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Fellow Smartsteemians,

We are just putting out a short announcement to let everyone know we are back to business as usual. @smartsteem has recovered it’s voting power, now called mana, and is back online.

We have already resumed vote selling through our system for a few days now, as you may have noticed but many vote-sellers needed to wait for their voting capacity to replenish before jumping back on the train tracks.

So if you're in need of promotion, Smartsteem.com is there for you again.

Now, before we end this post, there are 2 important changes.

1.) Are you powering down?

One of the new changes for Steem is that Steempower for the current week that is powered down, isn't able to be used for vote-selling.

That means, if you have 1000 SP and are currently powering down 500 SP, then you're only able to sell your vote worth 961.6 SP. The rest is only available if you stop the power-down.

2.) 15 minute post-age

Besides that, another change is that all (or parts) of the curation rewards before 15 minutes are being re-distributed to the reward-pool.

This is why @smartsteem as well as @smartmarket are only processing transfers once they are 15 minutes old. But fear not: if you send a transfer for promotion before the post is 15 minutes old, we will simply wait until the given time.

If you want to know all changes that came in HF20, check out our special HF20 lesson of Growing Smart with Smartsteem: https://steemit.com/smartsteem/@smartsteem/growing-smart-with-smartsteem-hf20-special-edition

To sum it up:

All operations are back to normal.

Thank you for your patience!

Team Smartsteem

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glad to hear that

That means, if you have 1000 SP and are currently powering down 500 SP, then you're only able to sell your vote worth 500 SP.

I haven't looked into this, but that isn't how it was documented to work, so might be a bug. As I understand the announcement you're only supposed to lose the VP of the current week's wroth of powerdown, not the entire 13.

As far as I can tell from the small accounts I have powering down, this is working correctly. An account with 1000 SP and powering down 500 should be voting with 961.6 SP. If you're seeing different behavior please let me know or file a github issue yourself.

Same thoughts on that. I think you only lose the amount of SP powered down for the week, but not the whole amount.

Yes, I agree with all of you, that only one week amount is effected for power down in vote value.
@therealwolf @smartsteem
Please, correct the amount of vote effective for only one week not complete power down amount. for your example the rest 961.5 SP is available for vote calculation.

Im having trouble with withdrawal. It says something about automatic payout.

Please help.

Good explanations here @therealwolf. Smartsteem has been the best for me and that's why I feel comfortable working with them.

I like the simplicity with the explanations of the new changes. You're doing a good job. Keep it up

Amazing. I was starting to get scared because I wasn't receiving my delegation daily payouts.

Thanks for the consistent updates during the hf20. Glad I can resume using the service

Thanks for the details Smartsteem best platform to prmote the posts and earn more steems i love smartsteem

Best curation service on the market imo. Good dividends, good support, provided by long-term active Steemit users. I'm happy to have what little SP I have left working for @smartsteem

Hello, how are you? Does anyone here know when the platform will return to normal? I read some post and I see that they say that it is as if the problems had been solved and I continue with limitations in the whole platform, can someone give me some kind of information corresponding to that ? sorry and thank you.

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