125 SBD ~ Sponsored Writing Contest: BCShop.io

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Welcome to the @OriginalWorks sponsored writing contest!


Submission Count: 10

Places Paid: 4

This is a call to all great Steemit writers! The BCShop.io Pre-Sale is starting, and they have sponsored a writing contest on Steemit!

Prizes: 125 SBD

  • 1st Place: 60 SBD
  • 2nd Place: 35 SBD
  • 3rd Place: 20 SBD
  • 4th Place: 10 SBD

Deadline: 72 Hours

All articles must be submitted within 72 hours of this post to be considered!

What is BCShop.io?

BCShop.io is a platform for selling digital products and services, based on smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

BCShop.io allows vendors to publish information about digital products and services, and customers – to purchase these products and services for Ethereum cryptocurrency. At that, all the data concerning products is stored as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Check out this 1-minute video for an explanation!

More Information & Resources:

Rules & Submission

  • Write an article about how BCShop.io will change the modern day marketplace! How is this going to affect the way you buy digital content (games and in-game premium content, e-tickets and live event tickets,coaching, consulting etc)? How will BCShop.io make it easier for you to interact with your favorite content? Do you own a business that could benefit from BCShop.io? Are you a potential customer? Just be creative!

  • The article must be 200 to 450 words in length.

  • To submit please do the following:

  1. Add the word "bcshop2017" (without the quotes) at the very end of your article.
  2. Link this post in your submission.
  3. Post the link to your article as a reply to this post.
  4. Resteem this contest post.

How the winners are decided

The submissions will be passed along to the team at BCShop.io and they will decide the winners! Winners will be announced 24 hours after the contest is closed!

More information & recommendations:

  • Pay attention to spelling and grammar!
  • Feel free to use informal language such as "I would, etc"
  • Use the given resource to learn more about BCShop.io!
  • If you copy something, use quotes. This is an @OriginalWorks contest after all :)

After writing an article, within a few minutes you should get one of these as a response to your article post:

If you don't get one, let me know by adding a quick message after you submit your link as a reply here and I will look into it. As long as you post the link to your submission here you won't be missed.

Disclaimer: @OriginalWorks makes no claims as to the legitimacy or operating procedures of contest topics. @OriginalWorks does guarantee prize payout.

Early bird bonus!!! First 10 submissions get 1 SBD each. The article must meet the contest conditions such as word length and a level of quality.

Good luck to all the contestants!


CLICK HERE FOR @outerground's ARTICLE on BCshop.io
This post have been upvoted 100%, re-steemed and I offer the Best of Luck to all entrants.


You've inspired an early bird bonus :P

That's cool, @unprovoked! Thanks for the extra bonus boost!

that's very kind ! I just saw :) I'm enjoying the challenge. Keep me in the loop for other challenges. It's really helping me improve my crypto-reviews !

If you follow @contestbot you will get a message every time a sponsored contest runs.

Thanks for your article contributions.

very kind. I'm now following :) thanks @unprovoked, your username suits you !

@unprovoked. could you please resubmit my somewhat lengthy article for the contest if it's not too late. I've re-edited a much tighter version and come under the 450 word limit (432) I was way over at 700.. I've just re-posted the article as an edit. Many Thanks in advance if it's possible.

Always an early bird!

Good luck @spacecadet1!

Thank u :) Believe that this project will me growing to the moon) Good Team!

Thanks, @unprovoked! This is the first writing contest I have entered on Steemit.

This is my submission for the contest.
Cheers everyone and all the best.

I humbly submit my entry to this august contest... i mean, october contest... does this make it an october-fest?

I enjoyed the manic pace of the last two contests @originalworks ( @unprovoked )!
Top 7 Reasons You Will Love BCSHOP

Keeping you on your toes!!!

Hey there, attached is the link to my entry. All the best everyone!


Thanks, @originalworks! I will be entering this! Resteeming now!

I'll give this a shot! Maybe I'll learn something!

Excited to see your submission.

Your welcome :)
I hope you participate in the contest!

Hi @originalworks, Fantastic job. This will help a lot of undervalued writers to win 125 sbd. You're doing a nice job to support the community so I'm going to give you a big and fat Shout Out.

Keep supporting and inspiring the community and stay awesome.

Steem On!

Wow this one is cool, for 72 hours we still have more time.

Yes, still lots of time!

Hey guys, the contest ends at 11PM ET! Get those submissions in!

Thanks for the notification, @unprovoked! I was wondering what thecutoff timestamp was, and due to my super slow internet speeds didn't want to spend time trying to look up the timestamp of the contest posting to calculate it. The ending timestamp would be a great thing to include in the contest header of future contests. And on a similar topic, will the contest winners be posted here, or on the BCShop.io website, or where? Cheers!

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great topic - thank you for sharing.

I follow you, you follow me and upvote for me I upvoted for you and I am always with you and will be there... please.

Hi, will my reply here activate @OriginalWorks or I try elsewhere?

You can use it on other posts, but it will not work on an @OriginalWorks post.

Ah, OK, I will try that. Thank you!

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This post has received a 19.63 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @originalworks.

Dang this is on the weekend so this may be tough or a good thibg depending on how this weekend goes. Hopefully, im able to get sonething in on Monday morning because even if I don't win this is the stuff I love to write about. The journey to a freer market.

I really hope you get a chance to submit.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
Nice, you got a 4.2% @minnowbooster upgoat, thanks to @originalworks
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Very interesting!! I wish they were offering this solution for physical products too but already tons of potential...

This is your chance to try something new :)
A little bit of research goes a long way!

@peachbody, after reading the whitepaper I think that it can be used for physical products. Like @unprovoked hinted at, creativity and research will show a way.

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How much time does your bot need to confirm @originalworks ?

@bolaamir, it should be just a matter of a few seconds to a minute to get the bot response. However, I wrote one article that I was not able to get it to respond to. The article was fairly long, and had a lot of statistics and user call outs, so I assumed that those features flagged it to the bot as possible spam, which it definitely was not. Hope this helps. I am not associated with @originalworks. Just a user of the bot. Cheers!

Just a heads up - the contest bot has not yet replied to my post... :(

Thanks for letting me know. Your article has been submitted :)

Could you add the word bcshop2017 at the end of your article? The bot activates based on that.

Is there time to get in it.

Yes, still over 24 hours to go!

Your post up is impressive. Followed @originalworks

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oh WHAT! no way, i cant believe i missed this! please do another one soon? i'll follow you RIGHT NOW :-)

Amazing post

@cikxaijen, either you did not read this contest article, or you accidentally submitted your link to the wrong contest. I am not affiliated with @originalworks or the contest sponsor. I was just reading through all of the contest entries, and thought you might like to know of your error before it was too late to submit your article correctly. Cheers!

This post has received a 0.78 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @originalworks.

Great initiative. I look forward to participating.

The contest ends tonight, so hurry!

You have about 13 or 14 hours.

Excellent... I follow you, you follow me and upvote for me I upvoted for you and I am always with you and will be there... please.

Thanks, @originalworks, for the immediate payment of the Early Bird added incentive! I was pleasantly surprised to see it already paid out!

Early bird gets the worm :)

It was a totally cool surprise, @unprovoked! Cheers!

Nice one . you are doing a great work here.

can you still participate?

Super app...! Looking at the past track record it's hard to argue with the results. I'm impressed, keep up the good work donation coming your way if this keeps up


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