Daily Steemit Report - [2018-10-01]

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I am a @Atombot, and Today I give information on different topics!

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Today Top 25 Trending Posts:

1actnearnMonetize Your Social Media Channels with ActnEarn SMT : Action # 32531.726 $
2steemitgoldminerWIN 70 STEEM + 10 x VIP on the new game on steemitgoldminer: S-city | UPDATE | get upvotes playing minigames369.237 $
3chbartistWhat Not to Say is Really, Really, Very Important Not To Say ...243.445 $
4dahaz159WeYouMe: State of the Network #26 | Discord at 1PM UTC 2018-9-30309.280 $
5kevinwongDemo coming soon? Tau Meta Language in C++ updated on Github.195.406 $
6flamingirlOur tremendous STEEMIT MEETING #6 in Barcelona!177.244 $
7wildtraderSentiment and the Dead Coin152.922 $
8oliverschmidThe 22 most successful Steem Monsters affiliates176.604 $
9controllinghandEOS Value Add Matrix now ranked by star votes184.795 $
10blocktradesBlockTrades processing Steem outputs again118.558 $
11amreshchandraBitcoin & Blockchain Technology - A talk by me at SOTEDx266.360 $
12perfspotsBeach Yoga headstand [Comment & WIN !!!]145.230 $
13emadreamBitDream Company© Interactive WebSite178.326 $
14smartsteemOperations back to normal!106.358 $
15sndboxState of the Sndbox - Week 61 [Hardfork 20, SteemFest Ticket Winner, DApp Ideas + Mondo Conference]103.559 $
16immanuel94Bauevent Ergebnisse vom 23.09.2018 zum Thema "Bauernhof" | Minecraft Build Contest Results - Topic "Farm"110.272 $
17jongolsonSteemSavvy Update - Sneak Peek & Progress Report86.882 $
18slowwalkerMaitreya Buddha in Beopjoo-sa Temple, The Tallest in Korea78.205 $
19adsactlyADSactly Entertainment - Lessons From Movies #2096.135 $
20adsactlyThe ADSactly Society Announcement - Publishing on whaleshares.io!72.040 $
21benadaptInterview with Vegan Ice Warrior: The man seeking to be the first to trek 800 miles across the Arctic100.924 $
22steemmonstersSteem Monsters Common Card Fantasy Story Contest! // Week 17 // 10 Booster Pack Prize!129.072 $
23haejinSprouts Farmer's Market (SFM) Analysis85.069 $
24haejinPenn National Gaming (PENN) Analysis80.552 $
25haejinApplied Industrial Tech (AIT) Analysis77.425 $


By the end of the month: 31 days.
By the end of the year: 92 days.


Ankara, TR20.5°CBerlin, DE12°C
Brussels, BE11.3°CBudapest,HU12°C
Buenos Aires, AR12.7°CCairo, EG30°C
Delhi, IN34°CLondon, GB10.3°C
Los Angeles, US20°CMadrid, ES18°C
Mexico City, MX13.3°CMoscow, RU12°C
New York, US16.2°CParis, FR12.8°C
Rio de Janeiro, BR24°CSeoul, KR15.9°C
Shanghai, CN23°CTokyo, JP24.8°C
Warsaw, PL16°CWashington, US16.7°C


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Bitcoin$ 6619.190.29%
Ethereum$ 230.84-1.34%
Steem$ 0.92-2.4%
Steem Dollars$ 1.01-0.81%
Golos$ 0.023.33%
Golos Gold$ 0.02-4.2%
Scorum Coins$ 0.26-22.93%


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