Curation: How are you doing? Week 3

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How well are you curating financially? Are you making the best use of your Steem Power and votes?

This is the third post in a series, which looks at a method to work out just how well your curation skills rank against other Steemians.


Curation and its rewards system is a complex beast. The structure of how the rewards are decided upon for each voter have been explained many times in detail, and here are two I have found (via google search, well done @calamus056) which I think do a good job:

My takeouts from the above, and general opinion is:

  • Voting in the first minute will earn you a curation reward of almost 0.000

  • Voting between 1 and 29 minutes will earn an increasing % of the curation rewards split, this value peaking at 30 minutes and remaining the same from this point onwards

  • The goal is to get in prior to the big hitters, but not too early in that your % in the 2nd point isn't too low (e.g. 15 minutes - approx 50%)

  • It is commonly suggested that 25-30 minutes is the 'best' time to vote (especially on known power-authors posts because they are likely to have more auto-votes coming in at these times)

As you can see, a combination of many variables such as Steem Power, voting strength, voting weight, and time of vote, (and more) all play a part in the amount of reward received. Is there a skill to it though? And how well are you doing?


I have used the following method to obtain what I need for this report.

  • Use Wallet to collect Steem Power and + or - the leased/delegated steem

  • Use the 'Rewards' drop-down menu to find 'Curation rewards' for the previous week

Therefore, my data is gathered manually and the curation period is only for the previous week.

This is obviously not ideal and reduces the potential to widen the results set because of the time it takes to gather the data. Hopefully in future, we can obtain a much larger set for analysis.

This weeks results


The key columns are:

  • Curation: Total curation rewards for the previous week

  • SP Total: Total vested Steem Power (including delegated SP)

  • Curation/SP %: The % of curation rewarded Steem Power in relation to amount of Steem Power owned

This final column is what I feel is a genuine indicator of how well you are working the curation game with the tools (including vested Steem Power) that you have at your disposal.


Imagine you have 10,000 Steem Power, and I have 1,000 Steem Power.

After a week curating, the rewards for both of us are 1 SP each.

In my mind, I'm working my Steem Power 10 X harder - If you, in this example earned curation rewards of 10 SP, then I would say we were curating with equal skill.

The % of curation rewarded Steem Power in relation to amount of Steem Power owned


  • Firstly, an excellent job from @dontstopmenow who tops this weeks chart - This guy is one to watch!

  • Great stuff from @fiveboringgames, @biophil in 2nd and 3rd respectively

  • Consistent stuff from last weeks top curator @buggedout in 4th

  • Well done to @fitinfun for making the top 5 with a huge leap up the charts this week

  • Another shocking performance from yours truely - I'm missing clearly missing posts from @osm0sis!

  • The difference between the highest and lowest %'s is a staggering 31 X better ratio!

  • The average % curation reward/Steem Power is 0.15785 this week


  • It's still debatable if a very large amount of Steem Power restricts curation performance using these figures

  • I consider it not very profitable if you were to trail @good-karma or @pharesim

  • If a user has powered down or powered up Steem in the past week, the results will be skewed


A few points:

  • If you have spotted any glaring errors in my post, please let me know so I can fix them.

  • If you would like to be added or removed from my personal curation league (next weeks post) let me know

  • Some Users, 'Power Users', and Whales (listed in this post and otherwise) are not aiming for max. curation rewards, and are supporting communities with their votes

  • If you have any other comments, please let me know below

And finally...

  • I feel that curation should be about finding awesome content and giving it an up-vote, irrelevant of the curation rewards you might receive.

Thanks for reading today


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Your calculation looks right, but how could it be possible for user such as @biophil, the ratio is so high, much higher than the theoretical maximum value 25%?

It looks high yes, hopefully @biophil will comment on the post with some clues.

Thanks @tumutanzi

According to his SP, each time his upvote is worth 0.269 SBD, and each day he can upvote 10 times if use only 20% voting power and with 100% voting weight.

We assume at day 1 he had the previous week's voting power 100%, and the coming week steemit would give him 140% voting power, so he can use maximum 240% voting power within a week, that is 120 upvotes with 100% voting weight each time, that is 120x0.269=32.28 SBD curation value in total.

The maximum ratio for the curator is 25%, so he can get the maximum 32.28x25%=8.07 SBD, which is 8.07/1.2=6.725 Steem (or Steem Power).

But his curation reward of last week is 10.547 Steem. I could not understand. What is the real calculation rule of curation reward?

I checked his self-voting ratio over the last 14 days, it appears also pretty low.

One possible reason is he received some curation rewards from others, e.g. he upvoted a post before some big whales' upvoted that one. But I am not sure this explanation.

Your last point gets it. If you vote before whales, you can earn more than your ordinary 25% share of curation rewards.

