It looks high yes, hopefully @biophil will comment on the post with some clues.

Thanks @tumutanzi

According to his SP, each time his upvote is worth 0.269 SBD, and each day he can upvote 10 times if use only 20% voting power and with 100% voting weight.

We assume at day 1 he had the previous week's voting power 100%, and the coming week steemit would give him 140% voting power, so he can use maximum 240% voting power within a week, that is 120 upvotes with 100% voting weight each time, that is 120x0.269=32.28 SBD curation value in total.

The maximum ratio for the curator is 25%, so he can get the maximum 32.28x25%=8.07 SBD, which is 8.07/1.2=6.725 Steem (or Steem Power).

But his curation reward of last week is 10.547 Steem. I could not understand. What is the real calculation rule of curation reward?

I checked his self-voting ratio over the last 14 days, it appears also pretty low.

One possible reason is he received some curation rewards from others, e.g. he upvoted a post before some big whales' upvoted that one. But I am not sure this explanation.

Your last point gets it. If you vote before whales, you can earn more than your ordinary 25% share of curation rewards.

Wow! It's so difficult to me to understand that. I guess I need to study these posts Thanks for the explanation.

Yes I guess he a curator, tied to something like @curie - the curation reward is high considering SP. I didn't see a power down, so I guess we will have to wait for a response...

pocketsend:[email protected], thanks for your interest!

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