Preaching against "Steem success preaching". 🤔

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A post referential one haha

I read a post yesterday on the trending page.. Yes i know, not the best place to look for inspiration, but what the heck.
Currently that post is top 3 trending on Steem, called: "What should i do to be successful on Steemit?"

The post i wasnt a big fan of, since it came from a author that was giving out advice from a position of someone that was one of the more frequent bot users on the blockchain.
Making claims of personal success from a place of purchased exposure, purchased attention, purchased payouts comes of as completely fake and shallow.
The running analogy seems to be: Buying yourself a bowling trophy and carrying it around town claiming to be a star bowler

....the author took it even further and wrote a post in which he gives out pointers, sharing his "knowledge" and teaching others how to be successful on Steem.
Now sure, thats his right of course and he probably had good intentions but being a "success preacher" should, in my opinion require some kind of tangible basis.

So what is this "Steem success" some promise, if only you do what they do?

Most of the times with posts like that it boils down to 3 things:

  1. Get rich-quick schemes
  2. An assumption that "what worked for me, will work for you too"
  3. Its all about monetary success

Get rich quick schemes, promises of huge returns at the expense of long term potential lead to a dark path from which its very hard to recover.
One example (here she goes again) is bot use.. Bots truly are to Steemians, what steroids are to athletes.
Get rich-quick schemes that pump you up fast, but once you stop using them you see that those good times you had were all a lie, and youre much worse off now then before you started using .
There is no escaping that.

Then you have promises in form of high return of investement. The Jerrys and Bitconnectttttttt!!!
Not much needs to be said there.

What works for the other guy wont work for you. Maybe youre lucky and that other guy is your identical twin... but even then. :) We are all different in almost every way (well we all want to succeed. that we all share) and our paths are different.

If i were to say the obvious thing... "Play the violin and sing and you will do well" everyone would agree that this course of action wouldnt work for them.
But that argument works even for the less obvious things.
We are different and making "success tutorials" is pointless, it offers little to no tangible benefit.
Its reduced to simple vague motivational and inspiration speaking.

You can basically sum all these posts into a NIKE t-shirt.... But at least you look good in a NIKE t-shirt. :D

Dont get me wrong. Motivational speaking has its place. It can lift you up, fill you with energy, get you off your butt and get you moving, but that thats about it. A revelation that changes your life wont come from it.
It needs to come from you.

I always have this thought running around my head. Is it really all about the monetary success here? We all arrived here because of the earning potential but honestly most of those that came here empty pocket arent driving BMWs and MERCEDES around town. Most earn very little. We that stayed, all stayed for other reasons.
It seems to me that those that even after some time here remained in that way of thinking, very quickly will fade away, and have in the past ..

That takes me to another point.. Is monetary success the only success that matters? I say no.
Success means attaining goals set in front of you, achieving personal fulfillment through your endeavors.
Basically, success if what you decide success is.

seems i started "preaching".. haha..

writing words but saying nothing. :D

So im going to leave you with an actual pointer, an actual path to success... because, hey... Im the most successful person sitting in this chair right now.

How does a person win the Olympics? They pick a discipline they think they would be good at and become better

This very simply applies to steem. Find your niche and become good at it. That is the content part.

But there is a great guy you might know (@meno) here that gave me actual advice, from someone thats not rich to someone that is not rich, . Most advice worth anything often come in short sentences. That advice really helped me tremendously in terms of increasing my payouts, increasing my influence, increasing the number of people (quality people) i interact with, etc.... Its basic advice based in understanding how the platform works for the the small stake holder.

1. Do for others as much as you can.

2. Its 70% networking and 30% content.

And there you go... I didnt become rich nor do i consider myself super successful, but ever since i was following that advice i know i did better.

Short Ramble and another video tomorrow..
Im getting a #openmic entry ready, first in so many weeks, feels like it. Pretty excited.
Dont mess it up @pechichemena, i kill you... haha.. (I know it will be amazing)

⭐Keep on Steeming!⭐....

Some of my music videos:

Aretha Franklin: Natural Woman
Steem Original: TO THE MOON
James Arthur: Impossible
Moving on (Original Song)
Frank Sinatra: My Way
Elton John: Can you feel the love tonight (Lion King soundtrack)
Enya: May it be (LOTR soundtrack)
Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack (Hoist the colors and Main theme)
I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables
The Minnowsupport Lullaby
Schindlers List Theme
Sam Smith: "Im not the only one"
Meno/Pechichemena: "Wait" cover
Whitney Houston: "I have nothing"
Beyonce: "Listen"
Cee Lo Green: "Forget you"

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You are SO right. The only point where I would slightly disagree or nit-pick with is that instead of it being 70% networking and 30% content, I would prefer to say it's 70% friendship and 30% content.
"Networking" sounds so business-like - chatting over canapes to people you can't stand, in the hope that they'll push some influence your way. And you can do that on Steemit – you can try cosying up to the whales. But I think what works better is finding like-minded people and communities, and exchanging ideas with them. Building friendships. Which is probably what you meant.


Well, yeah... now that i think of it it does sound a bit business like... But really, networking does encompass all those things. Networking means having a network of your "own people". Friends. Being them whales or dolphins or minnows.
It encompasses engagement with everyone you deem of worth.
Socializing on every level.


That is very true. I think I just spent too long in the business world!


Hahahahah. Haikubot picked that up. :D


Ahahahaha! I got Haikubotted yesterday too. My words must be poetry!


That is very true.
I think I just spent too long
In the business world!

                 - natubat

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Steemit is a mirror of the future. This is a boon for writers in the future. Steemit gives the author a chance to show their talent. The steem market has recovered and the top 10 cryptocurrency in the stem coin market cap will be.


We will see. The thing with steem is that its success depends on us. The users. Bitcoin depends on investors. Ethereum depends on developers. Steem depends on content creators.


you are right brother. steemit is the good platform

Thanks for writing this. I am also tired of people who are here to maximize their profits rather than participate in a social network. My goal now is just to find people who are interesting and who post about interesting things, preferably from the real world rather than the crypto world.


Those people exist. I was lost before i found Helpie. There are actual decent human beings here that clap at your success.
And i found them on accident by annoying @meno, an openmic (a music competition) judge.
Thats the networking i mention in this post. Upvotes make you money, but the community makes you a steemian.


I will look up Helpie. Thanks.

Totally agree with you end statement. Network is essential. You can write all you want, but without an audience to show it, it will never be a succes.

And loads of people are also missing some backbone for the long rung haha. As if they are not determined enough to make it happen. That will work the same way as in a own business. You can give up, and then have failed ;)


There are steps. You will never achieve much by trying to skip to the end.
There are steps you have to go through.
No one made it on steem, that came relatively empty pocket without putting in an amazing amount of work.
Content creation and networking alike.

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hahaha :D