Qurator - UPDATE - Cheaper Tier Access and Increased Registration fee.

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Qurator registration fee increase

Qurator is growing fast and we want to ensure long-term growth and support for our members and investors.
We just hit the 100 member mark and will now be increasing the 1SBD/STEEM registration fee.

NEW Registration fee - 2SBD/STEEM

More info about Qurator

Qurator will be a service that helps users who spent their blood, sweat and tears on content creation to get noticed and rewarded for their efforts. Steemit has seen some incredible growth in the last few months and even though this is amazing for the platform, it might make it harder for the new Steemians to get noticed. With daily posts hovering in the 100 000's you can imagine how hard it is to get the attention you deserve for all your hard work!

That's where @qurator comes in. We want to help those who work really hard but still see little to no rewards on their posts.

What exactly does @qurator do? - UPDATED

  • We will focus on users who post quality content. Each day 5 members will be selected and their posts will be featured in the Daily Qurator.

  • Once a day we will resteem a high-quality post from one of our members.

  • Members will get an upvote from @qurator once a day. We are limiting upvotes to once a day because we want to keep it fair for all the members.

  • Extra trail upvotes from our Streamain @qurator trail.

  • Weekly competitions.

How do you become a member? - UPDATED

We want to give back to the community, but this also means we need some support from the community. We will charge a once off fee of 2 Steem/SBD to register as a @qurator member. You can enter your name or the name of a friend in the memo if you would like to join @qurator. This will give you a lifetime upvote membership. We do however reserve the right to decline certain accounts if we feel they do not contribute to posting good quality content or simply find too much plagiarism or spam posts. We have declined members before, we only support original content. We also offered tier voting weights for investors and upvoters of The Daily Qurator.

Contact @scrooger or @gingerninja on Discord or Steemit.chat and request a review. Once reviewed we will let you know if you qualify to become a member. Afterwards simply transfer the registration fee to the @qurator account and you are all set up. We might not respond right away as we are only human and also need some sleep every now and then. Rest assured the bot sending you sweet upvotes will never sleep! We also have an awesome Discord channel that will spring to life once all you awesome members join. The Discord link will be sent after registration.


UPDATED - Cheaper Tier Access.

We worked out our voting weights to ensure we always stay very close or above 80% Voting Power. According to the number of members there will always be a basic voting weight.

Example 1: With 10 members each member gets a 100% upvote.
Example 2: With 20 members each member gets a 50% upvote.

Using the base upvote weight we can have Tiered Upvote Weights for investors of @qurator. Because the investors help @qurator grow bigger, the base upvote weight goes down and the investors get bigger upvote weights. This way even the non-investors still benefit since the overall Steem Power of @qurator increases.

There are 3 ways you can become an investor in @qurator.

  • Upvote The Daily Qurator post each day. This can easily be automated by using Steemvoter, follow this guide to set up Steemvoter.
  • Send a certain amount of Steem (values below) to @qurator with Tier # as you memo. This will lease SP for @qurator and give you access to a Tiered Status Upvote.
  • Delegate Steem Power to @qurator. (We can help with that, simply visit sp delegation support in our Discord channel.)
TIERRequirementsUpvote Weight
TIER 0.pngBasic 1 STEEM/SBD registration fee. Basic upvote for life from @qurator.Basic Upvote Weight
Tier 1.pngDelegate 100SP to @qurator or Upvote The Daily Qurator 4+ times a weekX1.5 Basic Vote Weight
Tier 2.pngDelegate 200SP to Qurator or 4 Steem sponsored lease = Tier 2 for 30 days or Upvote The Daily Qurator 7 times a weekX2 Basic Vote Weight
Tier 3.png6 Steem sponsored lease = Tier 3 for 30 days or Delegate 300SP to @quratorX2.5 Basic Vote Weight
Tier 4.png8 Steem sponsored lease = Tier 4 for 30 days or Delegate 400SP to @quratorX3 Basic Vote Weight
Tier 5.png10 Steem sponsored lease = Tier 5 for 30 days or Delegate 500SP+ to @quratorX3.5 Basic Vote Weight

After reviewing the Tiers you can decide how you would like to jump up in tiers or invest. @gingerninja and @scrooger are available on Discord for any assistance or questions or you can comment on this post if you have any questions/concerns.

