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in steemit •  9 months ago

Beginning right now, all votes from @randowhale are 1 Steem or 1 SBD!  That's right, @randowhale heard you, the community, and reduced the cost by 50%!  Tell your family, tell your friends, tell every Steemian you know!

But wait, thats not all!

@randowhale has also increased the voting range from 1-5% to 2-5%!  You saw it here first!  That's DOUBLE the minimum vote you were previously receiving for HALF the price!  What a deal!  Act now!

(Note: You will receive a vote from either @randowhale or @randowhale1 based on existing voting power.)

Here's how it works:

  • Ensure the post you want to vote on has not paid out or is not within 12 hours of payout
  • Copy the URL of the post you want @randowhale to vote on
  • Navigate to your Wallet
  • Select Transfer under Steem or Steem Dollars
  • Populate To field with "randowhale"
  • Populate Amount field with "1" (Steem or SBD)
  • Paste URL into Memo field
  • Submit

@randowhale will now place a vote with a random vote power of 2%-5% on your post!

  • Yes, there is now an additional account voting (only voting!) so you may see a vote from either account.
  • This change in voting power will result in comparable rewards to the previous settings.


  • Only send to @randowhale. Do NOT send to @randowhale1 or @randowhalebonus,  these accounts are used only for voting purposes.
  • Do not submit posts in their last 13 hours before payout - they cannot receive upvotes.
  • There are no refunds, period. If you send the incorrect amount or to @randowhale1 or @randowhalebonus (DO NOT SEND TO THIS ACCOUNT), consider it a donation.
  • Each post may be voted on only once! Please verify @randowhale has not already voted on the post before submitting.
  • Again, no refunds.
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Let's see how much this game of Space Invaders can get me with randowhale

Great to see it at a $1! Maybe I'll add it back to my upvote initiative. Killing it @randowhale 🚀


This post received a 3.7% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @blueorgy! For more information, click here!


old back days of 5x was amazing.
but this stabilizing everything ,and makes win-win for everyone ☝️


This post received a 4.9% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @mirage! For more information, click here!


Shockingly AWESOme !!! I'm in!


que tan cierto es ?


si sirve amigo, siempre sus votos te dan mas de lo invertido, a mi me enctanta


Juan, puedes explicar mas?


@randowhale это отличная новость!


@randowhale I sent you 1SBD and a post in the memo but never got the upvote. please check. It's been two days. If it is not possible for you to upvote please let me know. Thanks


Did you receive it?

Curious to know.


you must have done something wrong, because the upvote is instantly done


Yep! you must done something wrong.


This post received a 3% upvote from @faissalchahid thanks to @randowhale! For more information, click here!


I'll follow your account to see how you doing. i try to earn as you earn sir : @yash0108


Blogs are not just for socializing with others but it can also give us useful information like this. Just like me, I’m a new blogger and this article gave me lots of ideas on how to start blogging to a site or posts. I love commenting on articles and i use to comment regularly. This article will help me to comment in a proper way, thanks for sharing it Linking is very useful thing.you have really helped lots of people who visit blog and provide them usefull information.thanks a lot sir :) @randowhale


You are the hero I want to be like you and I would be grateful if you supported me

Amazing news. Now users can benefit from your services again. Thanks for the amazing change :D


This post received a 4.5% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @rkrijgsman! For more information, click here!

Awesome deal. Thank you @randowhale


This post received a 2.5% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @bedroomshaman! For more information, click here!


I like random snales.


So clearly not worth it as even the minimum vote won't give you 1 SDB back.


If percentage of vote is high then it worth


With 2.0% vote he got 1.40 USD. Let's not actually take into account he got also lucky to receive a random extra vote. So full vote is 3.5 USD. Which for ease of calculation lets say is 3 SDB. Though only 70 % goes to the author as rest goes to curators. So that's 2.1 SDB. And you get only half of it in SDB, rest in Steem. So even with full upvote you don't really get much out of it.

Now, is it worht a gamble? MEh. It used to be :).

Another thing to consider is that actually by the time 7 days will pass the post value tends to lower by 50 %. So those 3.5 USD actually become 1.75 USD by the time it's time for a payout.


I think its still worth it it helps attract others to your post.


I agree with it gives you initial boost.


Yep, it can be good to get into the "Hot" tab with your post.


simply WOW news !!! loved it !!!!


This post received a 2.0% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @krishatnet! For more information, click here!

Hey @randowhale, I asked this question earlier, but did not get reply from you, so I asking again:

Can you make website where other whales can join your service like http://whaleshares.net , but without jumping through the hoops of trying to get whaleshare tokens? Also see:


Also, Steemvoter and MinnowBooster are joining forces. You should start soon:


This post received a 2.4% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @warn-a-brutha! For more information, click here!

