Steem Basic Income - Membership Update: Pulling Back the Screen

Steem Basic Income

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

Pulling Back the Screen

I'm going to do something a little different for the membership update today. Instead of copying in and publishing the list of names and share counts, I'm going to provide View Only access to the full sheet. This will also enable members to see what's happening with bonuses, upvote weights, etc.

Membership List Sheet

Understanding the Document

The rest of this update will break down what is happening with the calculations, and what each field represents.


The first thing to notice is that the page has multiple tabs. The SBI tabs contain the membership lists from each pool. The data tab has the supporting information from daily data pulls that support our calculations. If you're looking for your name in the list, you need to do search (ctrl + f) in each of the pool tabs. Please check all three tabs if you don't see yourself in the first page you check!

Share Counts

The 'Shares' column is the column that most members will be using the most. It shows how many shares you are registered for, based on total enrollment transactions received. This is the column you should check to verify that our count matches your expectation.


The 'Bonus' column shows shares that members have received from delegation. In a couple of cases, larger supporters have opted to temporarily assign some of their shares to other members. These adjustments are also tracked in the Bonus column. (This is only available to supporters with at least 25 shares, so we have not previously announced or explained it.)

Upvote bonuses

Upvote bonus calculations happen in the next three columns. The Upvote column shows each members upvote frequency. It represents upvotes received by the @steembasicincome account over the last 28 days, divided by the upvote target of 1 per share. It is fixed to not exceed 100%.
Formula =min(iferror(vlookup(B2,Data!F:G,2,false)/28,0),1)
The Upvote Weight column shows the average weight each member upvoted @steembasicincome by over the last 28 days. It shows as 0 if no upvotes were received. If it is less than 100 and the member has upvoted more than 28 times, it is adjusted upward (as high as 100) to compensate for the extra upvotes. Formula=max(iferror(vlookup(B4,Data!F:H,3,false),0), iferror(vlookup(B4,Data!F:H,3,false),0) * iferror(vlookup(B4,Data!F:G,2,false)/28,0))

Adjusted Shares

Adjusted shares are the end result after adding all adjustments (effective shares).
Formula=(H2+I2)(1+J2K2/100) = (Shares + bonus shares) * (1+%upvoted+%Upvote weight)

% of Shares and Weekly Upvote Weight

Within each pool, the member's Adj Shares are divided into the total number of effective shares, to identify the percentage held by that member. This is multiplied by 7000 to determine the total weekly upvote weight assigned to the member.

Frequency and Vote Strength

Frequency 1 and Frequency 2 are different measures of the member's posting frequency. Frequency 1 is weekly average over 28 days (total posts in last 28 days, divided by 7). Frequency 2 is the member's actual posting frequency in the last 7 days. A green square indicates the member had not posted within 7 days (as of the last data pull). For the upvote weight per post calculations, we use the greater of the 2 frequencies to protect against member's varying their posting patterns to to game the system. Vote strength is then calculated by dividing their weekly weight across their posting frequency. It is capped at 100 per post, since we cannot upvote a post at greater than 100%
Formula = min(N2/max(O2,P2),100) = weekly weight / (max of frequency 1 and frequency 2), capped at 100

The Rest

The remaining columns are used to support more convenient usage of the data to manually manage the weights in steemvoter. Per Post at the beginning is the same value as Vote Strength. It is Rounded off in 'Rounded'. Prev. Round shows the weight the member currently has configured in @steemvoter service. Chg shows how much it needs to change by, and is highlighted if a change is needed. Since @steemvoter rules have to be maintained manually, we use this to quickly identify which rules need changed.
Days Inactive shows how many days it has been since a member's last post (only populated for inactive agents). This may be highlighted for movement into a lower pool if the member has been inactive for too long. Currently there is a 30 day threshold for pool 1, and 60 for pool 2. We will start removing member's that have been inactive for longer than 180 days.
The shares column is highlighted if the count has changed since the last member update. Since we are now printing this sheet, we will clear the highlighting more frequently. In the future, it will be highlighted if the count has changed since the last time that member's voting weight was validated.

Per Post colors

Some members may show a pink or green shading in Per Post. Pink means the member is flagged for movement down into the next pool. The calculations show that their voting weight per post would be below 0.50% in their existing pool. Green means the member is tagged for potential movement into a higher pool as spaces become available.