  • Please note: For The Daily Qurator upvote related Tiers, we check the upvotes on posts once a week (Every Sunday) and adjust the Tiers accordingly

  • For the Sponsored lease Tiers please send the right amount of STEEM to @qurator with the Tier number as your memo.

All the members can see their Tier Status once a week it will be posted in a separate post each Monday. Rest assured as investors and members go up or down in tiers their voting weights will be adjusted at the end of each day.


Streemian Trail Account!

You may have noticed that your upvotes from @qurator packed a little bigger punch! @gingerninja, @scrooger, @theleapingkoala and a few others are now trailing the @qurator account and will be sending you some extra upvotes from our side as well. It's not much but every upvote counts!

You can also follow the trail and send upvotes to fellow Qurator members when @qurator upvotes them. To set up a Streemian account only takes a few minutes and is a great way to earn some extra curation.

You can follow this GUIDE to set up your Streemian account.

After setting up your account you can follow this trail on Streemian:


We suggest NOT following the trail at 100% since we do not want to drain too much of your precious voting power. Play around with your percentage and if you see your voting power being drained too much you can simply lower your % in Streemian. If you have a lot of voting power to spare you can consider a larger %.

If you struggle or have questions come visit our #support channel on Discord.

Help us, help you.

All post payouts and registration fees will go towards growing the @qurator account. We believe in sharing our power and not pocketing it for ourselves. Great posts need to be noticed and we want to help with that.

Steem Power32.612
Voting Power95%
Upvote Weight T014%$0.14
Upvote Weight T121%$0.21
Upvote Weight T227%$0.26
Upvote Weight T334%$0.33
Upvote Weight T4--
Upvote Weight T548%$0.46

Upvoting or Resteeming this post will help us grow and in turn enable us to give better upvotes to our members and quality content creators.

Your Quality Content Curator



A question from a noob. Where in discord shall I go? What channel or server? Please put a link to make it easier for a noob like me, if you don't mind.
Thank you very much

Currently the Discord channel is only for registered members. =) We normally share the link in Discord PM or Steemit.chat after a user registered.

I just want to see if I qualify to be a member but I don't know which channel to find @scrooger or @gingerninja on Discord or Steemit.chat. I am registered on discord PAL and I am also using steemit.chat.. just don't know how and where to contact @scrooger or @gingerninja to be reviewed


Will PM you one Steemit.chat

We did however go ahead and reviewed your account, all looks good! You can go ahead and send the registration fee so we can register you. =)

Just sent my registration fee thank you very much

Hi! How can I contact you?

A debt of gratitude is in order for what you are doing. I have not yet sufficiently earned SBD to join but rather when I arrive, @qurator be my first stop.

Thanks for what you are doing. I have not yet earned enough SBD to join but when I get there, @qurator be my first stop.

have given you an upvote on your last david an goliath drawing to help you along on your way to the 2sbd
(once you hit 1 sbd you should get a randowhale upvote, that will speed you along to hit 2sbd)

Thanks for considering us so strongly, here is a little upvote to help you along!

It's sort of an interesting situation. I'm still figuring out Steem and found a link to read about Qurator. But I've been pumping almost all of my (admittedly small) earnings into SP. So now I'm wondering if that was a bad call because I also don't have 2 SBD to use here. But I'm a quarter of the way there and can start doing more split-payout posts. Live and learn, I suppose.

Will you consider updating the stats and prices?
Yes?? Big thanks!!

I was wondering (ok, I can practically feel you rolling your eyes right now, but hear me out) what if I fulfill multiple requirements for a tier, would that qualify me for a bonus level up? For example, if I delegate 200 SP and upvote the Daily Qurator 7 times in a week, both tier 2 requirements, would I perhaps qualify for tier 3 (if you keep shaking your head like that, your gonna hurt your neck)?

Hahaha, so funny. Good question @gregory-f.