Great, much appreciated. I hope this is not a weekend special. ;-)


This is not a weekend special. @randowhale will be adjusted as needed to keep things in line with the reward pool.


How do you decide on percentage


I believe its random! This why its called RandoWhale!


So is this the new plan from now on then! 1SBD for the foreseeable future?? Thanks for any reply!


Price will be based on demand, available voting power and the size of the reward pool. For the foreseeable future though, yes, it will remain 1 SBD/Steem.


Happy days! This is good news! Think I will be buying this on a daily basis! Thankyou:) Re-steemed!

Good deed by @randowhale !!
Good incentive to write post. Believing in steemit
Got it!! I'll try it today and I am working on a post as I post this.
Stay tuned steemians

Bargain of the day! Sent 1 SBD across! Wooooop! :)

I don't believe it!

It is now more affordable and sustainable.

Thanks @randowhale very good job! take my 100% upvote!

And I was wonder why sending to @randowhale1 does not work... Thank you for the clarification :)

good news for like me a new user

Awesome...lets see how it goes.

Awesomeness ! Love @randowhale !!! 💜💙💜💙💜

Thank you! Let's celebrate you gratitude to us!



super toll

I love it.. is it still working?

I had to stop using randowhale because I was running a loss. Just checked out voting power for 1-5% to 2-5% for both randowhale and randowhale1 and there's no real profit there. About $1.25 for randowhale at 2.5% and $1.20 at 2.5% for randowhale1. If you pay with steem your at a loss right away...steem=$1.40. If you pay with SBD you may make a couple of pennies SBD=$1.01. But that is only if you transfer the steem or SBD just before the 12 hour cut off time for curation. If you post early the time decay will take any profit away. and if you post just before the cut off you don't get the benefit of attracting curators. Looks like you have tried to take the gambling for big wins out but now it is just not very good business. Unless the voting power of randowhale and randowhale1 are allowed to regenerate. They are both low. 36% randowhale and 59% randowhale1. It's a great idea but it's still not quite worth it. IMHO


Every @randowhale vote so far since the change has not been worth it, I've used it 5-6 times hoping it would get better, from now on I think I'll spend dollars on SP.

So, I decided to give @randowhale a roll to try to promote this post


I transferred my 1 Steem Dollar to the whale. A few minutes later the whale transferred 1 Steem Dollar to me. But no randowhale upvote. Am I missing something?

This is a great news for steemians @randowhale

Omg! That should be profitable! I started using randowhale daily!

Thank you so much man for your work! It really helps newbies to get more attention and to grow their reputation.

Cool, good to hear!

@randowhale i will start using your service soon. Its a good news.

I have no idea what this is but it seems like a good thing haha

Awesome, thanks so much for doing this!!!

Damn i must've been quite unlucky.. literally used it an hour or so ago for the first time, before the price went down haha. Good to know for further posts though!

That's how you end the week. Excellent News!

Thank you,

Very nice. I do think 2 is fair though. Just sent 2 a couple of hours ago :)

good new...thanks...

Nice, you are offering a sweet deal to more newcomers

Thanks so much!

That is such a great news @randowhale i used your upvotes on all my post and am happy that i will earn a good ammount from my posts now. Thanks to @randowhale

Perhaps for now I'll just follow the bot-random :)

Is this forever? Or any special discount for some days/weeks?


Seems like "forever" - of forever means any new unexpected change in this dynamic community. :-D

thanks for the information

nice one randowhale! so what if i send 2 sbd? I just managed to read your new posts

Oh, you're the best whale in the world!
Thanks for your hard work, it helps the community a lot!)

Thanks @randowhale for hearing us in the community :)

Awesome I just upvoted and Resteem

Nice one. Will use your service soon. Team #newbie

Nice. Love randowhale!

Hopefully voting percent doesn't go down, but this is badly needed updateyour account info/memo since it says send 2sbd

Sweet baby whale!!!

Way to go Randowhale! Recently your votes have really helped me. I have see the haters; but I don't agree. My posts wouldn't get the attention without it!
Thanks for the service; I'll be using it for most of my minnow / dolphin career so keep the love coming ;)

Thank you @randowhale :) VERY much <3

Hurray Rando transfered 1 $ with post link to experiment lets how much vote I get......


How much did you get?
Just curious :-)

Nice news lets see how it works :)

I am impressed with you .. thanks information. Hopefully we can be good friends

Ride on


But here's never enough time for @randowhale to recharge its voting power. Right?i've been checking it and ots always around 42% these days on steemstats. Does it change a thing??