Pending Registrations

I am deliberately posting this at a point where there are multiple pending registrations. Currently these show at the bottom of the SBI2 tab. These registrations have been captured from the transaction history, but not configured in @steemvoter yet. They have to be added to the list for the data pull prior to being fully processed. The names are only listed for members that do not have previous shares. If you are already enrolled and sponsor another existing member, we update the shares for both of you in 'Shares' column and code it yellow. The yellow will be removed the next time voting weights are rebalanced and your shares are confirmed to be accurate.

Adjustment Frequency

Since voting weights are maintained manually in @steemvoter, and we have a lot of members, we can't update every single member's voting weight instantaneously, or even every time new enrollments are processed. I systematically upvote member weights as frequently as I have available time. Depending on whether I have time for a full pass or a few quick adjustments, I may prioritize updating members with larger adjustments (shown in Chg column).

Steem Basic Income Enrollment

If you want to join Steem Basic Income... Send 1 STEEM to @steembasicincome. Include in the comments the name of a Steemian that you would like to sponsor. You and the person you sponsor will each receive 1 share in the program and receive regular upvotes on your posts.


We broke down the mechanics for how the program works in the complete overview. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments section or join us in our Discord room.


I was wondering if you could transfer my SBI shares to @profanreviews?

Please submit request by 0.001 transaction to @steembasicincome so we can maintain audit trail in the appropriate systems.


@chronocrypto I can't see my name in the list. :( As far as I remember, I had recieved 2 shares. I'll text on discord too.

It can take up to a week for enrollments to be processed.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the concept because I like it. I have one share in pool 9. Does that mean I get 0.0118 steem a week? I tried figuring out the spreadsheet but I'm not sure I understand the mechanics of the concept fully. How much do you need to upvote for it to affect your adjusted shares? Mine is currently 31.25% and adjusted shares are still set as 1.

I'm trying to decide if I should save up for more shares for me and my friend, but I have to understand it first :) Hope you don't mind the beginner questions :)

If you have 1 share and 31.25% bonus, that's 1.31, which still will round to show as 1. The upvote value will be based on the full 1.31, but you might not see the difference in your voting value at that level.

Thank you for explaining it to me :)

Thank you! I found myself !! If you consider that all this you do manually .... it's a titanic work! I am impressed! I myself consider the tables of the value of various goods ... but not so much. I hope that you will find options to facilitate your work. Thanks again!

Everything is manual except for the actual vote delivery, but setting the weights for each member in that system is also manual. We are about to start testing on our new system for automated enrollments, and then the rest of the development will follow. Moving steadily toward full automation, and then I can focus on community-building and designing new features.

Friend of mine enrolled my lately to your program and I must admit that Im also impressed with results of your work. People like you inspire.

Thanks for your time and effort,

Why is my name not on the list?

The page has multiple tabs. Your name is on the tab labelled 'SBI3'.

Thank you for your reply. How do I move up to SBI?

We can only slot 500 people into each pool, and the first two are at capacity, so all new members are put into SBI3 right now. As members become inactive, they get moved down and spaces become available to move up. We also look at posting frequency and seek to put every member in the pool where their weekly voting weight can be spread across their posts and not result in too small an upvote for our voting software to handle.
That means that increasing your share count can increase the likelihood of moving up. The green highlighting on your per post weight means that you qualify to move up a pool as spaces become available. You would probably need to increase your share count to move up more than one pool.
When we fully automate, there will be a new balancing system (posting frequency will be less important than it is now), and existing members will be shuffled again. There is no guarantee that moving up now would result in staying in the higher pool after the new system, but having more shares will still improve your likelihood of moving up.

Very interesting system you have set up. I was just asking myself this same exact question and I saw that you already answered it. Thanks! If you don't have a faq you should make one and add this for sure.

I have an FAQ in progress.

Thank you for the info. I'll try to get more shares thanks

For mobile phone users, is there a way to search the spreadsheet if you don't have a cntr-F button?

I don't know whether your mobile phone supports a search feature. I don't have a good key to searching the sheet otherwise. You're currently on the SBI2 page, in the grouping marked '75' (that number is just a quick reference for me to find members in Steemvoter configuration more easily - or in this case for you to find yourself on the page more easily!)

Thanks for the assistance. Appreciated.

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Thanks I'm very pleased I found my name! The rest is way over my head, !

That's okay, you found the part that matters!