Will let @gingerninja or @scrooger answer that :D

We don't roll our eyes, we do 3 backflips and then sit down again. Hehe. (seriously though we are chilled and always willing to listen to suggestions/ideas)

9 Days... I was expecting this question for 9 days. =) The answer is yes, we will bump you up. Delegations and upvotes will bump you up in tiers. We will only be doing this for direct delegations. Not the Steem based lease delegations. Feel free to talk to @scrooger to get more details on this =)

Hey @qurator,

Nice! ... This can come in handy.

Going Places (Red) 450 x 100px.png

This seems to be a very nice idea... just one little problem for me: on the one hand you say before registration it might be good to ask @scrooger or @gingerninja on Discord to review the blog so that they can tell if there is a chance to become a member on the other hand you say Discord link will be sent after registration... what steps now to do ? I would be interested in becoming a member but Ia m not too sure if there is achance for me with my blog ...


Hi @honolulu,
For this part:

before registration it might be good to ask @scrooger or @gingerninja on Discord to review the blog so that they can tell if there is a chance to become a member

This will be your first step.

I checked your blog and I found that you are helping minnows, which I think is a nice thing to do.
However, to increase your chances of acceptance and to be featured in The Daily Qurator, my advice is to add other contents that are relevant to steemit.
Because if your contents are always the same, your chances of being featured will minimize drastically.

For the other part:

Discord link will be sent after registration

This is the second step. This link is specific for @qurator members only, so you can join the room after you register.

Hope this helps :)

I am glad that I joined,already upvoted and following you now

realy realy realy amazing

Thanks a lot!

Are you really sure?
I mean REALLY now!
It can't really be that Really Amazing can it???

it is pretty good though... might be even really good... well if I really ponder on the issue it gets raised to the amazing level and then giving it some more thought (getting a real headache) i have to admit its really amazing but I cannot see the other 2 really's. they are indeed over the top

Hello I am new here...
How can I resteem your info in my blog?
How can I join this (your) ideia?

Hi @qurator! Please check my account if I am qualified to be a member. I'd love to be part of your team. Thank you.

I sent two sbd

I would be interested in joining but cache find @scrooger or @gingerninja on discord. Could someone please review and get back to me.

Hey there stranger! =)
We have reviewed your account and found only awesome content! We would love to have you aboard :D

Awesome thank you for the quick response

If you have Streemian should you need Steem Voter as well or are you duplicating @qurator

Been on Streemian for some time and have now found some useful links to read up more.

The Streemian Trail will be upvoting on exactly what Qurator is voting on. So this means you will send some support to fellow Q members with the trail.

Steemvoter is just there to help make it easier for users to upvote Q posts to stay in the voting Tiers =)

OK that makes a whole lot of sense in helping build both, it will help for the posts you may miss.

Using bots however should not take the 'social' out of the platform; visiting in person from time to time and leaving comments or questions IMHO is the only way to be social.

We couldn't agree more. We try to check in and be active here and there. Most of the active conversations take place on Discord. We are trying to make it a more fun and active place for everyone. =)

Nice project and I do like to participate to much, but unfortunately I don't have enough SBD to join yet...hehehe

Hi there, how do I know if my application is accepted? after paying the membership fee I mean..

its apparently the other way around, apply first and then get accepted and THEN pay the fee. The team seems to be really friendly like that.

Best paln...I like it...

I'm so happy that we all are growing together, Qurator Team it's a great help. Thanks for making a good job.

You are most welcome and thank you for all the support! Could not have done it without all you awesome members!

really interesting initiative you have there...
I have applied to your service through steemit.chat and am eagerly awaiting the response

Thank you for your project! I send 2 SBD with Tier 0 in memo. Is it a problem?

Not a problem at all, we received your registration and registered you as a member. =)

Welcome to Q!

Apologies for addressing you directly via this reply note. I do so because of the reports on this page, including one just four days ago, about people having trouble finding @scrooger or @gingerninja on discord.

I should be very grateful if you would review my blog at https://steemit.com/smt/@lestatisticien/synopsis-of-steemit-community-members-views-on-issues-to-address-in-roll-out-of-smts , and my long comments at https://steemit.com/steem/@alexmavor/are-social-media-tokens-a-game-changer-crypto-nights-episode-5#@lestatisticien/re-alexmavor-are-social-media-tokens-a-game-changer-crypto-nights-episode-5-20171012t121508089z , and at https://steemit.com/smt/@abh12345/smt-for-the-attention-of-vango-com#@lestatisticien/re-itchykitten-re-lestatisticien-re-abh12345-smt-for-the-attention-of-vango-com-20171011t203944232z .

