An Idea to improve Steemit

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Currently there is just one reward pool that is paid out to everyone... so naturally it is skewed to the whales and little to the planktons.

What if we have different reward pools for people in different groups. Say anyone who has more than X Steem Power will fall into a different category. And people in the same Category fight for part of that reward pool.

  1. Plankton
  2. Minnow
  3. Dolphin
  4. Sharks
  5. Whales

So we can have 5 reward pools, whether we divide current reward pool into 5 equal parts is up for debate.
or divide into part equal to population size of that group.

Special thought has to be put into the Delegated SP. For those who delegate out as well as those who receives

What do you guys think?

** will this post get pass $0.30 ?? ** I've never got pass $1 (without using bots for upvotes)


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Steem it portal is going through a transformation, hopefully they will be providing more information regarding the growth of the platform, by making the users satisfied and happy.

Hey @sinlg interesting idea - I think the only problem would be that whales would complain for having a smaller reward pool - they feel they have erned their right to massive rewards. Would be great for the smaller accounts to grow though!

I am the same it is hard at the start to get any traction, but keep on working and you will get some momentum!

The whales will still have followers who would vote on their posts... so technically they still good, they are just competing with similar class whales..

Very true - good luck!

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