Sndbox-Alpha Upvotes of the Week (Mar 12 - Mar 18)

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We still can't believe that we are through the four weeks curation on Meet Up & Philanthropy. It's been our pleasure reading and curating your amazing posts sharing the Steemit love through Meet Up & Philanthropy. This post will list the contents upvoted for the week of March 12 to March 18. Toward the end of this post, we have added information about the new theme, the schedule and the team who will have the honor to read and curate your posts. We humbly ask you to please extend the same support you have given us these last four weeks to the new team of @Sndbox-Alpha curators.

@Sndbox-Alpha is a curation effort from your @Sndbox incubators. We are currently curating contents about Meet Up & Philanthropy. The curation theme as well as the team of curators changes every four weeks. “Alpha” is a community account created for the first batch of @Sndbox cohorts; a diverse group of 100 Steemians producing creative contents across multiple niche, and representing nearly 20 countries and languages.



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Friday to Sunday

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  • Author: @happycrazycon
  • Link: From Strangers to Regular Meet-ups
  • Summary: Simply put, @happycrazycon's post is about how Steemit brought a group of strangers together to form real friendship. It looks like the group has been meeting-up quite regularly, and are even bringing their love ones along. Our fellow cohort @zord189 is part of the group too.

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Outgoing Curation Theme: February 19 - March 18 (Philanthropy & Meet Up)

Outgoing Curation Team: @nairadaddy, @kenan1989, @zord189, and @steemitph

Incoming Curation Theme: March 19 - April 15 (Philosophy, Writing & Literature)

Incoming Curation Team: @steemitworldmap, @guyfawkes4-20, @fingersik, and @anomadsoul



Thank you for the awesome posts! It's been a pleasure curating all those posts! Let us welcome and support @anomadsoul, @fingersik, @guyfawkes4-20 and @steemitworldmap as much as how you guys have given us support!

Thank you all for your wonderful support

@sndbox-alpha thank you from Thailand for the brilliant curation efforts! Am stunned at the content I see here. And grateful for your recognition on my post last night. Following and hoping to be able to support others more and grow the power of blockchain-steemit as an economic and political too. Respect.

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Congrats to all authors and contributors and not forgetting @sndbox-alpha , Thank you very much

Thanks @ sndbox-alpha for his contribution and support to my post is something that is very valuable to me

Thank you @sndbox and @sndbox-alpha for a wonderful round of contest and for the future contest to come, from the part of the world where I come from it is said that when you praise a king for the good he has done, it will make him do more. Thank you...... I can't wait for the next round of contest so that I can fully participate and make a difference. Thank you @sndbox and @sndbox-alpha for such creative and original content. You guys have touched the lives of many stemmians and you guys have brought out the best in us..... Thank you once again.

Thanks for the curation work! It must be a chore too go through all the posts to find the ones you've listed and highlighted.

Steemit Cebu is building a better community through sports ( basketball ) tomorrow will be the 4th sunday of Steemit Cebu Basketball Game. There are 40+ participants and counting will join the said event.

here's my post about tomorrow's meetup event.

WOWWWW! Thanks, @sndbox_alpha for featuring my post here! :) Congratulations to all other amazing authors here too!!!

Thank you very much for being in My community post as well as in curated of Meetup and Philanthropy post, wish you all the Best @sndbox-alpha :)

It's a great thing what you guys did especially in the philanthropy section. Even though I wasn't lucky the two weeks I submitted my entries but I really love to see that people in that category are appreciated and encouraged. Great one @sndbox-alpha

hello @sndbox-alpha, i am very happy with with your support, this time i will try to share writing about phylosophy and writing, hopefully i am lucky. I am just trying for this, and hopefully you have time to see this, because this is entirely yours.

and this is my link :

Thank you very much @sndbox-alpha :)

Thank you so much @sndbox-alpha for featuring, upvoting and supporting my post. I am honored and happy that my post is appreciated by your teams. Keep up the good work.

great job from @sndbox-alpha team

Ah well, should have posted my philosophy post now than when I did. Lol.

Well done . Good curation and deserving authors got their upvotes. 👍👍👍

Hey - This is a really cool initiative that is showcasing the power of a group in movement -it's pretty awesome.

I'm still not totally certain on how to support the project here...I see there's a curation team...

I'll navigate older posts for more clarity - cheers :)

We are preparing an introduction for the newest team and their vision, but I’m afraid that the matter of supporting our cause will not be addressed (or it actually might since you brought it up!). I think that everything from spreading the message about our cause, to delegating SP to the account, or simply following the trail with some of your power through steemauto will help us immensely:)


I just realized that my post "The Abused" Got so many views and upvotes thanks to you guys, Thank you for helping me raising awareness.


Im steemian from KSI Chapter Jakarta

1st Meet Up Steemian in Jakarta — Steemit

A very touching report, especially about children and people with disabilities.

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