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Before I proceed with today's post, I'll like to thank everyone who contributed to making 2017 a memorable year for me.


My journey on Steemit started on July, 15th 2017. Actually I knew about steemit through WhatsApp, I got an invite link from a group which stated that **"Do you waste time on social media (i.e Fb,Instagram) without being paid, Are you a blogger? e.t.c Now You can post and earn through a platform called Steemit."** As a blogger and an online researcher, I decided to join [Steemit](

After Creating my account and I got verified, it was then my journey on Steemit started, I joined Steemit with an amiable and potential friend I met online @michaelcj. We started the journey and from thence we met other steemians like @stevenmosoes, @phunke @plojslydia, @motivatorjoshua, @tfame3865 etc.


We started making friends with other top curators whose aim was to foster and help minnows growth,we met great minds in likes of @dante31, @gbenga. I remember when @dante31 and @michaelcj had a little misunderstanding because of the group. But through all thick and thins we began to grow in numbers and creativity, we were getting all the support we needed to grow.

Then, our leaders decided to start up a community named Steemnaira Community with the account name @steemnaira. To know more about this community visit the introductory post INTRODUCING STEEM NAIRA IN NIGERIA AS A GROWTH PROJECT FOR STEEMIT

Credit: @steemnaira

It was all fun in steemnaira community, more people joined us and we were able to introduce Steemit to more people in Nigeria. We involved ourselves in contest within and outside the community.

Steemnaira community was indeed another blessing to my Steemit journey because it made me learn more about Steemit and I made lots of friends too.

Every steemian knows how the struggle of being on Steemit is, many joined but there are only a few left (more already in tho)

Year In Review 2017: Post Review.

Next up I'll be giving a photo review of my posts from July 15th up to Dec 31st.

AAU Thespian

If u take a great look at the photo review above you'll see it hasn't been easy from July to December, from the number of upvotes to the number of comments and then the earnings, it's been tough too.... My 2017 Journey of Steemit is a memorable on.

Lastly I'll like to appreciate the following persons for contributing to my growth on Steemit.
@dante31, @michaelcj, @softboy1122 @tfame3865, @phunke, @stevenmosoes, @plojslydia, @ponmile, @iloegbunamagnes @kesolink @bollutech @nmalove @valency @jodipamungkas @pangoli @gracehills @pearlumie @princeemmanuel @maintain4real-eu @endee @motivatorjoshua @mayowadavid @aderonkemi, @ambmicheal, @ufxpression and other steemians not mentioned here. Love y'all💜💜


History Review

Day and Month Joined: July 12th

Total Months On Steemit: 7 months

Steemit Rep: 49.8

Total Followers: 956

Total Following: 215

Number Of Posts: 32

Community: Steemnaira and Nigerian Community

I pray 2018 will be filled with fun, making new friends, more posts and more earnings

Happy New Year Fam.


Wow nice Job, very creative @aauthespian1 by the special grace of God you will make it on steemit platform. Your light will shine

Amen oooo

We'll make it together

Great work @aauthespian1
Nothing good comes easy. I like your courage and persistence. I know you will have a greater 2018 by God'grace. Thanks for the mention as well..i'm blushing 😊😀
Happy new year...

Lol @ponmile you're greatly welcome

Amen oooo
Thanks for making 2017

Great work bro.. Steemit is the best out there @aauthespian1

I really support you on this.

Thanks for making 2017 a memorable

Thanks, it was nice knowing you also💛

Yay!!! Indeed twas great knowing you

Thanks for making 2017

An interesting write up @aauthespian1. It really nice knowing and connecting with you on steemit.

Thanks for adding to my 2017

You are always welcome

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This year i believe you will have an exceptional run on Steemit. Keep it real fam.

I appreciate your mention.

Happy New Year

Amen o

Big boss.... I bless the group link that brought us together...

It's been great knowing someone like you. You've been a blessing to me in Steemit and we'll all gain at the end of the long-run

2 0 1 8 is another year let's make it big

Just like yesterday it is bro. Welcome review. Thank you for the mention and the journey has just begun and our destination is much easier everyday. Ride on bro.


I'm honored meeting you on my journey through Steemit and i pray that God bless and strengths our union till the end...

Thanks for 2k17


It was nice meeting you too.😊

It's a pleasure having you as a friend on Steemit

Keep up the good work... It will keep paying..

2018 will be better

Nice 1,i love people that keep archives of the past with precise are smart and sharp,keep it up...

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