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RE: Curation: How are you doing? Week 3

in #steemit3 years ago

So I had a go at obtaining the data you were looking for from steemsql using first principles and, to cut a long story short, I failed. I can generate a good approximation of curation rewards. But only for a limited number of posts and only if the number of upvotes is not too heavy. Anything resembling useful volumes makes my computer melt.

I think that your best bet may be to talk with someone who has code experience and can automate your manual process by scraping the information from the website.

I did learn a lot about curation though! I'll post some examples to demonstrate how I think it all works.


I too have tried to get the data from steemsql with no luck. I would have like help automate this for @abh12345 but was unable. i also asked in dev on discord and got no help

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