WIN 70 STEEM + 10 x VIP on the new game on steemitgoldminer: S-city | UPDATE | get upvotes playing minigames

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Steemitgoldminer now has it's own version of v-city: S-CITY ----> city of steemians

As you already might now steemitgoldminer is a platform where you can play games and get rewarded with upvotes for it.
We now present to you our own S-City where you can build your virtual dreamlife... and earn some some STEEM along the way.

2.5 Years have almost passed since the beginning of I (@brothermic) Signed up last year in june. In the months and years after that, I've seen motivational posts to activate people to contribute as much as possible to the blockchain since we can all togheter make this platform and blockchain big.

I defenitly got inspired by posts from @taskmaster4450. So from doing very small things like commenting and posting some crap accualy, I upgraded myself in mind to do more.

Some of us have alot of experience programming and developing tools and websites, apps, dapps etc..

Well I decided to not let this lack of experience holding me back. So with the little knowledge I have in such matter I started thinking about bringing forward an opportinity that migh keep more people active, attract more people to steemit + providing another way on top off all the apps to earn some extra doing fun things like playing games for steemians. I am also aiming to attract people outside of steemit and hopefully the'll find their way into steemit.




Go to and select S-city

Then you will need to register:


Choose your character from 16 different possibility's before you can browse the other options.

Build your virtual dreamlife and earn respect from other players.

Main features:
Upgrade character
Buy items
Buy vehicles
Upgrade vehicles
Buy Properties and earn income
Fight against other players
Race against other players
Train character in gym
Go to school
Go to work
Advance with levels


Buy your own bike, car, plane, helicopter or even a tank to race other players!


Buy pets to upgrade your skills:


Buy properties and start making an income:


Gear up to fight other players, earn money and respect:


70 STEEM + 10 VIP prizes to win!

After 10 days from now on The 10th october 2018 at 18:00 PM GMT+1 the winners will be chosen.

Since we are aiming to attract people from outside steemit aswell, only people having an account on steemit will be eligible to receive the STEEM-rewards.
Messages will be sent ingame to the winners asking for their username on steemit.

Rewards for players with most 'respect': |

  • first place ----------> 15 STEEM
  • 2nd place ----> 10 STEEM
  • 3th place -----> 5 STEEM
  • 4th place -----> 3 STEEM
  • 5th place -----> 2 STEEM
  • 6th to 30th place -----> 1 STEEM

Rewards for players with most 'money' in wallet:

  • first place: 5 STEEM + VIP
  • 2nd: 3 STEEM + VIP
  • 3th : 2 STEEM + VIP
  • 4 - 10th place: VIP

So head over there and start playing !

There will be more contest so keep an eye onthe blog of @steemitgoldminer

Delegate steempower and earn playing minigames on the website aswell!


Everyone can share their score by clicking a button when the game ends but

only people who delegated steempower to @steemitgoldminer will be eligable to receive upvotes.

The more you delegate the higher your upvote will be each time you post a game' score and the more posts will accualy get upvotes.

(For example 10 SP will get a 10% upvote and max 15 upvotes/week while 250 SP would get 30% upvote and max 35 upvotes/week

-------- This is just an example --- we'll see how things go ------------

The amount of $ of the upvote also depends on steemprice and how many people delegate

Click below to easy delegate:
[delegate 10 SP] [delegate 20 SP] [delegate 50 SP] [delegate 100 SP] [delegate 200 SP] [delegate 500 SP] [delegate 1000 SP] [delegate 2000 SP] [delegate 5000 SP] [delegate 10000 SP] [delegate 50000 SP] [delegate custom amount]'


  • S-city + integration paying with STEEM in shop
  • Removed JSE-coin mining for optimal experience


I am looking for a dev to help me with some code involving using the postingrole of a loginsession without the need of players submitting their scores to fill in the postingkey.
I had a tutorial found for PHP But the server doesn' support Phar extentions neither a php composer.
Any help with this would be appreciated.


  • looking for someone who knows how to parse the blockchain for transactions to check if a purchase went trough and to fetch data.

Resteem this post and get an upvote from @brothermic


Been screwing around in the game and there is a ton of potential. Wish all of this was that easy in real life!

Can't wait to see where this goes!

game wow!!!

Suena Bien este proyecto del juego!! buenisimo que a la misma vez que juegas puedas ganar steem

Thanks a lot for sharing this info with us and for your advice about the quality of content.
It's one of the most important things for Steemit platform success is the quality, as if there is a high-quality content that will attract more audience and more entrepreneurs and agencies to start using steemit and promote their products here as they do on other platforms such as Instagram or Reddit.
Congratulation! for this success :)

wow this is awesome, all done resteem

this sounds quite interesting @steemitgoldminer ! I might try it out soon , im just short on time right now , moving soon ! upped and resteemed !👍✌😄

Cool! enjoy the game :)

