BlockTrades processing Steem outputs again

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We ran out of resource credits yesterday due to a "series of unfortunate events" and that caused our ability to deliver Steem, SBD, delegations, and Steem account creations to be unreliable at best during that time. We added a warning on our site about it so that users would be notified that while we could accept Steem buys, our delivery of Steem-related outputs would be delayed until Monday.

But I'm happy to report that diligent efforts yesterday and today by our dev team enabled us to cut down that time considerably: we've successfully re-processed the failed output transactions at this point in time and we're back to full normal operation.

As a side note: A shout-out to @themarkymark who reported one minor bug in RC calculations for the current version of steemd code that enabled us to shave about 6 or 8 hours off our RC recovery time (and to the guy who told him about it, @matt-a I believe).

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Glad to hear. This service is wonderful!


This rc shit is killing for planktons like myself , I am not sure again what I am still doing on steemit! But the service from blocktrades has been awesome so far! But the exchange rates is alarming kindly review this please.


Prices for Steem vary widely across the net right now, because the exchanges (with the possible exception of gopax) haven't yet got their Steem wallets working again after the hard fork.

Our site analyzes those prices to determine what price to use, so we've had to make choices about which price we trust most during this disruptive period. We are using a price that seems to be the "consensus" price across the exchanges right now and it's on the low side of the total range.

Coinmarketcap is estimating considerably higher because it is mostly using Huobi's price (because they report the highest volume).

Long story short: if you agree with coinmarketcap's price, you should buy from us because we're selling it lower than coinmarketcap's price (and we can actually deliver the Steem, which few if any exchanges can do right now), so it's a great deal by that view.

On the other hand, if you want to sell your Steem, you might want to wait until you can transfer it to Huobi instead of selling it to us now, but I wouldn't place any bets on the prices being the same by the time they re-enable their deposits.


@blocktrades If I understand correctly, buying or selling steem with blocktrades, is a better option then the internal market?

Could you please confirm that trading with blocktrades is handled by you on an external exchange and not the internal market? So there is real price discovery.

If this is the case, I will switch to blocktrades for swapping SBD -> STEEM and STEEM -> SBD.

Thank you for your reply.



When you trade with us, you're trading directly with us, but we monitor prices on both exchanges and the internal market and our software selectively uses prices from all it's potential sources. I'm not currently following prices on the internal market, so I can't say if it's better or worse than the price on exchanges (the prices change too often for me to try to keep up with such things manually, we leave it to the software).

My best suggestion is to make the comparison using our price estimator versus the internal market price and see what gives you the best deal at any given time.


I agree yeah, totally, blocktrades is my favorite platform for alt coins exchange and it interacts with the btc and eth blockchain very well. I love it!


STEEM wallets on other exchanges have been down a full week before the fork. It had nothing to do with the fork.


Perhaps surprisingly, it had everything to do with the fork. The 12-hour outage of the Steem blockchain was caused by a bug in the code for HF 20 that caused some of the HF 20 rules to start too early (i.e. before the fork was supposed to happen). And this is what caused most of the exchange wallets to stop functioning. Since then, the exchanges have been trying to play catch up, in order to get functioning wallets.


I believe the exchange fee is 1%? That ain't bad!


that's better than many others.


I can understand and get info that blocktrades is a better option for buying or selling steem.thank you for your help for us.

Its good to see @blocktrades is keeping up in such trying times. your platform is an inspiration for @yensesa and its future goals!

good to know that:-)
I just want to ask regarding the 50% off sp delegation offer, when will the offer ends?

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It depends a bit on how the sale goes and also how the RC situation settles out. Right now, I'll keep it going till at least Friday of this week.


Copy that sir, Thank you :-)

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When accounts like @blocktrades with such Steem invested in Steem Power runs out of Resource Credits.. it once again tells us just how screwed up this hardfork actually is.


The problem we ran into was a bit unusual and not likely to affect most Steem users. We were claiming some of the "free account credits" using a 0.20.4 wallet and also watching our RC amount on steemed (which was running 0.20.5 but apparently hadn't fully replayed). So both were reporting the wrong amount of RC being used for the transaction (and it is a super-expensive transaction that costs far more RC than any other transaction). The other issue was that some witness outside of the top 20 were still running older versions of steemd that allowed these transactions thru, which allowed our RC to go negative. Fortunately, we stopped it before it went too far negative.

So can you still transfer through paypal.?

Date.. 2018 - 10-01 17:37:56 ... I have sent 40 steem from the steemit account to the metamask wallet with a memo..0xDC6c50fdbb6b3100a1eF06c97190CA1d7AC8D8AA ..for Ethereum ,, I have been waiting for the transfer, until now I not received ETH in my metamask... of the 40 steem that I sent via @blocktrades, please speed up the process of sending ETH to my wallet.

