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Hello, fellow minnows!

This is a repost of our first beta announcement. This post was made to include some extra information that was missing from the first post. We have been successfully running the bot for three weeks now and everything has gone without a hitch. So we are removing the beta tag from the service and reintroducing @MinnowPowerUp - how to Power Up the smart way and earn up to 30% more STEEM!


By receiving delegated STEEM POWER (SP), one can get more STEEM from upvotes than they could by directly powering up. The idea is for minnows to harness the full potential of their delegated SP by pooling it up with the community in order to increase the potential payout of any single vote and thus bypassing the 10 votes per day requirement. This is the definition of Powering Up Smart!

A quick rundown:

  • Send 4 STEEM per share to @MinnowPowerUp.
  • All the STEEM will go into buying SP delegations from @minnowbooster (1 share = 150 SP).
  • Get daily upvotes for 29 days, proportional to your shares.
  • In total, you will receive upvotes with up to 30% more worth than you would have received by powering up directly

How to Power Up Smart?

Delegations is the new way of leasing lots of STEEM POWER (SP) for a limited time. Now this SP can be used to upvote posts with far greater worth than a starting minnow would otherwise be able to. This is all made possible thanks to the hard work of @minnowbooster and the @buildteam who have built the STEEM delegation marketplace allowing for minnows to connect to the whales in the community.

Now lets talk about numbers. Right now, the most beneficial rate at the market is 1 STEEM per 150 SP for 4 weeks, meaning that you have to pay 4 STEEM upfront and then receive 150 SP for the duration of 28 days.

For simpler calculations, lets say You use their service for 20 STEEM and get 750 SP for 28 days. One person can have a maximum of 10 upvotes at full voting power a day. At 750 SP, one upvote is worth $0.10 and thus 10 upvotes would be worth $1.00 ($1.02 actually due to rounding). This means that in 28 days your maximum potential payout is $28 or 25.5 STEEM (Price of STEEM is $1.10 at the time of writing this post). That is an whopping 30% more than the 20 STEEM you put in. Lets recap:

20 STEEM --> 750 SP --> $0.1 * 10 votes * 28 days = $28 --> 25.5 STEEM

You can check out more in our in depth post about profit calculations.

When you power up through the steemit system, you are trading away your STEEM for SP at the rate of 1:1 - that is 20 STEEM will earn you 20 SP. But when you are only posting 100% powered up posts and self-voting using delegated SP then you can think of is as another way of powering up, but with interest.

This is how you power up smart!

  • Delegations can give you a lot of SP for small amounts of STEEM
  • Upvoting with delegeted SP will give You up to 30% more SP than regular powering up

Why use @MinnowPowerUp?

The problem with the aforementioned calculations is that it requires You to make 10 posts per day and upvote them exactly at 100% voting power. This is not humanly feasible unless you make a lot of useless posts and sit at Your computer 24/7. We all need to sleep ;)

This is where the idea of a delegation pool comes in. @MinnowPowerUp will pool the delegations of multiple users together and thus will reach the level where each user will only have to post once a day and get the full days worth of upvotes with a single vote. Pooling up delegations is the only way to reliably realize the full power of your delegated SP!

In addition, @MinnowPowerUp will only make 100% powered up daily report posts with all the proceedings going into the SP pool. This means that over time our upvote worth will only go up and you will earn even more with each day!

@MinnowPowerUp is also an upvote bot which means that it can maximize the voting power of an account for 24 hours a day. By subscribing to the service, you can be assured that your posts are gonna get upvoted at the right time without the hassle of keeping your eye at the voting power meter.

But maybe the most useful benefit is that Your own voting power will remain untouched keeping You free to upvote Your friends and favorite steemians. This means that You can keep on engaging with the community as You always do without the need to change your voting habits.

