big one. Then I can compare months, on average what I make, etc. This helps me when taking it out to keep better track since I ahve to file it in income tax anyway. It allows me to see my progress also with being a Red Fish and the amount of vests I have when I look at the Steemitboard. It gives me something to look forward to, makes me feel I've accomplished even if just a tiny bit of income, and makes me feel rewarded. One post might not look like much in terms of rewards, but a whole week, a whole month, it's a nice sum, even if small at times and I feel greatly rewarded and valued due to this system of accumulated earnings.

As for followers, I try to notice my count only per week too. Small steps every day, big leaps bounding forward on the long term.


If you're actively posting and engaging you'll grow. There's no way you can't. And your right- some weeks are better than others. Yet to look at the whole time- the larger picture- thank a day to day or even week to week compare.


Having come here not for the money but for personal reasons allowed me to see first hand what you have described. I am no way claiming that I am successful, but I do see the helpfulness of 95% of the people on here, you won't find that anywhere else for sure.
Your tip on doing pictures has really helped and I am forever grateful for that one. Thanks.


Awesome! That made my day hearing that!

You are an awesome asset to the community. I'm very glad I know you <3


Steemit is a "long game," if you actually care about succeeding here. I mostly bring artists to Steemit, and they ask the same questions. I ask them if they have Facebook pages, twitter accounts or Instagram; tumblr. Then I ask them how long it took them to get "seen" there. Often, the penny drops, at that moment.

It's funny that people assume things will somehow be different/faster because there are rewards involved. Why? This is just another social content platform (technically speaking) that just happens to offer rewards.

Adding value? I try to create interesting and informational content for people in the art world... and I try to interact. Engage. Especially on my own posts... an old habit formed while using message boards, back in the 90's. If people take the time to reply to your post, have the courtesy to acknowledge them.


That's one of the most important things. It pains me when I see a great post with many comments, and the author hasn't a single one...

I actually feel bad when I later notice a comment has been lost in the shuffle!



I have lived by the idea of "curate your own stuff!" pretty much since starting here. If we're here on a social site and the name of the game is engagement, then for goodness' sake INTERACT! And then there's another thing... it really doesn't "cost" anyone much to toss even just a 10% upvote at authentic comments on your own posts... maybe it's just me, but it feels like people are getting stingier and stingier with their votes (present company excepted!)... makes me wonder who they think they are "saving" their votes for?


You know, it even says in the Steemit Whitewater to not upvote already well performing posts!

... am I the only one who read the whitepaper?!?

Great advice. Very well written and informative. It's important to contribute to this community. Bring something to the table. The rewards are greater for everyone. Commenting and giving your opinion is crucial for one to succeed and grow on Steemit. Thanks again.


You will get from Steemit exactly what you put into it...


"Nothing great is built overnight", I have no doubt about this. Steemit changed my opinion about writing. I hate writing before, writing was the bored class in my college. But, when I registered to be stemian, I tried to read some articles, short stories, jokes and etc. Then I got motivated to write. Now, writing become my hobby. Everything I see should be written into words. Thanks for your advice, have a great day.

Everyone have to learn to walk just like making your first baby steps before you can run.

If you build something entertaining and educational, they will come :)

oh, bugger! - I'm out.


Vas?! Nein!


I normally blame the lack of comprehension of satire /sarcasm/irony et al, to the water in the North American continent.

..or is it your medical condition..?

(...it was self deprecating humor.
Can't get rid of me that easily! )


Nobody registered on Steemit and was a hit overnight. Or even in a month.

This is a total truth, everything is a step by step work. One step at a time. There's a saying that says "Rome wasn't built in a single day"

So that mind of saying you want to achieve everything over night is a no no.

Thanks for taking a deep insight in the the concept of what can I do to add value to the society.



I'm glad to be motivational!

I have been saying the same thing all along sharing with people to be consistent everyday, create content, and build relationships. That is success in one sentence on STEEMIT......................@arbitrarykitten


Steemit is a fully interactive platform and not as easy to see. There's a lot of detail to look at. In this regard, many friends received detailed articles in steemite. Those articles for preliminary information purposes can be read and started.

