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I realized some people are struggling with how the @originalworks bot works.


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Reply to ANY post with @originalworks to activate it!

It's that simple.

Let's look at some examples.

Example 1: Original Material

Another one:

Example 2: Plagiarized Material

That's it! It's very simple.

You help me out a lot by actually using it. Whenever you use it, I am able to also beta test it to see if I can improve its accuracy.


I won't go into all the details but essentially, I have an algorithm that I made which determines if a post is original or not.
There are some conditions though:

  • Article must be 30 words or longer.
  • This bot does not look at originality of images.

If you have any questions ask away!

Also, don't forget to follow @originalworks for more updates. As the bot moves forward, I will think of a way of rewarding my followers as well!


I really like this idea! I'll give a try on a couple of my posts!

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Just knew it, nice idea! (I think it will be nice if some prevention of abuse, or vote with weight, otherwise you may drain out quickly?🤔)

Hey, just noticed this.

There are counter measures for this. I have also developed prize schemas and I am constantly increasing my SP.

I have used it and like it. A little explanation of how it distinguishes a quote from plagiarism would be appreciated. I recently ran into cheetah even though I quoted the source of some technical specs. I should maybe used quote tags instead of citing the source.

Power up the bot and it will be useful. I tip it when it fires.

My algorithm uses fragments. So I do not identify quotes, but rather I have a weighted score system to assess the originality of the overall work. If you only have a few sentences that are copied from somewhere, then it won't count as non-original as long as other parts of your work is original.

cheetah did that tome as well. I quoted a 'part' of an article; linked to that source article, and cheetah still showed up in my replies saying it found similar content; (Same link as is in the body of my text) - I've never liked robots; I watch Sci-fi ..... most of them are a danger to 'humanity' but that's a rant for another time :)

@originalworks thank you
Useful and wonderful information

hmm it is really awesome idea for every one who is more earn on steemit bundle of thanks @originalworks

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