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in travel •  6 months ago

There was the very tall Buddha statue standing at the left side of the Palsang-jeon pagoda.
It is said that this statue had been made in Shilla dynasty more than 1400 years ago. But it was confiscated by Choson Dynasty to rebuild Gyeongbokkung palace which was fired ad destroyed during the Japanese invasion during 1592 -1597. That Buddha statue was used to make coin to buy the materials for rebuilding the palace.





I took several shoots from different directions.

It was ridiculous they destroyed more than 1000 years relics to prepare for money.
They destroyed the elder history to construct the new history.

This is the Maitreya Buddha, the future messiah in Buddhism.
So recently the Bronze statue was plated with gold, and it is said that 80kg gold was needed to plate.


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Actually it's a shame to hear they destroyed the history to build it again! Honestly that should not has happened! Anyway the new statue also looks so great and yeah with plated gold it looks so amazing! Great photography and thanks for sharing this great history with us!

Triple gems blessed you~

@slowwalker, Absolutely very spiritual photo clicks you caught from there. Statue of Maitreya Buddha in Beopjoo-sa Temple giving impressive feeling to me coz I'm real Buddhist. Long history indeed behind story there. How many feet of these statue?

This is a big statue and has a lot of history, thanks @slowwalker for giving the best and I can find out a little about the history of this statue.

Invaders always changing history to
His Story. ;(. Thanks for sharing @slowalker

let's get back to your post,that was realy a big money they spend on that statue. is that all gold colour i saw was gold plated?

just checking your account cause i did not seen your post and yes 5 days on your last italk to my self He is busy..

when i get back to my feed Boomm....there you go!😂😂

Thank you for awesome photos and lesson from history, I love topics about spirituality.

shines alike sun:)

Wow! That's so beautiful. Buddha statue always feels my heart with spirituality

The statue, of course, is beautiful, but why destroy something. After all, you could create a completely different statue, a completely new one. I often think that all religions are distorted in order to easily manage others (believers).

Статуя, конечно, красивая, но зачем что-то разрушать. Ведь можно было бы создать абсолютно другую статую, совершенно новую. У меня часто возникает мнение, что все религии искажены для того, чтобы было легко управлять другими (верующими).

This is really a very big statue of Lord Buddha.

The Maitreya Buddha does really looks nice and the Gold plating of 80kg was sure worth it :)

How much tall are we talking about ?

Wow is an awesome statue! And if it really sounds ridiculous to destroy historic relics to draw money and create new history, sometimes we ourselves do not understand the magnitude of our decisions and how they affect others

Interesting story behind that statue, as always the powerful people think about their priority in first instance and not about the heritage of the nation. Of course it is really good that the statue was rebuild and looks amazing, beautiful work and of course it must be a lot of expenses for gold plating too.

I do not know how it is in your country but in Europe many new build buildings even if they look good and stable but still not like the construction in the past, those ones that survived even two world wars.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for interesting and striking pictures of statues of Buddha.
It was very interesting to see how it looks now.
Always from your posts learn something new for yourself, @slowwalker

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Beautiful Buddha.

Dang, that is beautiful and HUGE. Didn't notice the people who look like ants at the bottom lol. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker ;)

Wow this is an awesome place!

So amazing pictures. It gives us a spiritual feeling...