What would I change about Steem?

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This post is for a competition run by @conradt you can check it out here, the basic idea is to express how you would change steemit. Personally for me I think steemit is a great platform, but not one without its flaws, with the new systems that are proposed like communities for example, these should greatly fix the limitations that the site has.

Increase reward share for curators to 20%, split on percentage of how much they upvote. Excludes own upvote.

However apart from the trending page, I believe the amount someone gets back in rewards for upvoting is significantly lower than it needs to be, personally if you say took 20% from each post and spread that between its voters I think that would be enough. You might argue that it would take people's hard earned cash, but it should benefit them in the long run.

These are the effects I believe this will cause if my idea is implemented:

  1. Will give minnows more upvotes and greater upvotes. This is because it will be beneficial for people to not upvote whales, people will look for posts that they can dominate their upvotes with in order to gain the full percentage of the rewards, whales will not get as many because the percentage each person gets will be small. So as minnows get greater upvotes and rewards they are more likely to gain SP and in turn causing a chain reaction and would bridge the gap between whales and minnows.

  2. Would stop people upvoting own comments and spending them on other people's content. I myself am a victim of this, I understand its choice but for me my main priority is to gain SP and the most effective way for me to do this is to upvote my own comments. Once I am making enough from my posts then I will stop this. I do spend my upvotes on other people's content as well, just not enough as I'd like. Raising the amount of reward I would get would be a real incentive to scroll through steemit and engage even more than I do. So it would increase the activity levels as well as financial spread.

I'm sure you can make a lot more points why this would be a positive move, im sure whales would state this would be a negative. And with this the whales would likely try to get around it by creating multiple accounts and using them with delegated SP to by pass and abuse this system. But I think you could take measures to prevent this.

So thanks for reading and if you think this is a good idea please resteem to allow people with more factual understanding of how this would benefit steemit. Please share feedback in the comments!

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Some very great points here @kph and thanks for your entry. Good luck!

Thanks! I will be watching with interest

Not to many entries yet which surposed me but means your in with a good shot at the moment!

I will probably keep doing this I think @steembasicincome is a great initiative

Would be good to share the wealth out yes, but it would be hard to keep it sustainable

Yeah true eh - but I doubt alot of Steemians will jump on to this initiative - alot dont even know what it is hence why im trying to promote it