WARNING: Major Health Risks From 5G Mobile Technology Are Being Denied/Buried By Greedy Gov. Agencies & Corporations. Watch the FCC Threaten A Mainstream Reporter For Asking Difficult Questions about 5G!

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"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men." - Martin Luther King.

martin luther king

As someone who has been involved in creating technology for most of my adult life, I am repeatedly shown and reminded that many of the other people in this field are completely ignorant and in denial of the aspects of life that are FAR more important than technology.

Frankly, many people in these fields are dysfunctional individuals who are in those fields because they are too logic/masculine oriented to be completely balanced and thus they are unable to succeed in many areas of life that require balance - but can do well in technological areas that require a logical focus. One of the net results of this is that they too often have little or no idea of the health implications of their work and in many cases, the greed and denial involved (plus pressure from other such heartless individuals who are only interested in power gain and 'money') results in health issues being completely ignored or even deliberately covered up! This is very common, in my experience, so it is imperative that everyone takes some time to look into this situation and ask serious questions about the products that we use and just assume to be safe. Are they REALLY safe? How do you know?

The Damaging Effects of Microwave Radiation are Well Documented - Experts speak

The reality is that many scientists from many fields who aren't corrupt/delusional/psychopathic have been speaking out for a long time about the health risks of certain microwave technologies. I will begin by introducing a few here - but I want the real focus of this post to be on the speaker from the American Government's FCC - who is aggressively pushing the introduction of the next generation of the Microwave technology (5G) as if his life depended on it (or as if the death of his enemies depended on it) - that video is further down the page.

"Martin Blank, PhD of Columbia University representing 190 international scientists in an Appeal to the UN, UN Member States and the WHO on the risks of electromagnetic fields emitted by telecommunications and utility technologies. Cautioning strongly, Dr. Blank says, “The time to deal with the harmful biological and health effects is long overdue. To protect our children, ourselves and our ecosystem, we must reduce exposure by establishing more protective guidelines.” Video produced by National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy on behalf of international scientists and the Appeal Committee:"

Covert Weapons tests masked by civilian applications of technology

Post Number 7 in my Whistleblowers series documents the work and testimony of an alleged British Secret Service Scientist and Microwave specialist who exposed in great detail the many risks and dangers that have been long denied and covered up regarding widespread use of microwave technology. The risks include DNA damage, cancer and many other less well understood risks.


The following brief trailer for the documentary 'mobilize' presents many medical doctors and specialists making clear some of the issues involved - including many cases where tumors have formed on the locations on people's bodies where they most use or store their cellphones:

The American FCC openly states that they don't care what people want and even used physical threats to silence dissenting REPORTERS!

It's not often that we see such blatantly obvious heartless intention on the part of government agents, since they have been so well trained at appearing 'nice' in front of the cameras - shortly before they walk off stage and give the orders for yet more dysfunctional law making and policy enforcement. In this case though, most viewers will be able to see and feel the obvious corruption and denial on the part of the speaker from the FCC as he attempts to literally intimidate everyone into accepting 5G technology. I am not exaggerating when I say that his stage presence reminds me of a rapist as he seeks to silence his victim. Truly disturbing.

FCC: intimidating press, suppressing science at 5G announcement - Is there a clandestine force working behind the scenes in the United States, censoring truth about the "5G" rollout? Watch this — then decide:

Harmful Environment Effects of Microwave Technologies

Numerous studies, groups and individuals have continually warned of the serious damage that bathing our planet in Microwave energy fields is doing to the life forms here. One of the most commonly highlighted problems is the effect on Bee populations and behavior - bearing in mind that Bees pollinate the plants that produce our food, any disturbance to them poses a highly significant risk to human life too. Do we really want to risk our own future so that we can have the convenience of being able to simulate a farm in a game on facebook while we ride the train!? My suggestion is to smash your phone and start a REAL farm instead ;)


According to this recent piece by WakingTimes, Bees are now on the endangered species lists for the first time ever.

The following documentary goes into great depth to expose this problem too - with specific focus on 'colony collapse disorder' whereby it is shown scientifically that modern wireless phone technology directly kills bees and greatly disturbs them:

More links:

Cell Tower Radiation Prevents Garden Cress Seed Germination in Danish Experiment

34 Scientific Studies Showing Adverse Biological Effects + Damage From Wi-Fi « Stop Smart Meters! (UK)

Specific Risks with 5G and Future Technologies

In his recent and ongoing posts on Steemit, @perceptualflaws has done a good job of addressing some of the specific risks involved with 5G technologies as well as discussing how the various organisations involved intend to force through technologies that effectively make almost every object on the planet accessible via the internet! The so called 'Internet of things' would result in those who have domination of the internet through the various avenues of spy technology to effectively spy everywhere, at all times - literally being and even surpassing the level of omnipresence we were warned about in George Orwell's novel - 1984.