  • By pooling up delegations, You can receive Your full delegation value with only one post per day
  • @MinnowPowerUp reports will be 100% powered up and add to the pools total
  • Using @MinnowPowerUp upvote bot guarantees optimal voting power while leaving you free to contribute to the community

How does @MinnowPowerUp work?

The basis of @MinnowPowerUp is a share based subscription system with the minimum cost of 4 STEEM per 1 share for 29 days. All the received STEEM is forwarded to the @minnowbooster delegation marketplace to add Your delegated SP to the pool.

Each day (starting at 00:00 UTC) the bot will calculate yesterdays total shares and assign an upvote weight based on the number of shares You have bought. This daily "reset" is necessary to assure that the bot can manage its voting power accordingly and keep things fair for everybody no matter at what time the share was bought. Then it will go over all of yesterdays posts and comments (with blog posts preferred) and starts to upvote them in randomly chosen order. Keep in mind that due to the daily nature of the bot, only posts made a day prior are voted on.

Every share is valid for 29 days. The reason for this is because the delegation marketplace orders are not instantly filled and take up to, on average, 1 day to be executed. Thus the 29 days is calculated based on the 28 day delegation with 1 day delay. This means that You are expected to get the value of Your delegation spread over 29 days as other users will receive upvotes with Your delegation on their extra day and vice versa.
Right now, there are no plans to enable different delegation lengths as 4 weeks is most commonly used, but it is something that can be considered in the future.

The order of chosen posts are selected randomly to promote fairness due to market orders. As it can not be predicted when a market order would be filled, the worth of votes later in the day would usually be higher than the earlier ones. The random order would make it as a small lottery who gets to go last.

Finally, each day the bot will upvote its powered up report post with 50% weight to ensure that the SP pool is always growing and attract more people to the system. Our target voting power is set to 99.5% to ensure that everything works smoothly but also at peak efficiency.

  • @MinnowPowerUp will upvote Your posts based on the number of shares bought
  • 1 share costs 4 STEEM and gives You 29 days of upvote subscription with 150 SP delegated power added to the pool

As a launch gift, @MinnowPowerUp acquired a modest delegation of 750 SP for the first 28 days, free of charge!

How to use @MinnowPowerUp?

Using @MinnowPowerUp is very easy and made in a similar vein to @minnowbooster. To buy shares just send at least 4 STEEM to @MinnowPowerUp. No memos needed. Just open your wallet and select transfer:

Then enter @minnowpowerup as the recipient and insert the amount of shares You wish to buy multiplied by 4 in STEEM. Keep in mind that one share costs 4 STEEM and the shares are not dividable:

Although You can not buy fraction of a share, we will reimburse everybody who have sent us an amount not dividable by 4 so You don't need not to worry about it that much.

In addition, You can queue up your favorite posts from yourself or Your friends by sending us 0.001 SBD with the memo: "Post-steemit-link" (e.g. memo: ""). Please send only 1 link per transaction. This option can also be used to tip some of Your favourite posts with Your delegated SP. The only requirement for this feature is that You have bought valid shares with us. On the next day, the bot will prioritize its upvotes on these featured posts.

Keep in mind that we accept only STEEM for subscription. SBD is not accepted as its value is not tied to the STEEM price and would require us to readjust our subscription price daily. But there is an easy way to trade between the two. Below we will shortly explain how to buy STEEM for SBD.

Right now, Blocktrades (the "BUY" button in steemit wallet) is not trading STEEM and SBD pair. So there are two options to trade STEEM for SBD:

  • Use an outside exchange to get STEEM.
  • Use the steemit marketplace for trading between STEEM and SBD.

If You are willing to use an outside exchange for trading then You can follow this guide.
The other option is to use steemit own marketplace to quickly buy STEEM from other steemit users. For this, You need to go into Your wallet and click on the STEEM number. Use the dropdown menu to access the "MARKET" like shown here:

Next, You will be welcomed by the marketplace window:

This marketplace window shows the current buy and sell orders on the market between the SBD and STEEM pair. To buy STEEM, click on the highest sell order. This will automatically fill the upper-left "price" window with that price. Next, You need to fill in the amount of STEEM you need and press "BUY STEEM". If Your price is the same as the highest sell order, You should receive the requested STEEM into your wallet instantly.

