Pimp Your Post with this Simple Cheat Sheet! Just COPY and PASTE!

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Steemit offers two ways of posting a new story. With the Editor and Markdown/HTML Editor. The editor is simple and easy but lack some features that might make your blog look more professional and neat.

When I first started using Steemit I did not notice the editor and used only the Markdown/HTML method. Had to google the basics just to get posting. After a while I realized there was an editor, YES! I'm saved, this will go so much faster now! Wrong! The editor was really crappy for me after I already had some experience with the Markdown/HTML editor. Now I only use the Markdown/HTML editor.

This is a super simple cheat sheet I made for myself to use. At the end of the post I will make a downloadable Word Document so you can just copy and paste all the commands while editing! Let's get started!

For those who don't want to scroll all the way down for the link, here is the copy and paste cheat sheet. Simple HTML Copy/Paste Cheat Sheet.


I prefer centered text and pictures, so I use this a lot! Just feels easier and cleaner when reading. Might not be everyone's cup of tea but here is the commands for those who want them.

The page break is just to create some space downwards, experiment with this, after a while you will know exactly what it's for!


So this one is pretty self explanatory. Simply use the hashtags and watch the size of your text change. One Tag being the biggest title and five being the smallest header.

Emphasis List.png

I included only the basics that we normally use and that I find is most essential.


Using this you don't have to paste long ugly links, instead just give your link a name and then paste the link after the name to get a nice smooth name that will take you to your desired source!


This will put a line through your page similar to the ones you can see in this post, nifty right?


Not many users know this, but when using the Markdown/HTML editor you can drag and drop actual picture files onto the Steemit Markdown/HTML editor page. They are automatically uploaded! This saves a lot of time!

Just remember the link of your image will be dropped exactly where your blinking text cursor is, make sure your cursor is in the center of your picture < center > command.

Centered Picture VS Not Centered


Places the picture in the center of your post, this just looks so much sexier don't you think?

Centered Picture with Source at bottom

Oh F**K! You're home!?

Places the picture in the center of your post with a clickable source link at the bottom of your picture. You can give the little button any name you want and it will take you to the link you provided.

Aligned Left of Text

Places the picture on the left of your text. Whatever you write after this command will go to the right of the picture.
If you want to stop writing next to the picture and move down add as many < br > commands as needed to move you down after your text and it will move you down. Note my text here is centered, it doesn't need to be.

Aligned Right of Text

Places the picture on the right of your text. Whatever you write after this command will go to the left of the picture.
If you want to stop writing next to the picture and move down add as many < br > commands as needed to move you down after your text and it will move you down. Note my text here is NOT centered, wanted to let you see the difference from the above picture where the text is centered.

Aligned Left of Text with Source at Bottom

Here the picture is on your left, the same as the above examples, only difference is you now have the source of the picture. The source of the picture is a link, but since long links are so ugly we can simply rename it. Clicking on the name will then take us to the link.

Aligned Right of Text with Source at Bottom

Here the picture is on your right... you get the idea right!


col 3 isright-alignedSteemit
col 2 iscenteredIs
zebra stripesare neatAwesome

For those who would really like to use a table.
Honestly, will be faster to use excel, take a screenshot and paste it here.
Just included this if anyone was interested. It's a nifty trick and will really make your post stand out.

So there it is! Everything you need to make a beautiful and professional post here on Steemit. Using Markdown/HTML might not be easy at first but trust me it get's a lot easier and you will appreciate the extra things you can do. I am not a coder or the owner of any of this content, I simply shared what I have learned and made a Word Document so it will be easier for me and fellow Steemians to post.

The link to the cheat sheet if you would like to use it, its a 2 page word doc saved on google drive. Simple HTML Copy/Paste Cheat Sheet.


This was a excellent opportunity to test everything I learned about HTML writing in Steemit. This whole post took me about 4 hours to make and I'm damn proud of it! Hope this could help some of you! Thank you so much for reading!

Steem on Steemians!



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Downloaded the cheat sheet file, look like I will change the way I create my posts from now on. 

Thank you @scrooger!

You are most welcome and thank you for the resteem! Are you using the eSteem app? How is it?

Yes, I am using eSteem apps on iPad, iPhone and Windows desktop as well. It is convenient and easy to use IF it works properly. Problem is eSteem still have lots of bugs :
-- picture upload functions failed with high frequency. I still don't know why it fails. for me it is just by chance, sometime works sometime no.
-- post listing not refreshed sometime
-- order of posts in the list inconsistent among all the versions and Steemit, so it make you think some posts were missing but they were actually located at different location
-- on Windows desktop version there is no edit function available for comments and replies which is available on iOS versions.

Still working with eSteem and I am posting feedback to the developer from time to time

Oh my I see it still has loads of work. But pretty good so far. I will use it just to quickly check on posts. Question. How do you get those votes from your comments? I see they are on all your comments. Interesring. Is it from the app?

I can see you got the same votes too, so you should know where they come from now. :D
Keep using eSteem and try to give some feedbacks by #esteem-feedback tag. I would like to contribute to it and eventually we will be benefited as well.

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I will give feedback from time to time when I see some problems

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Awesome....gotta start tryin' this one out.

Please do, it takes some time to get used to it. As soon as you get the hang of it though, it makes the whole blogging experience so much better. You also feel kinda bad ass using some code!

