How would I improve steemit? Here’s a few ideas...

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Improvements to steemit

I would like a suggestions page or link, so I can also see other members with similar content that I can follow and upvote posts. I guess you can click on a tag and find stuff, but sometimes it gets a bit crowded with posts, especially on the travel tag etc.

Maybe the trending page could refresh a bit more too, but still I understand this is the trending page for a reason! But it just goes by earning per post... it’s still cool though.


Also, for me, my main issue has been that I’ve been having trouble for a while now getting dtube to work. I have guitar videos I want to post but whenever I try it just does work. I’ve tried a number of times in the past and it just won’t upload my videos. I am using safari as my browser, I’m not sure if hat is why, but it’s kind of annoying... I really want to share guitar videos easily! Ahh...


I do really like this platform! It’s great, I try to use it every day, I just like to upload content that I like, and it’s always my own pictures and experiences. I do not earn very much yet, so I might change things up a bit soon, and start writing articles rather than just personal experiences.

Any suggestions are more than welcome :)

Thanks @conradt for the competition!

Peace to you all!

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LOVE the idea of a suggestions page! I have the same problem, there are loads of wicked people here on Steemit but sometimes hard to find people I relate to ... good luck for my contest :)

Thanks bro! Another thing I didn’t clarify as well with my dtube problems, is just being able to upload our videos directly into steemit, just like how we upload a photo but with a video! That would change things big time for me

True - I dont know much about Dtube cos I dont use it.. but sounds like some changes can be made

good luck x