,,until this moment I have not been able to see the number of ETH on my Metamask wallet, thank you to checking ... return my shipping data.


ok .. thank you, l have received ETH in my Metamask wallet, thank you very much....@blocktrades

it's a great trade service :)

So I usually used exchanges to convert steem into other currencies, but with the exchanges being down and me needing to pay my bill I guess I'll be using blocktrades right now.

But before I do: Is there someone who can confirm right now that if I send Steem to blocktrades I will get for example BTC in a reasonable amount of time? And ideally, tell me what roughly will be that reasonable amount of time?

Thanks to anyone answering :)


Yes, they will send your BTC right after the transaction is confirmed...

Are there any changes to account creation planned?


We don't currently have any plans for changes, but if you have a suggestion, feel free to send it to

How were you able to make transfers when you had a negative RC? :O


Fortunately some witnesses were still letting transactions through without verifying the transactor had sufficient RC. The RC system doesn't require consensus, so if a producing node puts a transaction into the blockchain, the other nodes will accept the transaction even if their own internal calculations show that the transactor didn't have enough RC.

This enabled us to still do some Steem transactions, although at first only somewhat on an unreliable basis. We then increased the expiration time on our wallet transactions so that our transactions would last long enough to get included by one of those witnesses as a stopgap measure until we recovered enough RC (and that also allowed us to take advantage of the first-time power-down bug to get a bit more RC a bit quicker). Needless to say, we had a busy night yesterday.

The warning was not present when I purchased Steem. The transaction page showed the transaction as complete, but when the funds did not appear I figured it was because of my new account's lack of VP. Yesterday your site showed the warning, confirming what I suspected. Thanks for being reliable.


Yes, we didn't realize right away that we were out of RC because wasn't yet reporting correct RC values (it was reporting we still had about 40% available) and because some non-top 20 witnesses were still letting transactions through without verifying RC. The RC system doesn't require consensus, so if a producing node puts a transaction into the blockchain, the other nodes will accept the transaction even if their own internal calculations show that the transactor didn't have enough RC.


HF-20 threw us all for a loop, but as a blocktrades customer it's good to know things will get settled on relatively short order. This wasn't the first mishap I've seen but I'm perfectly happy with the outcome of both.

Cheers! 00x

Cool... I hope there soon more cool thing come up :)

wow.. glad to hear this information.

Your services are awesome

Hi @blocktrades..
My friend ask me,the steem/sbd that we buy for steem power delegations,are we get back our steem/sbd after 90days? Because my friend confused about that.
Thank you...☺️


No, you do not get back your Steem or SBD after the delegation is done. You pay for renting the delegation for a certain amount of time.


Thank you @valth for the fast respond...

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Good news!...:)...

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Thanks for all your hard work and getting me my steem😊

I used Blocktrades four days ago, and it worked good. Even I can say that it worked fast to me. I like the way it makes the exchange.

Blocktrades the solution so that the new accounts can have more actions and interactions on the platform, thanks to its delegation system for 90 days, personally I will be talking about this as the solution to new users, as they grow little by little , I hope the rc recover soon. With a minimum investment can be achieved more than 50 sp, which is what everyone begins to say that accounts have more freedom to publish.

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Вы с комиссией не охренели??????? ((((

@blocktrades I created a review post of your services yesterday. Hope that you enjoy it. Feel free to take a look here. Looking forward to your feedback 😀



.. Perhaps this is good news.. But I wonder who's hacking my account and send my steem directly to @blocktrades.. Not once but thrice..!

Epic job @themarkymark and @matt-a. You're savior. @blocktrades is processing steem outputs again is happy news. Thank You for the update. Steem On

Nice the service is still worked well,we are better now @blocktrades i was just late..dunggg...😊😊

Just dropping by to express my appreciation for your service, enabling me to easily exchange some Steem for BTS...




Thanks a lot for doing your work. I'm @clixmoney and this is my second account. I just voted for you as a witness. I'm building this community to make more collaborations in steem blockchain. We are now doing interviews, collaboration videos and building it step by step. I will always vote for the same witness with both accounts. Thanks for any suppot, we use all the earning to power up and upvote our members.

So can I do this?


The picture is pretty small, but I think the answer is yes.

hi my steem power not received
Transfer 0.019 SBD to blocktrades

Lovely service @blocktrades I hope you add more coins though.
Keep it up Sir!

amigo me puedes ayudar con un steem