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This month we tested Discord for our #25_Votes_Plus channel in aims of improving our workflow and to try stronger SPAM control tools, since #25_Votes_Plus is by far the most active channel and in consequence it demands more effort from the team.

Big thanks to all the beta testers that are supporting us in Discord!

So far we found that Discord is a reliable service, user friendly and with a growing user base within the STEEM community, yet we already had an strong and experienced user base in, so we decided to move all the operations of #25_Votes_Plus channel into discord and to stay with for the higher channels.

This is the current list of channels with their respective link:

dropAhead Curation App

In our previous post we informed that Streemian was not working as expected, so we had to shutdown the curation trail and now we have an internal curation app that is helping us save lots of time. We are getting lots of fun with steemd, JSON-RPC, curl and Lua. Unfortunately our curation app is still not ready for production. Our project is still very new and workflow changes frequently, once the core of our process is more stable we'll put more efforts into releasing our curation app publicly.

Vote @dropahead for witness

You only have to enter here: and type "dropahead" (without quotes) into that box at the very bottom of the page. I bet you can do it in 30 secs!

Already voted for someone else? Not a problem! You can vote for 30 witnesses at the same time!

Do you want more earnings?

By doing things above you will give us more STEEM POWER (SP) to give you more earnings.

That's all folks, keep steeming hard!


Resteemed! Are you going to get more admins for the discord channel? That would be great

I am done upvoted your witness.

Much thanks!

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