Make Out Like An Artist (the contest formerly known by it's acronym) day the dozen number, dirty doce, 12

in contest •  last year

winner for day five's comp too

the lovely @creativesoul made this cuddly whale out of my terrifying beast

I thought there would more blood and GNASHING OF TEETH
oops, caps lock

@creativesoul 's image winner day 5

Here I give you my wallet, she is now relaxing on the nearest tropical island, enjoying her new found digital wealth.

Today’s image


maybe I should not talk about what I see in my pages.

People, the two or three of you who are following this, should let me know what they think in the comments below.

I'll go back to doing it tomorrow if that's the consensus.
but, unsurprisingly,
I have received advice to be less wordy.

That advice is valuable, and I am doing my best to take it onboard.

And this could be a problem,
if I show where I took things,
or didn't,
maybe it cuts into people's creative liberty.

And I am big on liberty.

and penance, I am big on feeling penitence too


Enough from me, don't forget, your work does not have to be visual in nature.
Writing is fine and poetry too.
All I ask is that do create something in response to something you see or feel in my sketchbook page.
If you have an already existing work that you think is perfect, well, you only to give a little justification speech and you are fine.

But connect in some way with me and my work please

for the rules and regulations you can go here

long post but short version is, that I am asking for creative interpretations of any aspect of my image ,
in any medium or creative endeavour.
Including, but not limited too,

  • Visual mediums of any type,
  • creative writing,
  • even poetry!
  • performance video,
  • whatever,
  • make yourself a full length feature film.
  • The sky is your limit.

your creations remain your work.

attribution is professional!
Post, and then comment here and link.
Use the tag molaaspaingaroo. (somewhere, not necessarily first. You don't want to disappear)

Winner takes 30% y artist's choice twenty. (minimum 2.000 SBD until further notice)

big hugs to all.

links to the previous days contest pages, those still open.

day six almost closed (or maybe closed)
day seven
day eight
day nine
day ten
day eleven

sneak preview

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I like the other acronym! Not completely certain that everyone will understand what the reference to 'Make Out Like An Artist' means. And lol...if only our digital coins here could buy a tropical island. We are pioneers right now but even at bitcoin prices it would still take a lot. I think that you should be wordy-on-topic. Talking about the background behind the sketches - what sentences or scribbles are in reference to and remembering the process can only add fuel to the fire of imagination and creative liberty.

Perhaps the advice you got just meant to be less wordy when you are running away from the purpose of the post? But ultimately it's your blog. And you can do whatever you want. I have already thought of something completely written in regards to Bridget Riley's Diary - Nightmare. And also visual art on cyclical variations in ying and yang. Remains to be seen though if I can find the time to explore these sparks. Your sketches and contest could also be seen as 'creative prompts' or 'creative starters'.


Thanks creativesoul.
I may well post late, because you have inspired me to go back to the previous plan, maybe without my further images, but with at least a little text about what I can remember or see there.

thanks again

This article referenced and Blue Whale image used in: How to actually Succeed as a Steemit Blogger. Spammers, Upvote Rings, and Gripers (oh, my!) [Part 2]

high value post, looks like you'll be getting a nice tip for this one.