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RE: Curation: How are you doing? Week 3

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Thanks so much for the update and the shout out. I'm so excited to see how I'm doing! I ffeel really good about my scheme for getting on to good posts ad helping them succeed. I think it's working :) I'm so happy to see this post again and I'm upvoting, resteeming, and promoting it for a few days on my social media. I'm so glad you do this and your reporting is awesome!


My pleasure!

Clearly the research and work has paid off as .238% world have topped the charts in the first week!

The guys ahead have something extra, that I'm yet to work out, maybe we'll get to find out....

@fiveboringgames voted at 9 mins on last weeks post and got a good return, which is interesting to me too.

Thanks for the kind words and extra promo!


Whoa! I've changed my strategy to voting after 30 minutes for the most part. This is making a big (good) difference. If the post is below $2 at 30 minutes - the bots will not be coming. I get better payouts without bots.

I'm shocked at that 9 minute result. Please do figure that out! And every other technical thing! I'm counting on you :)

I'm happy to promote. I will keep on this topic for my own posts for a while (assuming I actually get them posted). I think this is a very underused strategy that has huge benefits to steemit as a platform aside from the better individual earnings. I hope your efforts will help other curators get off the bot train.

I'm so excited to see I'm doing so well and that makes me want to do even better!

Yes I've seen this daily post for a week or two, looks like a list of the top 200 largest accounts to me!

Please let me know if you can find anything interesting to take from it 😈

I'm analyzing now and will post soon. Very juicy, I think. Lots of possibilities for minnows :)

I'm pulling out the "best" of those for us to go after in our own ways. you are correct that they are the big guys. But some are not worth effort and others are.

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