5 Steem Basic Income shares giveaway - What would you change about Steem?

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After reading a post by @simplymike about Steem Basic income I have become very interested in the idea, and even wrote an article about Universal basic income here. In the past I have run contests, and have offered the reward as SBD, however, I now see that as a short term solution for a long term problem. I decided I want have a competition where I offer Steem Basic Income shares to encourage long term growth and help out minnows, along with encouraging healthy discussions.


What is Steem Basic Income?

Before I get onto the topic for the contest I quickly want to explain what Steem Basic Income is. From the @steemitbasicincome blog:

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

So basically I will sponsor the winners with share/s in Steem Basic Income and they will receive ongoing upvotes on their posts from SBI - a great way to motivate and encourage minnows to keep on Steeming!

For more information about Steem Basic Income check out this blog by @steembasicincome

The Contest

To enter this contest write an original post about what you would change about Steem - the opportunities are endless and only limited to your imagination - bots, voting, curation, sign up process are just some ideas….

If I could change one thing about Steem

If I could change one thing about Steemit, it would be the way the trending page is generated and the algorithm behind it, as for me it isn't about manual curation, but more about who has the most money to upvote their posts. I wrote an article about this in the past where I speak about an ‘Organic Trending’ page here. The reason I would like to have a seperate page for organic/non bot posts is that it would make it easier to find organic content. As I mentioned in the post their could be an opportunity for both a regular and organic trending page working side by side.

Contest rules and fine print

To enter the contest, as I mentioned you just need to write a post about what you would change about Steemit, and use the tag #steemideas so that I can find your posts. Feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments below! I will do my best to upvote all entries (depending on VP, and how many entries there are!), and will Resteem some randomly.

After the payout of this post I will select the winner/s and provide a summary post with links to the winners so they can gain some more exposure.

Upvoting and resteeming this post isn't required will help build the prize pool.


I will start the prize pool with 5 Steem Basic Income shares, spread across the winners, but, at my discrepancy will increase the prize pool if I get significant payouts from this post.


Full Disclosure - As some of you might know I have been writing and investigating the use of bots on profitability and also the ethical side of using them. I have basically stopped using bots for a number of reasons, but will be boosting this post with bots to increase its visibility so as many people see it as possible and have a chance to enter. If your interested in my bid bot experiment check the links below:

The Great Bid Bot Experiment

The great bid bot experiment - ready to cleanse myself of bots!

The Great Bid Bot Experiment - Results from Week One

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading your blogs - remember this is about coming up with healthy discussions about the future of Steem. You never know who will read your blog or where that idea might end up!

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I would have system where the community gets a greater share of the rewards from the post they have upvoted so people are more likly to upvote others posts and spend there votes on them.

So say someone is making 1000 dollars worth the community will get 100, this is an example but i'm sure they can increase the amount people get from up voting. Also stop people up voting own comments and such.

I realized that I have to do a blog on it, I will get that done!

Look forward to reading it 🙂


Awesome idea. Yeah its sometimes hard seeing the reward pool so skewed and it is hard as a newbie. I thought about having a reward cap for any one post and anything over that going back to community driven projects like minnowsupport, curie etc

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I’m glad I could inspire you to to use @steembasicincome.
And I really like your contest. The assignments makes people think, while it’s easy enough for newbies to play. Well done.
I’ll come back as @newbiegames with another upvote and a resteem

Awesome cheers - thanks for inspiring me. Yea it tough coming up with an idea that provokes and encourages thought and engagement.

Thanks again!

Hey everyone and thanks for all the entries - some awesome ideas and discussions! There were 8 entries in total (I would have hoped for a few more...) and I am only giving away 5 Steem Basic Income Shares - the contest was run at a loss but I will continue with doing this as I love the initiative and hope in time to grow this.

I am rewarding the prizes a bit early because I am going away for the weekend, and will release the new contest tonight too.

So, here are the winners:

Once again thanks and you should start getting small upvotes from an SBI account in the next 2 - 3 days - if this doesnt happen let me know and il sort it out for you :)

You can enter future SBI contests to gain more shares and gain bigger upvotes :)

Proof of purchase of shares is below:


Thank you very much!! :)

A pleasure :)

at my discrepancy

Your Freudian slip is showing. I think you mean discretion. 😁

Nicely spotted.. makes me feel like this:


Great idea @conradt it’s good to have competitions like this, I always like it when you run them. Also the basic income thing is something I’m really excited about and really hope that over the next year I can begin to start making some more progress with my steem. Have you heard of swift demand? It’s kind of a basic income idea, I can send you a link if you would like?

I will write my ideas about how to improve steemit and link you below so you can see - cheers again bud!

Hey @conradt here’s a link to my article about how we can improve steemit :) I hope you like it!


Having a read now!

Hey @sunsethunter havent heard of Swift Demand before? Yeah I love the basic income idea - I think its much better to give away these shares than just SBD :)

Interesting! I have read your post and left a comment :) good luck!

Thanks and good luck!

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Awesome contest. I hope some of our @newbiegames members will play

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Thank you!

I was thinking about a way to improve Steemit on my walk, come back to my computer, pop up my feed and boom there is your contest staring me in the face. Talk about fortuitous timing.

My post: https://steemit.com/steemideas/@rantar/a-way-to-improve-steemit

Thanks for running this contest.

No problem, thanks for your entry - having a read now :) good luck!

Thanks for doing this contest, it is much appreciated! :) Here is a link to my entry. https://steemit.com/steemideas/@paradigm42/what-would-i-change-about-steemit-steem-basic-income-contest

Thanks and good luck! :)

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Just one thing to improve? Or can it be more than one?
Thank you!

One at the minimum... loving the entries so far :)

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Thanks good luck!

Good luck @usman119!

Is this contest still open?
If so until when?

hey @crypto-econom1st I just closed this one and announced the winners.

Just opened a new contest though if you are interested:


Good luck!