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Hey, Steemit!

I'm fairly new here, but I am determined to make a difference. In just the short time I have been here, I have made a lot of new friends, started the Curation Digest, and of course setup a witness. The first issue of Curation Digest went out a couple of days ago.

I have a few Steemit related projects I am working on and excited to announce when they are ready. I am not a hard core developer, but I do a lot of scripting, some game development (Unity), and deep learning. I've been looking for ways to apply deep learning to crypto currencies like my colleague does on the Forex market.

I am a father of one boy, who means the world to me. I am thankful I get to spend a lot of time with him as I run my own business.

I have been using crypto for a few years now and have been mining Ethereum for a while. Although I am thinking about winding down my mining operations. Currently, I am down to ~30 GPUs consisting of nVidia 1060 and 1070's. I think I will sell the equipment off rather than move to another coin as the ice age gets worse.

I have already changed my witness to suggest 5% APR for SBD to help correct it. Thanks, @ausbitbank for making me aware of this in his recent post and @drakos for his help on Steemit.Chat with the Witness configuration. I also want to thank @someguy123 for his great guide on setting up a witness and @cloh76.witness for his suggestions.

I want to help expose new people to the Steemit platform and help bring more diverse topics to the community like 3D printing, deep learning, and game development. I noticed there are some discussions in these areas, but not many.

I spend a lot of time on @officialfuzzy's Whaleshare Discord.

Witness Node

CPU: Dual Xeon 5560 Quad 2.8Ghz
Memory: 48GB ECC
Disk: 6x SAS 10K
Internet: 235Mbps
Missed Blocks: 0

You can vote for me as a Steem witness on this page:

As I am not in the Top 50, you will need to manually enter my name themarkymark in the vote box in the bottom.

Or from the command line with vote_for_witness youraccountname themarkymark true true


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voted for you because you created buildawhale. :)


Buildawhale just voted me up, so thanks for that :D

Gonna give you the witness vote now.

Also, them GPUs look sweet. Can't wait till I assemble my own rig eventually.



Unless something changes soon, mining is becoming less and less profitable. I'm at the point I'm going to start selling my rigs off. I've been selling a few off here and there when I get offers above my costs. When the ice age reverses it might make it more profitable again but they also lowering rewards so I doubt it will be the case.

The general theory is to move to alt coins when Eth isn't profitable but that is what everyone else is doing, and with 1000% the hashpower from Eth hitting them, I don't think they will be profitable. So you might want to do some research before getting into mining at this point. If you have free power, then it's almost always going to work out.


Well, as you might've noticed I happen to be a minnow, and I am by my very nature competitive. If I had any cash to spare I would Steem Power without a second's delay, just so I could boost my standing on here further. Unfortunately, lack of cash is what drove me here to begin with, and more and more of my efforts are driven toward Steemit investment, because the mining route, as you state here yourself, is becoming a dead-end. The only really cost effective way to mine is to drop a huge sum of money into several Antminer S7s, chain them all together, and then let them do their thing. If people actually had that kinda money to spare, that is. I tried mining with my Dual Core CPU first (you can laugh at that, cause I did too).

Then I tried mining on a four year old low-profile Galaxy GTX 750 Ti.

Then it hit me...this sh*t just ain't gonna work. Gotta find another way.

Leaves those of us who didn't wishing we had invested heavily in Bitcoin way back in the day.

Voted for you as witness. J

Wow my brother I am so happy I met you. I feel so blessed and appreciative of geting the chance to be your friend.

It really has been such a wild time so fun learning so much from you and building these projects for real, positive change.

You are one of the few people I would run through a break wall for. Let's show Steemit how much real, positive change you can bring.

Thank you again my friend for all the hard, tireless, and thankless work you put in. I know you are making your son so proud.

Namaste :)


I second this statement. I will be showing my support as well.


Thank you so much, that means a lot!


........maybe, the world does not need "saving" ;)

voted you as a witness cause you created the Buildawhale, also I play poker at lucksacks and I know you are their partner ;-) success


You got my vote, you have been flying around whaleshares.
Are you part machine?

Hi! I just voted for you as a Steem witness. Thanks for helping out :)


Thank you!

Upvoted you as witness @themarkymark ! Thank you so much for having a vision in Steemit!

You got my vote for steem witness! Keep up the good work!!


Thanks, I really appreciate that!

Happy witnessing!

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Nice to meet you!!! Great to hear of everything you're working on. Sending over a vote!!


You're welcome ;)

well I voted for you as witness just now, on the strength of this post, and the fact that I have seen your name floating around.

Good luck, and I'll have to see if we run into each other soon.


Thanks! Hopefully, it was all good.

You deserve it. I have vote for you sir

voted for you as witness-had bad experiences with another whale and you didn't cheat me-wish you great success


Thanks :)


more than welcome

Voted for you as a witness. Goodluck.
I think you are straight forward and focused.

vote for you because I win more with buildawhale


Thank you for buildawhale. I vote for you!

I'm pretty new to Steem and trying to figure out the best way to use the Steem Dollars, etc too. I moved $50 of my Steem here to try/play with but not sure if that helps me or not yet. You seem to know more than me and I like the way you think so you have my Follow/votes :)

We just assembled a couple rigs for Eth these past couple of months and making little bit...maybe a couple hundred profit each month...With winter we are ok bcz we aren't paying for heat in the house so the free heating is offsetting the electric bill for a few months but not sure where we are going to move them once it starts warming up in the Spring again. We figure it's just as cheap as going through CoinBase/others to switch fiat to Alts. Working on starting a ETN mining pool now.

Upvote for you as a steem witness @themarkymark


Thanks :)


I'm giving you a 100% upvote, so feel free to build my whale...


You`r welcome

Excellent - You got my vote @themarkymark


Thanks :)

I am voted for your post.

ready! you already have my vote as a witness, but at least vote 1% through @buildawhale to recover the investment, because the idea is to win and not one lose money.

thank you for that

Voted for you

Vote for you as a witness. I like your posts and I like your way of thinking. Go ahead, friend! I support you!!!

Adorable picture of your son. I know my family means the world to me so I appreciate your sense of values. Following you and gave you my witness vote. Best of luck.