From online refrigerators to 'Smart Dust', almost every angle has been thought of to make sure that no-one can escape from an inherently imbalanced, one-way spy system where those who have the access can glean all information from the rest of the planet at any moment, without them even knowing. So much for 'fair trade', 'privacy' and even FREE WILL! How can it be said that you are free on a planet where every ATOM of your body is closely monitored by people you will never meet?

Given the stakes involved, it becomes clearer why the FCC representative in the video at the top of this post was so disturbingly and even maniacly certain that 5G would not be stopped! These are the same people who start illegal wars that result in millions being killed - we MUST recognise their delusion and psychopathy now before it is too late and before perhaps we are ALL too ill and disempowered to fix the problem! You can download this pre-written notice of rejection of smart meters and send it to whomever you need to send it to in your case.

What can you do to help?

For me, this issue is in the top 10 most important issues to solve on Earth at present and as such I am willing to take action that others might consider radical, but which are - to me - provably appropriate responses. For example, when I learned about the cancer risks of cellphones about 6 years ago, I smashed mine with a hammer and have not owned one since. I disable WIFI in my home and only use Ethernet wired connections for my computers. I get out into nature fairly often, away from built up areas and I generally do whatever I can to make decisions that improve the situation and don't make it worse.

If you are offered a 'Smart meter' that adds yet another source of microwave transmission to the atmosphere, turn it down - if you are in Britain, I know for a fact that you can buy your own meter and install it in your house and are not obliged to use a Smart meter.

Got Comments?

What do you think of this situation? Do you have any relevant evidence to add? What you are you going to do to help? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Thanks for drawing attention to this. Barrie Trower came to my attention a couple of years ago and what he was saying shocked me. I did some research and what I found shocked me even more. There were studies and evidence that showed that microwave radiation was harmful and it was even admitted by the WHO that microwave radiation causes cancer.

I haven't yet turned off the wireless functionality on my router but I did buy some Organite which I placed next to the router although I realise this might be pointless.

Both my children have tablets which they use wirelessly but I restrict their use to 1 hour per day and I do not let them have mobile phones but after reading your post and watching some of the videos I am thinking again about whether to go wired in my house and I certainly won't be letting anyone put a smart meter in my home.

The problem is that unless you go out of the city you are bombarded with microwaves pretty much all the time. I'm lucky enough to live in SW UK near Dartmoor National Park and you cannot get a mobile signal so we often go for walks there but for people living in large cities they simply cannot escape. My place of work provides wireless internet access to staff using powerful repeaters dotted around the office and when I asked if there had been any tests to determine the levels of microwave radiation in the office I was told there had not been and there were no plans to do so.

Very few people know about the dangers of microwave radiation and even when I try to tell people and even print off copies of studies that show the harm caused, they aren't really interested. They love being connected and I suspect that a lot of them would even accept the cancer risk as long as they can access Facebook from any toilet anywhere.

Yes, you are correct - there's a high presence of people on earth with unconscious or semi-conscious death wishes and thus they will automatically reject anything that serves to extend their life. This is a perilous situation indeed and thus it is important to be able to relocate away from their sinking societal ship. You are probably in a good location, the challenge is in being able to stay there or find somewhere better, without having to get caught up polluted environments such as you have described here. I know of people who literally can't visit cities because they are electrosensitive and who have relocated to forests and other locations, way away from everyone else - the situation needs more exposure, that is for sure - and so I continue doing what I do.

The situation is much like that of the consumption of dead animals and dairy products - despite the cancer risk and risk of other serious illness being well documented, I still meet people who blindly reject everything being said, despite their total inability to back up their claims with science.

Another brilliant post @ura-soul thank you for the mention, it really is appreciated. This is all going right down to the wire, the construction of the control grid and the loss self-determination is but a breath away, so close I can almost hear it breathing my ear. Luckily my original meter was installed at an illegal height (I knew this) so I waited until the smart meter was just about to come out then reported it. I got one of the very last standard meters on the market supplied and fitted for free so I'm good for a while, but this adds a whoe new dimension to moving house. To be honest I'm really considering selling everything and buying a plot of land (in the middle of nowhere) and living a complete back to basics lifestyle. You're right this is one of the most important issues in the world right now. Thank you for all your hard work and for taking the time to bring it to peoples attention.

You are welcome. I am advised by my higher self (spirit self) to relocate to a jungle for many reasons, not least this one. To feel good and free requires that we are released from all control and the jungle is the best place on Earth for that - plus to come fully into our natural selves, it makes sense to be in 'nature' ;)
I will be buying land and creating an intentional community for healing, balancing and evolving at some point :)

Thank you. I couldn't agree more and feel that equally, I feel my higher-self imploring me to head in that direction. It's just trying to persuade the people around me that's the problem otherwise I'd already be there. That sounds like a brilliant idea, "if you build it they will come". We have to be proactive, to passively sit and watch the prison being built around us shows a resignation of our power. In the realms of natural law I believe resignation to be a dangerous thing.

