What Would I Change About Steemit? (Steem Basic Income Contest)

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There are many things I like about Steemit. There is a great sense of community here, people look out for each other and give good helpful advice. Many veteran members do great things to help promote quality content and root out plagiarism and spam. I also appreciate the many contests and curation movements to help plankton and minnows have a fair shot of getting their content and blogs noticed. The platform being based on openness and no censorship is extremely refreshing and the opportunity to earn viable cryptocurency through producing quality content and the ability to reinvest back in the platform is awesome! However, this post isn't about what works about steemit, it's about what I think needs to be changed.
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Some of the relatively minor changes I would like to see have to do with making the platform easier to navigate. One thing I would like to see added is a way to select posts to save in order to read later in a separate tab. It would make finding posts you find interesting and or helpful easier to find for future reading and reference. Having a method to be able to search my blog or someone else's account for a spacific post or post subject, would be very helpful as well. I also like an idea @rentmoney posted about which is to have a favorite list option for people you are following. It would make it easier to keep track of accounts you visit more often. On a different note, I would also like to be able to see how many people look at my posts again, except without it counting how many times I click on my own post, that just skews the numbers and makes the information almost pointless.
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There is a major change I would like to see happen. I would like to see a better way to communicate with each other implemented on the steemit platform. I do not understand why there isn't away to message back and forth with individual members or in different community groups. There is no way on the steemit platform itself to communicate with other members other than by posting comments.. Why is everything done on Discord?? That app does not even have real connection to steemit as far as I know, so why is it used instead of steemit itself or even steemit chat? If someone in the know has an explanation for that, please leave a comment, I would appreciate it.
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The last area of change I would like to discuss is a relatively contentious one. The fairness of the distribution from the reward pool in some instances is questionable to say the least.. How these situations should be handled is a big point of contention. I personally don't like bidbots, and I choose not to use them. All of my posts use the #nobidbot tag. However I do believe that anyone who wants to use them has the right to do so. What I would like to see change though is for more bidbot owners to run them ethically and be much more responsible about not allowing plagiarists and spammers to use their services. I would also like to see less abuse of self voting. Perhaps limiting the amount of times it can be done in a 24 hour period could help with that, with out taking away the ability.
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In conclusion; I think the steemit platform has great potential. After a month and a half on here, I am still very happy I joined. We all have things on here we would like to see change, but we also all need to keep in mind that this is still the beta version of the platform. Things are still in flux in a way, and improvements are still being implemented. I am grateful to have a creative outlet that rewards me for quality content, it helps motivate me to put forth my best effort. I was motivated to write this post thanks to one of the great contests I wrote about earlier promoted by veteran member @conradt to help beginners like me. I look forward to continuing to blog here and watch new changes and improvements unfold as a part of this awesome community!

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Some nice ideas @paradigm42 - I would also like to be able to save articles to read ater - at the moment I bookmark them!

Good luck for my contest! :)

Thank you! I appreciate contests like this that make you think and put forth some real effort in order to participate. :)

Thats the plan - to get people thinking and engaging in positive discussions - lets hope it is a success so I can do another contest!

I just thought of something else I would have added to my contest post if I had thought of it at the time.. I would love to see steemit put some kind of notification system in place to let you know when people upvote or comment on a post, and when someone mentions you by name as well. That would be very helpful.

Have you used busy.org? I have jusy started using it and it does these things and i love it! Its connected to the steem blockchain so you can just login with steemconnect 🖒🖒

I have heard of it, but have not checked it out yet. I will definitely look it to it, thanks for letting me know!

No problem - as I said I am new to it and I am converted!