Some caveats

So these are some things to watch out with @MinnowPowerUp:

This service is mostly targeted at minnows. It is not a get rich quickly scheme. All of the delegations are at the mercy of the delegation marketplace and the amount of SP people are willing to delegate. So sending 1000 STEEM in the hopes of large returns may not work as the order might not be filled. We would like to start growing the pool small and then see about finding dedicated delegators.
On the same note, if you wish to use @MinnowPowerUp as a self-voting tool, then you might want to fill these marketplace orders yourself to get your STEEM investment back!

The promised 1 post per day is only valid if You own less than 10% of the total shares for the day, as it is impossible for the bot to vote with more than 10% daily voting power on one post. Therefore we have also enabled upvoting on comments so that You can leave couple of extra comments and still get all the upvotes. This will be most crucial at the beginning of the project as we expect only few new subscribers per day. Make sure to promote @MinnowPowerUp so that the total number of users would grow more quickly and the votes would be spread out more evenly. To see the total number of shares bought, check out @MinnowPowerUp daily summary post about some statistics on the pool.

Due to the daily nature of the bot, only posts from a prior day will qualify for upvotes. This means that, as a new minnow, You are encouraged to engage daily with the community!

Although @MinnowPowerUp is strictly an upvote bot like @randowhale and @minnowbooster, we hope that the subscription based system would be something new where the post values are more evenly distributed and thus make Your presence in the steemit community more noticeable. You can also use this service as Your private tipping pool by sending in Your favorite posts and spreading the love.


Hi @minnowpowerup / @kromosoom,

I wanted to point out to you an error in your description, see below if I am mistaken:

should be 4 Steem.JPG
It should read '4' Steem

Cheers! @dj123

Thank You, it is a mistake. It should read "1 STEEM per 150 SP per week for 4 weeks." Luckily, the next part of the sentence is correct.

You're welcome @kromosoom,

Still I'm wondering how we can verify the calculation is fairly distributed in minnowpowerup.

I mean how do we know:

  • % of shared vote is equal
  • % of vote for comment vs. post
  • % of curation vote that will be received, is that factored into the upvote calculation?

Can you share the code for the calculation, or just point the opensource at github so all of us can see for ourselves.

Thanks again for the transparency.


We will not put the code up on github to avoid similar bots cropping up over steemit as happened with Dr Otto bots. As for knowing if the calculations are fair, it is all on the blockchain: every transaction that was made with our account (received and sent STEEM) and every upvote we have ever made.
It is possible to calculate the number of shares from the transactions, the total votes made on any day and how they are distributed in comparison with the shares subscribed to. It is all public information that is not possible to hide.
The posts are chosen before starting the upvotes. Blogs are preferred to comments meaning that if no blogs are made the prior day, comments will be chosen and if there were no comments also, the votes will be distributed among all other valid users so no voting power will go to waste. And the curations will be added to the total pool along with the 50% vote on our daily powered up post.

in short:

  • Subscribers are read directly from the blockchain using the total amount of STEEM paid in last 29 days
  • Weights are distributed to subscribers based on total shares bought
  • Posts are searched from the previous day and the total weight of the subscriber is distributed among their posts.
  • Weights are redistributed based on missing posts
  • Voting list is made from all viable posts with voting weights and is randomly shuffled
  • The voting strength of the bot is checked every 40 seconds and if it's over the voting threshold, next post is chosen from the list and is voted on

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.

- Albert Einstein

Wise Old man how you earned number 4 reputation level...? Kindly guide me too...

Start your account recovery process immediately, you've been hacked.

wisee ass sentence.