I love randowhale!!!

Only thing i noticed is that voting power has dipped really fast now!

WOW @randowhale, that's great! But I don't even have 1 STEEM :( Hopefully your rates stay the same in the future.

Haven't used randowhale yet but will definitely do so now! Thanks for this, upvoted and resteemed...

I just tried it and received only from one account around $1.3

awesome pic. my brother....

I am a mini-minnow and I am just under $2. Couldn't wait to try this out. Now, I'll have 2 chances with $1 cost. WoooHooo!

Is this a greed or reputation. Is the system saying get paid for upvoting? Every vote counts. They say don't do business with your heart. Got to involve intelligence. Smart way. I like it.

if course...please give me steem

Great news thank you

Hi @randowhale! You seem to be quite quite the catch you even have a chrome extension that lets people know when you are sleeping. I saw that and thought "what's the big fuss over this guys sleeping schedual?"
many moons later I realized the it was to know when you where awake to vote. This was a realization I had after I discovered vote bidding (earlier today)
I must say after finding out about this bidding thing so many things that completely alluded me before makes sense.
like how the hell do you seduce clicks from a whale? esteem://funny/@puggle/eat-me-i-am-tastey

You seduce whales with steemit dollars other sea creatures will throw thier seductive dollors to the whales as whale (see what I did there he he he ) the biggest steem dollar gets the best clicks ...

-i feel like I was left out of the secrete with this vote bidding. They are kinda the key to steemit life huh?

Thank you for the inspiration
"steemit is to stripper what click is to dollar" is going to be my next post LOL

Interesting. I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the updated info.

lol i have send 2sbd on my post

Thanks @randowhale very fast !!! lol

Thank you very much.
From Venezuela.

Great News

Its all about attention. Content is King

Now you can be a whale too!

Wow, i'm very excited to know this news..
I'll try it soon (actually i try it now), thanks @randowhale for your update information..

I am still waiting to know what happened with my 2 SBD... You said you voted another link (post) I didn't see any vote


One of these:

Which is the one you didn't pay for?


thought of the day, bible study, identification

They just reduce and increas... well... they just balance it because of power down of steem and reducing the SBD from the upvotes... if they will not do that, no one will use "randowhale" like what happened now to minnowsupport, almost half of people is not using it.


Nothing happened so far.
No answer, no upvote. Nothing?


Yes, the votes are there, just no comment on the post is all.

that's a great news, more can afford the service, and more improve voting.. thanks @randowhale

i was wondering if this post of yours still available or not anymore?
the one w/c anyone who use @randowhale will also recieve vote from @randowhale1 and @randowhalebunos ,

thanks, planning to use this.. for all the BOOSTER here, this resolve some of the issue i raise last time at my post, some just ignore it.. and didn't vote my post even if i pay them


Good news for randowhale users!! Thank you

Good to know and wish i'd known this earlier today. I invested two times 2sbd, and now i don't have enough to send to randowhale until several hours from now. At least I see this now. I wish that there was a way to "see first" randowhale posts in my newsfeed. I find you here at the way bottom of my feed. (at least though).

Wow! this sounds awesome! well done @randowhale

This post has been ranked within the top 10 most undervalued posts in the second half of Jul 21. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $46.39 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Jul 21 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Wow thanks!! I just sent you 1SBD I am excited to see how my post does!!

OPZ i didn't see this good news before and promoted some posts for 2 SBD.Any way it is ok.
That is a good news.I have used several time your service.It is very good for me.Keep it up.

I must give it a try.

You're the best!

this is great news..thanks

This is great news! I really like that we don't need to worry about getting that bad 1% vote anymore ;)

I wan't to try this but I don't know how to use it

This post deserve upvote...so upvoted....thanks

@randowhale I'm new here...
your offer seems to me very amusing but I don't have any SBD in my wallet...
what if you give a vote for the 1st time for free...
that will do a great amount of good to me...
I know that is not according to your offer...
But I'm requesting you...
If your could help me out then I can at least gain the eligibility to get in your offer...
So here is the post of my like....
Again if you give me an upvote that will be very nice of you...

Link : https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@arshikhan/hello-steemers-this-is-arshi-khan-i-m-here-looking-for-new-people

Thanks a lot...

This is great news and will be appreciated so well. I just did a 2SBD transfer for a post, what will happen since there is a prize reduction now. Just asking. thanks


you are appreciated!

Gonna try it! Thank you @randowhale

Cool! Let me try this out