I think posting every day is silly. what do you think?

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Whenever I have something I want to write, to share with the community, partially in hopes that I will get paid..... I spend a lot of time on it. 5-8 hours to hit the publish button, and then perhaps another 3-5 hours of editing and cleaning up small typographical errors, making it nice for everybody. Searching out scholarly references, formatting, ideas, ect. How many hours are there in the day?

So if I hold to the post every day ideal, then I should post more often. With lesser quality content typically(like this post ;), and occasionally post serious (to me) material.

No deals.

I don't think it's clever, and I don't think it pays, except perhaps superficially.

Rather, I only resteem posts that I think are very worthy of attention, or post by people who I feel are very worthy of attention, and I think 4 real legit blogs a week is plenty.

feedback on this. Am I crazy?

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I agree completely . Steemit would be so much better if everyone would pay more attention to quality than quantity . A real up vote because your post deserves it. Thank you really .


Thank you, this is still something i'm realizing for myself. I need time for commenting, and seeing what my followers post, and discord, and life, lol

People have differing motives for posting and the range of quality of posts reflects the diversity of lives of the posters. We each have the ability to vote on any post and by voting or not voting on content we shape the community. Sometimes the quality of the post doesn't matter, maybe the thought is original and gets my upvote. Over time the community will evolve hopefully for the better.


for sure. as a newb, I tend to support those who support me. That easy, and awesome. I do have an interest in finding new artist, also I enjoy learning the techniques that are beneficial (ooh! I know this guy always writes good posts, nice, I found his most recent post after 20 minutes).... another issue is I think people are too tied to this idea that a post only matters in the first few minutes you write it (upvote wise). which is something I encountered a bit of while dipping my toes in the water. anyways I just left that here as a reminder to think\write about later. thank you for joining, and thanks for having me :)

There will be times when the fingers fly
All one can or many of us do is try try try
The mind races to keep up with the flurry
If to or not to post should cause you worry
Commenting thoughts on posts of another
Will free your mind up to sister and brother
So you see my dear new/old friend Steemian
This is just one in the sum we all be dream'n


thank you for this poem... It is lovely and thoughtful. I will share it someday in one of my blogs if you don't mind


hahaha...I don't even remember this :D Must've been when I was restricting my upvotes because I notice I hadn't left you one. Guess I was just trying to make a decent comment to prove I actually read your post.

I'd be honoured if you find a use for it @inquiringtimes. I truly would. ✌️


I remember! lol, I do...

actually I was going back to see what my lowest posts were compared to my new post about "vote for this cause beer booze and women" lol


Yeah...well that one has much more "science" to it than this post did. Be sure to drop me a link in DM when you get on with it will you? };-)>