The development of Steemit and its related Steem and SBD coins depends on human interactions and the interest of the members in this coin. For this reason, plagiarism and spammers are the most important things to be considered by large accounts. Besides copying and pasting or making content that does not make any sense, it takes you a lot of things.


Human interaction. Exactly.

Spammers and plagarism is definitely frowned upon, and the wonderful hard working people like @patrice and @steemcleaners and the like are here for that reason- to clean up Steemit so it is a safe place for those who wish to bring value to the community :)

great post @arbitrarykitten.
thanks for sharing.


identical positively in black and white and informative. It's main to put in to this community. Bring incredible to the table. The rewards are bigger for everyone. Commenting and generous your outlook is crucial for one to come next and increase on Steemit


your most wlc.
arbitrary kitten please chak my profile and vote .


Glad it's inspirational!


Flagged for repeated abuse. More information HERE

Well said. We have to be providing some value of we expect to get anything out of Steemit. Of course some get trending based on rich friends, self-voting or buying votes, but I don't care about them. I'm looking for good stuff to read and the comments I get show that someone appreciates what I do. It took a long time to get there. I've done a crazy number of comments, but never begged for votes or follows. It has to be fun for me or I'd just give up, especially when I was hardly making anything


Exactly, and same for me- it has to be something fun, something I enjoy, or it is not worth my time and effort.

To succeed on Steemit, you must be dedicated, consistent, unique and patient. Nothing great is built overnight.

Thank you for this ms. @arbitrarykitten as a newbie, I should be getting tips from a succesful one like you maam 😘😘😘


You are very welcome <3 I am so happy to be inspirational :)

A very satisfying post, a beautiful cat, I really love this cat style.


Good! Thanks!

So they try out a couple of things and then jump to the next bright shiny object that promises instant riches.


So nice it had to be said twice? lol

I never really liked the get rich quick scheme... So when I got into steemit I was like "finally, something that can help People develop and still reward them for working on being a better person"...
If am to define steemit, I'll say steemit is life ... Why? Cause life's all about patience, commitment,growth, and most importantly always having something positive to impart, then you can expect to reap the benefits of what you did.... Ain't these what steemit is all about too?


Steemit is like life, and most of the life lessons and way of living outside of Steemit apply to Steemit itself https://steemit.com/steemit/@arbitrarykitten/the-tao-of-steemit


Checked your post and it's very informative...
Have been flagged once by someone I didn't know on a comment I did on another persons post... The flagging didn't hurt me at all, after all, if you don't fail in school, you won't know how good it feels to pass. What hurt me even till today, I mean even right now am typing this is the fact that I never got to know the reason I was being flagged. . .
What's the point in beating a child when you haven't told him and he doesn't know what he did wrong?
Ooooh!! So you want him to keep repeating the act so you keep beating him right?
I don't just get it..
So I pretty well surport your idea of letting someone know the reason he or she was being flagged....

I love the realism of this platform. I think to make is, and make it last (however long that is) you have to be genuine to yourself, and work hard. This was definitely encouraging because I've been kind of in a slump with post payouts the last couple weeks. But if I keep at it, and try to learn more and more, then I bet the hard work will pay off! Thanks again!


I absolutely believe you will get from Steemit exactly what you put into it :)

Hello @arbitrarykitten: as a new "asset" in Steemit, I totally agree with you: there are no magic solutions ... for what I have evaluated until now, the secret is to work in a sustained way to enter a block of this community; it is not easy; but, we can. Greetings.


Hard work, dedication and patience. And consistency. It is worth it :)


Yes, that is. Thanks. Greetings.

very good post,©arbitrarykitten


I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Humans are funny creatures! They like to say things like "you get what you pay for" and "choices have consequences" and then they go around looking for something for nothing.

Patience is one of the keys to success in life. As well as naps; lots of naps!


They like to say things like "you get what you pay for" and "choices have consequences" and then they go around looking for something for nothing. Oh I know, right???!!

Catnaps are necessary for success <3

You hit the nail on the head, every newbie needs to read this post, the first day they join. Great job. Get better soon. 🙏