Resteemed your article. This article was resteemed because you are part of the New Steemians project. You can learn more about it here:

NB! As an launch gift, @MinnowPowerUp has acquired a modest delegation of 750 SP for the first 28 days, free of charge!
Explain this for me please

This has been added to the pool already. Has been there from the launch in August. So every upvote for the first 28 days are a little bit bigger due to this delegation. But this promotion is about to end in a week

Tell me is this still working can I send 4 steem and get upvots every day? @minnowpowerup

It is still working, I have received upvotes from the first day, every day. Your STEEM will be used to get more SP so you will receive your upvotes for the whole duration of the delegation

How do you calculate curation rewards? @minnowpowerup
20 STEEM --> 750 SP --> $0.1 * 10 votes * 28 days = $28 --> 25.5 STEEM

20STEEM --> 750 SP --> $0.1 * 0.75(minus curation rewards)*10votes * 28days=$21--> 19.1 STEEM
Is it right?

I paid 28 Steem for 7 shares. I am getting $1.33 per upvote per day for 29 days. So it looks like I am going to get $37.41 at this rate for my $28 Steem spent. Very good return of 34% per month. so far. :)

do you forget curation reward -25%

Cool so you just pay the steem to that @minnowpowerup? You don't need to put something in the reference?

Hi @mxzn, I did not consider the curation awards in my calculations. After curation rewards I will get $28.06 for spending $28. This is disappointing as we are back to break even and there is thus no return on investment. :(

What are the other members getting after curation rewards?

Just buy more delegation power by self it will be more effectively ;)

Worst is you pay in steem and sbd price changes overtime. So it has the potential for a major upset.

I was about to ask the same. Curation rewards change everything! This could actually be considered scam for hiding that info. Most minnows don't consider that, get excited and get into the trap :s

15 minutes reading and trying to understand all this during my lunch break = destroyed in 10 seconds reading your post.

U.u could be worse! At least you didn't lose any SBD.
Btw, my comment which you upvoted was made 20 days ago. Please remove the upvote so you can vote something else n.n a post should be upvoted onlh 6days12hours after being published. Also I recomend you to read about Voting Power :)
Have a nice day!

oh "remove the upvote"? that request looks bad I think.. :D ...
I guess you should accept all 'likes' as good intentions, even if no money is going to it...

Oh but it's not for me. The person who upvotes loses voting power, the upvote should go to something that will actually count. If it has been paid out a comment is enough to thank and express good intentions, or upvote something newer from the author. This needs balance between feelings and strategy. For example, you can remove the upvote from my 12 days old comment and upvote this one xD or upvote something else in steemit. Because upvoting something that has been paid out doesn't reward any part.
You are new here I can see... Maybe you will change your mind after a.few weeks n.n

Thank you ;) You should accept peoples likes to want to like you and your opinions here; it is not always about the money, and I guess you do not lose power like'ing posts that are over 7 days, but anyway I will investigate it further. Althougth you are beeing generous to the person that gave you an upvote is kinda a "turn off" ... unless that is your true intention (say to the guy 'go away' you are bothering me) it is 'gentler' if you be so kind and accept all 'likes' everyones want to give you by own decision making or "Free will"... xD

Quiero arrendar SP por un mes... Alguien de habla hispana, me puede guiar en el proceso ?
Muchas gracias

Hola! Piénsalo muy bien porq aqui no conviene debido a las curation rewards, al final ni ganas nada :s no sé si en minnowbooster sí, necesitas tener una estrategia de curación primero.

Thanks for the info

The delegation amount is now 185 SP (up from 150 SP) per share and thus the upvote worth will also increase by 23%

at first you will need steem to transfer it to you. Not having bitcoins or steem i can not participate ?


Unfortunately, that is true. But You don't need bitcoin to buy STEEM. When Your posts have earned enough upvotes, You can exchange Your acquired SBD into STEEM using the marketplace.

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