The niche that I will be developing is not that of posting multiple blogs. Instead I will be trying to engage with the authors of blogs in efforts to try to add value to what they have contributed. I am coming from another writing community with a lot of experience - books, etc.

Hey there! We have looked at your blog and the info is pretty good but we need to see some more blogs before we can accept you as a member. Also looks like you posted the same blog twice...?

After a few more posts we could look into accepting you, but for now there just isn't enough content to make a solid decision.

I posted the blog twice because that was the only way i found to change the erroneous lead tag "stm" to "smt".

I am not really into blogging, as noted earlier. If you glanced at my long comments on other peoples' posts you will see that several of them are just like blogs that people post. (E.g., look at this commnt I contributed this morning: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@anusparsh772/all-about-steem-and-bitcoin ).

I don't want to set up my long comments as blogs because I am trying to add value to the information package that comprises the author's post plus the comments. What proportion of commentators are being driven by this concept?

Anyway, I expect to do another community-service post late today. Please tell me how many posts I should make before asking you to look at them again. Thanks in advance.

Understood. Saw your new post, looks good. If you keep it up at that rate then it's all good and we can register you for Qurator.

Thank you for your encouraging comment.

I want to share with you something that is emerging in the responses to my posts, and which I find fairly sad. Both of the posts you saw are evidently community-service posts. I’m not looking for people to respond to me, in writing them; but I was hoping that the posts would trigger exchanges of messages (discussion) among the community members.

My second post has been up for about 16 hours and the total responses come from two robots!

I can see that one factor in the situation is the speed with which a new post goes off into ‘ether’ seemingly forever, and there is nothing else in the Steemit software to bring to authors’ attention the fact that something has been posted that might be interesting to them.
I would love to contact these people and tell them myself; because engaging with them is far more important than being paid a couple dollars for three days of work.

My disappointment in the emerging situation (re. my posts) is deepened by the fact that when I went to bed last night I noticed that approximately 35 minutes after a new post was uploaded by a “YouTube Giant” he had 68 views, 215 up votes, and an interim payment of $70 plus. Similarly, a few days ago another “YouTube Giant” uploaded about 5 paragraphs from a piece he published in Wired, and he gave us the link to go over to Wired and see the whole article. It was not more than a few hours after the upload when I saw the piece via the Trending menu, and there he was shown with a payment that exceeded $700!

I have no jealousy about these payments, as I am not here in search for money from Steem Inc.; but I am not happy about the amount of green content in what the YouTube Giant posted at Steamit in those 5 paragraphs. I have the same issue re. lack of green content that brings value into the community with the payments flowing to the up-load from another YouTube Giant last night.

Is the incentive system here all about ‘earning dollars’ (I know, an exaggeration but not by much it seems) by bringing hordes of followers over to the Steamit web site?

Most of these giants have established themselves in the Steemit community and have made some friends with large upvotes. It takes a lot of posting consistent good quality content to reach those levels.

If you are new I would suggest putting in a lot of work, but not days of work. Be good and get the followers and voters. With time they will come and your posts will be more appreciated.

Can you please review my account?


Hey there! I have messaged you on Steemit.chat

Talk soon! =)

This post has been ranked within the top 80 most undervalued posts in the second half of Sep 27. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $18.69 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Sep 27 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

thanks for the info :)

where I have to register as a member curator

You're doing great work... keep it up. Every bit of support and manual curation the smaller accounts doing quality work gets the better... nice going folks

Nice well im still new and i have not yet earned enough SBD to join until then keep the good work

I have read all your writings and I have also reviewed all the comments of a steemian friend. indeed we have to admit your post to help other friends in giving updates really very amazing.
and I will try to follow what you say, hopefully this can be a motivation to move towards a better direction.
Thank you for bringing in and telling you all about this.
Success always @qurator

Thank you so much! There are many talented people here on Steemit and we want to help where we can. =) Appreciate your kind words! Practice makes perfect and you can only get better. =)

As long as you don't stop advertising in other peoples comment section I won't use this bot.

