Beach Yoga headstand [Comment & WIN !!!]

in photography •  5 months ago

the head stand on a deserted beach in Snggigi, Lombok, an island of Indonesia.

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good yoga activities

wow you r good

It's looking as amazing to grow the scenery

upside down!

When you are traveling a lot and you want to try a different way to see where you're HEADING!

I have always wanted to practice it..
I hope you encourage me to see these contents

That's awesome !

you are very good

I am new user at steemit. Please help me to grow up by upvote my posts. Thanks

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I want to learn more about editing


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The best way to have a firm butt :) Love it

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Well everyone knows that Yoga is very good for health.But they are upset at doing it at a time.That is why we should do yoga at our preferred place. Selling foot is even better.

Wow it is really a wonderful activity.

Tunnel tunnel syndrome.jpg
I read that yoga practitioners with carpal tunnel syndrome after taking sessions twice a week for 8 weeks noticed a marked improvement in the condition of the disease in terms of reduced pain, is this information correct.

Hi, this is a difficult Asana!!. You have a high level of practice. Namaste!.

I believe you must have practiced a lot to reach to this stage of Yoga. Its very diffucult if your body weight is more.. Your photography skills are outstanding.

This Yoga activity is great. this can help us to focus on our work more....

amazing yoga

If you were a pinball ..... that would be a 'TILT'

GOOD^^// HAVE a nice time ... from SEOUL.

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This is cool! I may pay you to do this for me in the future 😂

Gud going

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Talking about going in HEAD FIRST.. Food for thought that is!

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A good headstand always helps. Been doing one every morning myself

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