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Steem Basic Income

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

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We are thrilled to see so many members holding contests to decide who to sponsor into Steem Basic Income. Great job, everyone!

Try to think about your submissions and reward these awesome hosts with quality submissions.

If you enjoy somebody’s contest format, check their feed for more, and follow them so that you don’t have to wait for our listing to come out!

If you want to see more contests before we mention them, check the #steembasicincome tag in Trending or New and see what's happening!

    Comment with your perfect last meal!

    Submit original artwork in the mythological theme (submissions accepted for two more days).

    Choose a topic for @ntowl to cover in her writing class.

    Choose from a list of topics and write an original post. Many prizes in this one, so don’t miss out!

    Post a #zapfic story on @zappl that follows the prompt!

    Post your own fictional version of the Legend of Hephaestus and the Lost Copper Skull.

    Share your dream travel (full upvote required for entry).

    Share some gratitude!

    Promote your post to win an upvote along with a potential share!

    Plant some flowers, then post about it! Keep the bees alive…

    Nominate another Steemian for SBI, and you could win sponsorship for both of you!

    One of my favorite contest formats! Create a curation post highlighting some quality articles from new Steemians.

    Share a comment about your favorite dinosaur.

    Week 12 of @f3nix’s finish the story contest! And with a twist… one of the prizes will be to the audience favorite.

    Read your tea leaves and share a post about it. This is a weird strange contest that you could have quite some fun with!


If you want to get involved, or to increase the share of basic income that you receive, enrollment is pretty straightforward:

Just send 1 STEEM to @steembasicincome. Include the name of a Steemian to sponsor in the transaction memo (preceded by @). You and the person you sponsor will each receive 1 share in the program. You can sponsor any active Steemian, it does not have to be a current member.

If you're unclear, please check out our full transaction memo guidelines and then let us know if you have any questions.

The official currency for enrollment is STEEM. We are not currently accept SBD for enrollments. The current delay on enrollment processing is 2-3 days.


Steem Basic Income is designed by @josephsavage, and developed in collaboration with @earthnation. We are grateful for their early support, both in brainstorming ideas for improvement and in providing funding for our massively complex automation requirements. Learn more about Earth Nation on their web page at


Please read our recently published FAQ. Most questions are addressed in our FAQ or in the additional resources that it suggests. If you still have questions, ask in the comments section or join us in our discord channel. To review your share counts, we explain our tracking sheet here.


I have a question. Currently I have 26 shares and I regularly upvote your posts. If I change my posting frequency to one post per week. How many % of upvote can I get from you.

Your weekly weight currently is about 30%, so if you posted only once a week, it would gradually move toward that number. We use a 4-week average in addition to 1 week actual post count, as a protection against people going inactive for a week and then posting a lot before we can adjust their weight back down.

You have collected your daily Power Up! This post received an upvote worth of 0.34$.
Learn how to Power Up Smart here!

Hi! Is there an easy way for me to enroll two people with 1 STEEM instead of taking one for myself? I’m giving out shares in a contest and I’d like to award more prizes. I know I could just send the STEEM to one person to enroll the other but it would be great to be able to do it by myself. Thanks for all you’re doing!

That's a use-case I didn't think to add to our data model, so I will have to make the adjustments manually. Send the names with a colon in between like this: @sbi3:@sbi2 and we will assign both shares to the sponsored parties instead of assigning one to you.

Great, thanks so much! I will do that when the contest ends on Sunday. Hope it’s not a huge bother.

Hmmm cool!
I like this solution, I might employ it in the future

I was wondering the same thing, thanks for a great question @malloryblythe and thank you for clearing this up @steembasicincome.

Great that you make these lists @steembasicincome!

I have a contest/drawing for SBI shares running right now to celebrate reaching 200 followers.

Thanks for all you do!


Fun! I posted a dinosaur to your brother's post. :-)

I got this one, but apparently the formatting was botched so it looked like it was text after the list. I fixed the formatting so that it's numbered correctly.

Hi @steembasicincome ! You forgot mine again, it's open for 1 day left ! I will renew it each week !

I checked it out. I'm not a gamer, but it looked like a cool, ongoing contest.

I think I might have skipped it because it had so little time left. I will try not to miss it next time.

Thank you for including my contest! I appreciate it so much! 🤗 i love SBI!

Wow! Lots of great contests.
We just posted one last night, a fun one involving a gypsy fortune teller. Could you please include it on the list? Thanks!

I don't like bananas, but I added your contest anyway.

You don't like bananas?

Do you mean you don't like them as a food, or you don't like cute little banana characters who make jokes and run contests?

p.s. Thanx for adding us!

As a food. Really it's just the flavor... and the smell... and the texture. There is nothing to like about a banana. But what you're doing is great!

You know what they say... There's some fruit for everyone. 🍒 🍏 🍉

I run a weekly nature identification thread that pays out prizes in sbi shares, I'll need to start tagging it steembasicincome!

I try to also check mentions to not miss any, but sometimes they still slip through.

Thank you for listing the new contests. Time to get busy entering. 👍👍

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Requested by @steembasicincome

We have announced the winners from last weeks contest and started a new one, it is a creative writing contest we hope it can be shared, we love to help build the members of @steembasicincome

I also started a new contest today. You can find it here :)

Thanks for sharing! Trying to get a new list out, but it takes a long time to go through all the posts that mention @steembasicincome and pick out the contests.

Released on: May 14th

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nice job

Havent win any contest with SBI yet.. hope will win some

an initial success for the winners ,, congratulations !!!

What kinds of contest are you arranging.i like your thinking

I wish to congratulate the winners of the contest

Thanks for sharing for various contest @steembasicincome. Keep it up

Shared on my blog so other can read and know @steembasicincome.

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