Thank you will be on it ASAP , a good community to be a part and parcel of.

I'd like my account reviewed for membership. I'm afraid I don't know Discord well nor steem chat so like some of the previous commenters, I don't know how to find @scrooger or @gingerninja. I think I post some quality content here, but please review my Steemit and see what you think.

My post are mainly poems/diary/short stories and role-playing games stuff, I would like to join, but I'm not sure if I qualify for membership. @qurator, @scrooger, @gingerninja, can you review it, please? :)
Thanks a lot!

We have reviewed your account and you are more than welcome to join. =)

Wow! Thank you! 2 SBD fee sent!

Hi! I dont know how to contact @gingerninja or @scrooger. I would like to know if my account fits in to @qurator.

Hey @coinbelly.

We have reviewed and approved your account. You can go ahead and register. =)

I am glad that I joined earlier before the increased in fees.

Indeed! We had to raise it a bit to keep on making good leases to support all our members. =)

I have earned enough SBD to join, but I'm afraid I am so ignorant of these things, I don't even know how to contact someone through chat. If you have the time to direct me, I'd love to join you!

How am I able to join? I have tried contacting @gingerninja in Discord but no response. I cant find @scrooger in discord neither. Help assist.

could you please check my account and see if I am able to join?

Thank you!

Team Work makes a Dream Work! Proud to be part of the community. Best wishes for your Success!

Hi guys! Where can I contact @Scrooger or @gingerninja in order to join you guys? I have a discord account too, but how do I find you guys?

Thank you for this project by the way! Newbies like me appreciate all the support.. and i know it is not easy and it takes probably a lot of your time to help out like this.. so THANK YOU! <3

interesting update. it's really great to see that we are improving everyday. ^___^ good job, everyone!

Thanks, we try out best to make it a WIN-WIN for us all! =)

This is great information.
Hi... curator, I am a new comer in the steemit. step by step, I try to understand about the steemit and all steemits instrument, including of you as part of them. I just found this information couple minute ago, but the posting was 2 month ago. Maybe this is my lucky time to got this information. First thing, I want to say " Thank you very much" lot of people very happy and much more when we got the benefit from a hard work then becomes amazing in your hands. Your job very hard and certainly you have sacrificed very much for the happiness of many people, I very much appreciate for every effort and sacrificed that you had done for every people. I am still learning until right now, reading lot of information especially like great information that you shown. Because your posting came from 2 month ago, are you can found my comment. I do not understand... but I wish you found it. This posting page I will save in my document very well. Thanks lot brothers, GOD blessing you all. And have nice day.

Where can I find you on Discord?

Inwant to be a member i have sent sbd check it out..

No need to request a review via Steemit.chat or Discord when you can do it here. So, I request a review!

I'd love to be a member...

Hi @qurator! How can I get registered? I'd love to use you service to grow and help you grow as well. I post original poetry daily :D

Great I really like this concept. I'm in!

Thank you for wanting to join our group. We welcome all good people :)

I'm set to upvote qurator daily, what else do I need to do?

Nice post..
Thanks for sharing

Ok on an exponential curve of adoption or understanding about the above details of steem, I am at the 2% area. Wow I will have to resteem and sleep on that.

Hope you had a good sleep ;)

Great idea but I don't have enough SP....

I want to join! but my sbd is not enough. Soooon...

hello, by mistake buy steem power delegations (4,078.274 ), I do not know if it can be changed by steem, my idea was to buy steem to be able to have it there as a saving. but it went away and I want to change it to steem ...

I am looking forward to your response.

I don't quite understand. It looks like you bought Steem Power from Blocktrades. You should contact them asking if it is possible to cancel. We cannot help you with that in Qurator.

I'm interested in getting my account reviewed - if you need to PM me, my username is the same on steemit.chat.

Hello, you just need to send the registration fee (4 steem) to Qurator and we will take it from there. The team will review your account and you will get a message back to your wallet.

How did you find that old post? :D
Here is the newest update and info about Qurator: Update 3.0 and lastest Tier 1 and Tier 2 changes

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