Wow! It's so difficult to me to understand that. I guess I need to study these posts Thanks for the explanation.

Yes I guess he a curator, tied to something like @curie - the curation reward is high considering SP. I didn't see a power down, so I guess we will have to wait for a response...

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great post and I really like that you highlight curation, it's definitely underrated how much good curating can do for your progress.

Cheers Dan!

Issues with today but I see some curators have arrived from elsewhere!

Yea I have started using other options now, even though I find the user interface the most fluid .. I just will have to get used to the others. What do you usually use ?

Almost exclusively with a dash of eSteem. That could well change soon though as ddos attacks are pretty off-putting!

Yea for sure. I mean you post something you spent a lot of time on and then the website stops working....Quite frustrating to say the least, and the potential for nice votes on the Post diminishes quite fast

Yes indeed, I noticed that yesterday with my post - hardly any interaction at all except for auto-votes.

Thanks so much for the update and the shout out. I'm so excited to see how I'm doing! I ffeel really good about my scheme for getting on to good posts ad helping them succeed. I think it's working :) I'm so happy to see this post again and I'm upvoting, resteeming, and promoting it for a few days on my social media. I'm so glad you do this and your reporting is awesome!

My pleasure!

Clearly the research and work has paid off as .238% world have topped the charts in the first week!

The guys ahead have something extra, that I'm yet to work out, maybe we'll get to find out....

@fiveboringgames voted at 9 mins on last weeks post and got a good return, which is interesting to me too.

Thanks for the kind words and extra promo!


Whoa! I've changed my strategy to voting after 30 minutes for the most part. This is making a big (good) difference. If the post is below $2 at 30 minutes - the bots will not be coming. I get better payouts without bots.

I'm shocked at that 9 minute result. Please do figure that out! And every other technical thing! I'm counting on you :)

I'm happy to promote. I will keep on this topic for my own posts for a while (assuming I actually get them posted). I think this is a very underused strategy that has huge benefits to steemit as a platform aside from the better individual earnings. I hope your efforts will help other curators get off the bot train.

I'm so excited to see I'm doing so well and that makes me want to do even better!

Yes I've seen this daily post for a week or two, looks like a list of the top 200 largest accounts to me!

Please let me know if you can find anything interesting to take from it 😈

I'm analyzing now and will post soon. Very juicy, I think. Lots of possibilities for minnows :)

I'm pulling out the "best" of those for us to go after in our own ways. you are correct that they are the big guys. But some are not worth effort and others are.

One point that is not captured in the analysis is immediate voting on your own posts. There is a curation element to this upvote like any other. However all the rewards from such an upvote (both the author and curation parts) flow into author rewards (as the curator split is zero at t=0).

If you author a lot of posts and upvote them (say 5 posts out of your 10 daily upvotes) your curation rewards will be cut in half compared to if you author no posts. However you are receiving all the rewards from this self-curation, just in with the author rewards. So people who post a lot may be lower down the ranking (but actually may be better curators in terms of value gained).

So I had a go at obtaining the data you were looking for from steemsql using first principles and, to cut a long story short, I failed. I can generate a good approximation of curation rewards. But only for a limited number of posts and only if the number of upvotes is not too heavy. Anything resembling useful volumes makes my computer melt.

I think that your best bet may be to talk with someone who has code experience and can automate your manual process by scraping the information from the website.

I did learn a lot about curation though! I'll post some examples to demonstrate how I think it all works.

I too have tried to get the data from steemsql with no luck. I would have like help automate this for @abh12345 but was unable. i also asked in dev on discord and got no help

Yes, @good-karma and @pharesim are great guys. Just concerned with the upvotes, not necessarily the time. good-karma voted immediately after your post with the esteem app, so it is almost obvious he gets next to nothing from curation but encouragement of some users to continue using the app or even continue staying on steemit and enjoy the upvotes from him and his trail before they hit their audience.

Thanks for this analytical post @abd12345. I have experimented this before and found out the intricacies behind curation and it's rewards. This is especially why I make sure to use @minnowbooster (if need be) within the 1st to 3rd minute of my post to get maximum benefits from it.

Totally correct in your statement regarding eSteem. While i don't recommend trailing them, I do salute them for their awesomeness in the community!

Max personal benefits gained by hitting Minnowbooster early, more happy curators by hitting the boosters after 30 ;)

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Thank you for reminding me of this lesson when i needed it the most :)

Wow I'm glad to see that I'm about middle of the pack. I was assuming I was a lot lower. It would be interesting to hear some advice from some of the top accounts on your curation graph in what they're doing to set themselves so far apart.

Really great post! Im going to use this info for sure with my curation

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looks really cool time to learn from it haha :D

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