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Hello Steemians,

Unless you are extremely new to Steemit, or have been living under a rock, you will at least have some idea and views on the state of the ‘Trending’ section. The trending section is where the blogs with the most attention/payouts appear, however with the rise of upvote bots the payouts of the trending sections has been increasing (making it harder and harder for minnows to compete and get noticed).

As at this stage there is no real quality control over buying votes, the overall quality of the trending section is arguably quite low. I am even starting to notice the same trend in the ‘hot’ section. There is tons of great quality posts out there in the land of Steemit, but it is getting buried by these inflated posts.


Yes there is a ‘promoted’ tab, where the idea was for Steemians to pay to have their posts boosted and seen by more eyes in the promoted tab. This has been a bit of a failure - I know for me I don't even look at promoted tab, and most eyes tend to be on the trending page. I’d love to hear whether others actually look at the Promoted section

The trending section is the first page that opens up when someone new comes to check out Steemit - and eyes light up when they see what people are posting and making thousands of dollars.

Articles like this aren't helping: How to earn thousands of Steem dollars (SBD) daily on SteemIt

Yes there are a very small number of people on Steemit that make huge amounts of money, but most of them were early investors to Steemit, when the price was considerably lower. I have been on here for 2 months and some of my posts are now earning 1 - 2 dollars - and I consider myself to be doing quite well. I think there is potential to earn $20 - $30 or more on excellent posts without paid upvotes, if you realise how Steemit works and build a genuine following. Just realise this will not happen overnight!,


It seems for now that the bots are here to stay (although in the future lets hope there are some regulations put into place - they are helping underrated posts steal from the reward pool). So rather than focus on the bots I suggest that Steemit creates an ‘organic trending’ page to even out the playing field and help out minnows and Steemians with great content be noticed for their efforts.

Organic trending.

I have no real knowledge of programming so this is just an idea I wanted to share to start some discussion and see whether it could be an option in the future.
I propose that Steemit has two trending pages - the regular trending page as it is and an organic trending page. The organic trending page would subtract any votes that have been paid for (this should be able to be done fairly easily, as the majority of bots are on


I think the organic trending page should be the front page of Steemit, as it will give a more accurate view to new Steemians as to what they might expect if they make exceptional content (I imagine the payouts would be far less than posts that have been upvoted by bots).

I think what this could lead to is that the trending page would turn into more of a ‘promotion’ type page where certain posts are paid for, and the organic trending page would act as a ‘curation filter’ and give minnows, and un noticed authors who write great content a lot more a chance of being seen and getting the recognition they deserve.

What about self upvotes?

I think if the idea of organic trending were to be successful it would also need to take into account and deduct self upvotes - why? Some of the whales on Steemit have massive amounts of SP, and so if they post something and self upvote it will still make their post alot more likely to make it to the top of the organic trending page, and thus make it less effective.


I think that as Steemit starts to mature and become more popular there needs to be a way to help out minnows and get more eyes (and upvotes!) on great and unnoticed content.
I think that my proposed ‘organic trending’ section could fix some of these issues.

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your thoughts!

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