"Freedit" - Creative Competition / Drawing by @yusaymon

in creativecomp •  last year

Hi!! Super Steemians!!

To be able to travel, do what you like thanks to Steemit is the maximum <3 I made this drawing yesterday and finished editing it in photoshop for the CREATIVE COMPETITION of @sammosk:


Thanks for the opportunity enjoy ..!

Thanks for the Support

Follow me, Upvote & Resteem if you like.! :)

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very nice artwork! Good luck for the competition ^_^


Thank u dear :D

Very creative


@positivesteem thanks for passing by ^ ^

Nice army style!


hahahaha Yes the camo ....!!

This image was used in: How to actually Succeed as a Steemit Blogger. Spammers, Upvote Rings, and Gripers (oh, my!) [Part 2]

high value post, looks like you'll be getting a nice tip for this one.