Smart idea to just have the spreadsheet available for everyone to look at. Thanks. Can I ask, how long after a share purchase will the partner be notified usually?

We try to process enrollments once each day. Partners are only notified of their first share, but we continue to update their numbers for all subsequent shares.

So if someone purchased another share for me, I would never know who it was?

You can always check in our transaction history. It's a public blockchain!

Very useful info, though Im trying to read it on a phone...dizzy and crosseyed!

Even I don't read it on a phone! That's why sometimes in discord I will say that I will check something when I get back to my computer. I often check the discord on breaks at work or on my commute.

I only use Steemit and discord on my phone and it certainly can get frustrating and even stops me from doing some things. On discord I can’t even send a direct message as on the iPhone the keyboard covers the send button and I don’t know how to make the keyboard disappear

Wow, that does sound incredibly frustrating!

Im trying to do everything mobile and charged from the sun. Sometimes though I do use a laptop. I think Ill have to for this lol.

Its tricky using Discord too wothput my good glasses!

I'll give you the highlights, then. You are in pool 1 and you have 10 shares and 4 bonus shares from delegation. You've hit 42.86% of the upvote times target (target is 28 per month) and your average upvotes is 73%. That gives you a bonus of 32.29%, or roughly 18 effective shares. Your weekly voting weight is 48.64%. Distributed across your 15 posts per week, that's a per post upvote of 3.24% which rounds to a 3% upvote on each post.

Thank you for the delegation! I hope you're enjoying your regular upvotes.

Awesome! Ill be delegating some more SP soon too!

Thank you for your time and hard work. Your explanation of the document couldn't be any clearer. Thanks so much! : )

That's super useful, thanks for posting it! Going to be sponsoring some more members soon, too.

@steembasicincome (57) this was helpful in understanding how steam basic income works thanks for the numbers 🎶🍰☺️

Thank you for the breakdown. I do plan on adding more members to SBI!

How can I find a sponsor? I provide good work on here and if someone wants to possibly sponsor me I'd appreciate it. Here's my latest article.

Thank you, I'll be sure to join in. I'm still unsure on how to locate a sponsor though?

The contests @hefziba shared are giving away shares. So if you win, they will sponsor you.

Excellent, thank you. I'm entering them now :)

I got a message that Im in but I dont see my name on the sheet? edit: I missed the other 2 tabs haha sorry!!

Sounds like you figured it out!

There is a lot to absorb. Thank you for creating the spreadsheet. :)

Yes, building it the features that make it sustainable and fair made it quite a bit complicated!

Still loving it and happy to be a part of something that is helping newbies get ahead!

Thanks for your support!

I went and searched and found my name! You are very good at explaining things. Even tho the calculations and numbers and percentages all look like Greek to me- I am so thankful for people out there like you who can create these things. Thank you for what you are doing!
Godspeed in your endeavors!

Thanks for your support! It's very challenging to explain things so that they're clear for the people that aren't math inclined, but still accurate enough to please those that are.

Nice! Thanks for the in-depth look into what goes on

You're welcome! At the very least, it will help me to spend less time on answering questions and more time on planning or automation and continually improving the program.

Upvoted by the @earthnation Guild.


With 11 shares, why am I only receiving .01 still? The post out per post says 1.31, which I would love to see happen. I could buy more shares faster.


You have 11 shares. With your bonus you have 12 shares.
Each share gets 0.013 per week.

12 x 0.013 = 0.156

Your current post rate per week is 15x.

0.156 / 15 = 0.0104

Basically 0.01

Yiu are getting the right amount. You can up you bonus and get 22 shares by upvoting all @steembasicincome posts. This will help increase the amount you get

Okay. Thanks for the reply.

I nominate @vampstakes

thank you!

I nominate @tombdbad!

much love

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Hi @cryptocopy!

  • you have 26 units and 50 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 699688012176 or 0.347 $
  • your next SBI upvote is predicted to be 0.069 $

Hi @mondoshawan!

  • you have 10 units and 0 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 106905069343 or 0.068 $
  • your next SBI upvote is predicted to be 0.014 $

Structure of your total SBI vote value:

  • 64.84 % has come from your subscription level
  • 0.00 % has come from your bonus units
  • 0.00 % has come from upvoting rewards
  • 35.16 % has come from new account bonus or extra value from pre-automation rewards

    To reduce blockchain clutter, you can also check your status in our Discord server!