Thanks . Will see👍😊

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i really don't understand how the "Fights" section works :( because I just press the start button to begin the fight and a message just appear after 3 seconds saying i lose it. :( can you please enlighten me with this? @steemitgoldminer @brothermic

you are responding to me after my comment , you will need to comment in the post itself as I have never even tried the game before. 👍😊

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sorry but there's no such reply button directly for the post so I hit yours :(

Ok no worries 😊👍👌

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You have to decide if you start the fight against that specific player. Depending on your stats and items you either have a small, verage or big chanse to win the fight. It is displayed. If you have a small chanse to win because the player has stronger abilities or weapons, you better click the button 'search for another player'. If you win, you win money + gold + respect.

aaah i see .. okay, so I'll just have to wait .. thank you so much for the response :)

Resteemed and joined :)

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This sounds awesome, resteemed

Very nice game! I think this game have to be voted XD

Interesting! Gonna have to check these games out 🙂

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cant post my results from minigames, why? is it because hf20?

should be. Let me test it, you need to login to the gamepage first on games.php.

This game broke, today some people and me saw growing gold and money without doing anything...

after working on the levelsystem, gold and money and levels where 'flipping' so I did a reset. It is fixed now.

Indeed, that's the whole concept of @steemitgoldminer :)

Es una excelente oportunidad de mantener los integrantes de Steemit activos en distintos mini juegos y buena estrategia de enganchar nuevos participantes a la comunidad de Steemit.. buena suerte

Make real ether while destroying your opponents.
Chibi Fighters is a brutally fun and addicting game.

Come check out Chibi Fighters

Cool! enjoy the game :) keep it up :)

I love the idea but why the website looks like from early 90s :P

Lol, you think so :) It was intended to give mobile users the ability to get a nice view on smarthphone aswell :)

he whole idea is very good, the structure and distribution of the striking content in addition to the possibilities ..
inside the game !excellent!

Cool Sounds interesting.

I'm on the leaderboard already! I'm absolutely loving this browser game. Spent part of the day figuring out how it works because I love video games. This is the most promising video game built on Steem so far. Reminds me of similar simulation games on Facebook. So much potential here, best of luck to the @steemitgoldminer team!

interesting publication

wow perfect that sounds very cool and it looks very interesting I will try it thanks for your contribution greetings

I’m gonna try this out as soon as I get on a laptop! The mini games look fun

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Very Nice post <3 . Following you :)

Wow, I participate right now, too share with you my contest post for 100 STEEM in Prizes

great oppurtunity to earn steem, thank you

I just entered the game. looks nice :)

game time !

Its wonderful <3

Will the winners be selected at random or will their progress in the game have some effect too?

winners can be checked on the leaderboard :) ---> most respect etc...

oh ok thanks! Do I have to log-in to my steemit account somewhere in the s-city settings too or is it just based on the username? (i made my name the same name as my Steemit account)

not necesary, ony for the minigames you need to be logged-in for posting scores on steemit :)

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Looks nice, another great game after goldminer

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Love to play.... resteem already thanks

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Super interesting At this moment it is quite late, but tomorrow I will start without fail. It will be the first game of its kind in which I will register

Great site!
I have a question, though.
I started playing S-city, but forgot to write down my password.
Is there a way to retrieve it?

nope no way to retrieve your password

Guauuu muy bueno que premien a los de mayor billete y también a lo de mayor respeto. Me anoto!!!!!!!

Me parece muy buenisima idea, mientras jugamos podemos estar ganando no sólo STEEM sino votos ascendentes. Sin duda tendrá exitos con aquellas personas que le apasionan los videojuegos... y más porque lo pueden hacer desde sus teléfonos inteligentes y tablets estén donde estén. Éxitos

Nice game dear, keep it up

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I´m in, making my first steps in the game right now!!

This game sounds fun! I'm going to give it a try. Will it continue to receive updates be expanded upon?
Upvoted and resteemed!

yes it will get updates regulary

I have a question... why the site is http: not https: (secured)?

Posted using Partiko Android

I'll make sure as soon as possible that it becomes https :), i need to buy an extra package on the server for that.

That's good to here that.
But it make people uneasy to use the website (unsecured).
Hope you understand.

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Very good game!! I m playing, working, buying, thinking!! :)

ok Im going to play this game and maybe earn some money :)

defenitly do so :)

To whom it may concern, my account password has been changed and I can no longer log in to my account. What has happened? Why is this happening?

Wow it's interesing, i register righ now ;)

Keep the upvote, this is legendary!! I will advertise it in articles for you after playing it in some weeks or so.. If you would like?!

Sure, a little advertisement would be in its place :) thanks alot!

Thanks for replying, you reminded me to venture more into it! Its just dam amazing that this is all taking off, and even SMTs arnt even here yet :) I feel like everythings going so fast that we shall be waiting for the mass adoption to arrive at the party for a while lol :)

Exited to go check it out!

Sounds fun, i'll give a try :D

hii @steemitoldminer, I want to play it.

Hello @steemitgoldminer, I have learned by chance from these games and have played my first game. Great thing. Something was missing! I will come more often.

Nice one, well resteemed

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