Great post, the template is just perfect!

Happy you like it, think I might add some things later down the line.

Everyone on Steemit should bookmark your post. It is not a post. It is a resource that I personally know I will be returning to again and again.
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How to bookmark a post, or it's not on mobile browser.

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I also wish there was a bookmark certain post button. Let's hope it's a feature we can get later.

I also wish for reddit functionality to save/bookmark posts.

Dude! Thanks mate! I'm humbled by the response im getting! It was even the first time I promotod my post so happy it could be of use to some of you! Thanks!

This is so helpful especially for someone like me who is not technically savy. Now posting at Steemit will be easier. Thanks a million.

Glad I could be of assistance! Now go post awesome stuff! =)

Gotta upvote you for the help you are giving everyone (new and old users). Thank you.

Thanks a lot! Yes been working on some things that I had questions on when I first started, If I write them down it makes more sense to me. Super stoked if it can help someone else understand some of the ways to improve their Steemit experience.

so informative , gonna use this, thank you for sharing :)

You are super welcome! Go steem on!

very useful! thanks for sharing.

You're welcome! Thanks for the upvote and the for reading!

nice "cheatsheet", but just to clarify, that's not the HTML editor (although it does support certain HTML tags), it's the MARKDOWN editor!

Link: How to Liven up your Steem Posts with Markdown

Noted, still quite new at all of this and was all that I have learned so far. Will adjust change some of my wording to fix it.

Hahaha, I love this way more than I should. =) Thanks for the laughs!

Thanks. Using this right now :D

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Excellent post. When I discover aligning photos, I made a post just about it. But this is really good.

Thank you! Yeah I saw a post or two that had similar content. I wanted to create a post that put everything I find the most useful in one spot big shout out to @bitcoinparadise who inspired me to write this post. Thanks for reading mate!

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nice I'm going to leave 2 points here, you can also use markdown, and you can nest the links and provide images as links :) ![](([])) you can also use this `

to cover any code

or whole fields 

and <sup></sup>

Hello there it's a fine day today :)

You've covered most :) good work :)

Ooh, thanks. Didn't know that, will definitely use it in the future! Like I said, I'm no guru, simply wrote down the codes I use the most. Really appreciate the input!

well you covered almost everything I knew and in a readable manner, so I hope more people see it :)

Awesome cheat sheet! Will use it for sure!

Awesome mate! Thanks


for HTML aficionados, one can also make the picture itself a link to the source. But it's true that creating a tagline as the source just underneath is just SO much better XD

Cool will look into that, maybe for a future post. Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you very much for sharing these tips. I have used some of them on my latest post, and it looks so much better!

Cool man! Now go post and show of those skills! Glad you found them useful!


You are welcome! =)

Very helpful! I've struggled with getting the left and right image/text layouts to work. But I'm hopeful your cheat sheet will be the directions that make a difference. If I'm successfull, folks will see it my posts, lol. Thanks!

Awesome sauce! Greatcman, yeah it takes some practice. My editing is also far from perfect. Pracrice practice practice then we will make amazing posts!

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Thanks for sharing! Links to this post were included in Steem.center wiki pages Tips for formatting your post and Including images in your post. Thanks and good luck again!

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This post is awesome and spreads a lot of aloha which means love to us newbies. Thanks!

So glad many of the new users get to see this early on. Will help a lot in the long run!

Awesome! I have been looking for this for a long time. I agree, Editor more is crappy as once you invoke that then you can't insert images.

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Awesome! Glad you agree with me, It's a bit tricky at first but taking the time to study it really pays of. Thank you!

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Excellent information! I always wondered how to fix photos on steemit posts. Thanks so much!

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Wow that is nice :D i didn't know steem can do this

Yeah, most people don't know about it. It's complicated at first, but as soon as you get the hang of it it's easy!

Dude cool post.
I knew some but not all however I've tried and tried the centering but it never works.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong. :-(((

Don't give up mate, you have to be in HTML mode (top right corner button, swithc from editor to html) then put your picture link between these two commands. Hope you can get it centered!


I'll try again bit I mostly work on iPad.
Does that make a difference?

I am not really sure, never used Steemit on a iPap before. Remember to use Markdown/Html you have to select that style of editing first, its in the top right corner of your post when you start writing.

That dude I'll work it out.

Very helpful, saved it for future reference...
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Awesome sauce! Stay tuned, contest coming up 50SBD+ prize money!

Yes, I am using eSteem apps on iPad, iPhone and Windows desktop as well. It is convenient and easy to use IF it works properly. Problem is eSteem still have lots of bugs ..????? and wen its for Android..????

As far as I know it is for android already, I'm using it on my LG G6. Yes a few bug here and there, but it is still in development. Give it time and support the developers.

Thank you excellent post very informative!

You are super welcome mate! Glad it could help!

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Yeah, took quite some time, but time well spent. I learned a lot and also got some good practice in! I'm getting faster every time I post.

There really ought to be a way to favorite/pin posts, took some searching to find this article again now that I want to use it!

Yeah, I think so many users want this, me included. Hope we can get it soon!

That is the most nicely-formatted explanation I have found so far. I can believe you took 4 hours to do this post. I've spent entire days on some of mine. Now you just need to use images for your text dividers instead of the boring lines and your posts will be first class! Great job!

I took your advice and started using images. It looks way better. Thanks for the tip!

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