Yes, exactly - 'waiting' is 'weighting' ;)
I have created a social network that is the online beginning of what I intend to create physically - you are welcome to participate if you like.

I'm away next week, but I shall definitely give this the full attention it deserves when I return. Thanks for making me aware.

Ok, you are welcome - Wishing you well on your travels!

Keep me posted on the land thing and I'll check out your social network.

And folks think I am nuts saying we need a EMP to shut it all down.... I can be standing next to a cell tower and get 2-3 bars signal but it is hyped that it is there to push the signal. Sharing for others to chime in on this...

Sadly, the average human has more brainpower dedicated to identifying people to label as 'crazy' than they do dedicated to actually learning the facts.

I get a massive headache if I am near them! No one can tell me it is not affecting our DNA!

Barrie Trower made clear that there is a bell curve involved where some are greatly affected, some are sensitive but ok and some are unaffected - that is part of the issue - these needs to be understood to prevent arguments.

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What a fantastic article that you have written! Following!

Greetings! thanks!

so any updates, I didn't see anyone answering the later questions, nobody came up with a idea and to be frank the ones you've suggested(going jungle) probably won't work in scale.

I know we are overusing any resource, we like doing it, even now I'm staring at the moon, but rather I'm still sitting in front of the computer, all the lights are on outside, it's hot as fuck from the concrete, there is no water around except for the sewer one, even the trees are struggling with such hot sun, it could be that the sun is heating up, it could be that we have destroyed the ecosystem, what I'm sure is that globalism doesn't work for all the problems of adaptation it causes. It works in a artificial environment, but it would never work off grid. And people love it so much, being able to watch anything anywhere, eat foreign cultures, it's how trade started.

Great site for the ureka I might check up on it, so far I'm banking on steemit, but it probably won't go in that direction. It's headed quite mainstream towards all the other shitpiles, still it would be a while before all the people here leave :D or even better we could actually work towards bringing hope and values to others, like this place has done to me for a while.

5G will go ahead unless there is significant rejection of it - sadly though, just like the many toxic legal drugs, the users will likely lose consciousness to the point of being unable to detect the problems they are causing themselves and thus will not move to solve the problem.

I still maintain that what is needed is to provide coherent knowledge on the subject in an easily digested format and from there each individual can make their choices. Since this will not be done by governments and corporations, the responsibility falls to everyone who does their own research.

If the majority have no intention to respect life then they will not survive and it is not wrong to relocate away from them while the Earth is cleared. :/

I doubt you can survive for billions of years, there are stories, but people will need some time to decay back to ashes. It will take at least a century maybe more.

I'd rather have people walking for that time, so any helpful suggestions could go a long way, so far everyone is stuck in a city for the pleasure and the pain, transport is long story, everything is mapped out, yet we need more, so we really need to refit our goals to serve some real purpose it can't be just work to retire and then do the rest.

On top of that, it's a minority as far as numbers are concerned, not everyone is mining resources and spraying chemicals, most are taking part in the "benefits" like dying early and being stupid. But who is there to blame, I always go back to this, I don't think there is anyone, because we would have to blame everyone if we start pointing fingers.

So rather, what can we do, how do we start moving in a direction that fits a better purpose. What would that be, the utopic THRIVE and Venus project come to mind, but I think we are miles away, not only that but I'm not entirely convinced technology is good and it would be good to move in the realm of AI's that manage resources :D not that we are doing a good job of it at the moment.

I do not promote the venus project, outer technology is just a trap like so many other traps. The only true path of survival is the inner evolutionary one whereby our own inner 'technology' is fully awakened and used. In that state our current problems completely fade away. I have touched on the edges of that way of being and understand that transforming to fully realise those abilities in every moment is the only lasting solution to the problems we will continue to face as long as we deny the inner in favour of the outer.

This is also part of why relocating to a jungle area is so important, since the natural self is what I am pointing at and a natural setting is appropriate to embody that way of being. <3

interesting stuff. but I hurd that they proved that the bees were dying from something else that wasnt x-ray or gamma rays or whatever fones use. than again I didnt look into it so Im not totally sure.
either way bees are dying and we need them

i should be a tick of sorts that for some reason is dealing great harm to them, something they were dealing with fine from before, I'm not sure but I've seen a few bees and fly's walking on the ground in the heat, beetles laying on the ground, looking drunk as fuck. It's either the heat(which shouldn't be a prime cause) or something else, radiowaves and micowaves are a good bet, still I haven't read into anything, I'm not a scientist, I'm not sure if any studies have been done to see how populations fare with the radiowaves, radiation and such, I have heard they have problems because of the magnetic grid disruptions, and that is mentioned in the video too.