My New Years Resolutions. A rough draft.

in resolution •  11 months ago

The second half of 2017 took me by storm.

I discovered Steemit, dove in and have been engaged daily ever since. I think it is absolutely mind-boggling that such a platform exists to give us all a voice and to get rewarded for staying positive and contributing alongside each other.

random thoughts.jpg

Have you ever dove so deep into a new hobby or project, only to have it totally consume every waking second? And then to sit back during a rare rebreathing- To wonder what you did with all your free-time before this newfound obsession? 😀

Steemit has given me a lot of great opportunities for a better future, and 2018 will be the start of giving back. I have a love/hate relationship with charities. So many seem to be mismanaged, or corrupt. Others give too much that they never really help people, and instead create a welfare state.

Where is there a healthy balance?

I see a lot of children in the Philippines living on the streets. Hands out everytime I walk past. Sleeping and eating under a bridge with sometimes dozens of siblings and parents. How can we help these families, if they are not willing to help themselves? I oftentimes see them eating snacks, big chips, ice cream, 'Angel's' burger but never vegetables... Their parents are always on standby to receive their alms after a passerby places a few coins in their hands. What do the parents do with this money? Some are on drugs, or alcohol. Many others cannot get ahead because they don't understand simple budgeting, and dont save the donations to afford a roof over their heads. Others see begging as 'easy and free money'. There is no incentive for them to work, if they can just have their 6 children working their solemn faces at the busiest of intersections for some loose change 18 hrs a day.

So... Enough of the rant. My New years resolution is to give back via education. I think this is the key to giving a gift, that keeps on giving. The old adage- 'teach a man to fish...' applies here.

How am I going to do this? I haven't gotten that far ahead yet! This is why I am here on Steemit. So many influential and intelligent people to share ideas with, a very positive community at its core.

Steemit did it right. Sure there are some trolls. But those that are positive are rewarded more, so I believe many of these trollers shed their skin, and came over to the light-side.

This is just one of my New Years' resolutions. Of course the old- Eat healthier, workout more, etc. will be on the list 🙂



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I'm proud of you dear @purepinay. I read your blog carefully and when I read these lines, believe me, I was literally crying:
Hey My New years resolution is to give back via education. I think this is the key to giving a gift, that keeps on giving. The old adage- 'teach a man to fish.
Actually now a days as per my knowledge everyone thinks for himself / herself. Nobody thinks for others specially for poor and needy people. After @surpassinggoogle you're the 2nd who is doing great job for humanity. I must appreciate your efforts and will contribute in future once I get some good rewards of earning.
Keep it up your great wok and Stay Blessed!


I just woke up and this the first thing I read. Thank you for giving me strength.

We don't see the real situations behind those photos. Pain is universal and I have suffered emotionally, mentally and physically but this didn't hinder me from getting where I am and I still a lot of things I want to achieve.

Thank you for your kind words and for your support. I look forward to everyone's success here. I hope we always keep inspiring each other.

❤️ -Gil

@purepinay. I have gone through your short article many times. I am just trying to figure out what kind of person you are and how should I treat you, a long-distance friend (whom I have never met or I don't know would we meet up someday or a fellow steemian who is kind enough to support the needy and fellow steemian), an inspiration for me to take up some nobel cause just like you.

I simply respect you not because you constantly upvotes on my posts but for the fact that you are a very good human being and I'd be lucky enough to have a friend and fellow steemian like you for the rest of my life.


I am not good at names, but I remember you from my older posts. It is my biggest pleasure to know that I inspire my fellow Steemians.

Thank you for your continued support and for the treating me so kindly, hopefully, I can give more back to the community.

How's everything going on with you? I hope everything is well.

<3 - purepinay


Ya. Philippines & India are both on the same page. Both are allied to each other politically, economically and to many things, I am not aware of.

From the very first day, I came across your profile something struck my heart. It's not the wallet balance which made me talk about or think about you, but somewhere somehow I realized you have a pure soul & heart. An I must confess I was not wrong at all in recognizing you.

Get going and wish you all the success and happiness you deserve.

What a great post! Giving back is such an important part of life. With your passion you can help a lot of people there in the Philippines. If you can teach more people there how to get on Steemit, it will greatly improve their lives. Thanks for the help you have given me, as you know I try to upvote and help as many people in the PH as I can. I have also donated some money to Shelter Box to help with the people affected in the resent storms there. If you don't know about Shelter Box, look at some videos on Youtube. Onward and Upward!


I appreciate your support, my friend. You have been here since my first week on Steemit.

Thank you for your help and your time.

I also watched the news. It's really depressing. We always want to help. Even my family's home got ruined by the recent storm.

It hurts to know that I could give them all they want but I don't because that would only hurt them by always depending on me and not able to learn how deal things on their own.

I could build a new house for my family for the amount of money I have but then my future will be on stake. I always want to help, the thing is I only help the ones that are willing to help themselves. My life haven't always been a fairytale, that's why I am determined to achieve my long term goals, and I take advantage of every great opportunities.

Thank you for the update, I'll look it up when I get back to the City, right now my internet is as slow as a snail 😅

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!



Yes, I know what you are talking about. Sometimes the best way to help someone is to not help them, but give them guidance if they will take it. It can be very frustrating when someone, especially someone you love, will not help themselves.

@purepinay I wish for successful 2018 for you and your family. You have a wonderful heart. Yes, there's a lot of less fortunate people and we can share our blessings to them. Me and my husband had an unusal encounter when we were giving foods and stuff when we were in Manila last October. So we were walking down the road going back to our hotel from Robinsons mall and we saw this little girl maybe around 6-7 year old walking passed us with her worn out shoes so my husband said lets buy her a shoes. So I asked the girl where is her mom so that we can give her money to buy the shoes. So the girl took us to her mom who had a small carinderia beside the street. So I gave a 100 pesos bill and told the mother to buy shoes for her daughter. But the mom get mad at us and question why we are giving away money and feeding some people on that place. And I told her we were just sharing our blessings, I wasnt born rich in the Philippines and working/living in another country had given me a diferent perspective and I want to share my blessings to the those people who cant afford the comfort of living. The mother took it in a different way so I ended up apologizing her. And my husband was shock on her mad reaction. Anyways,happy new year!


Thank you for your continuous support and for the warm greetings. ❤️

That's a sad, am not good at handling rejection especially when my intention is good. Sorry that happened.

Sometimes we think people need help from others but they don't really. I think it's good that the mom at least have a pride but maybe sometimes too proud, or we don't really know the reason why she acted that way.


From my opinion, she didn't want the gesture it made her feel like she can't take care of her daughter's needs and it was a blow on her ego. And I understand. Anyway, keep on posting!

oh sadyang kay ganda ng iyong artikolo,
ako ay napapa saludo,

ang napaka sweet ng Purepinay na lahi mo,
kami ang napapa-wow sa iyong artikolo,

sadyang kay ganda ng iyong mukha,
kasing liwanag pa sa ganda ng umaga,
alam kong, maganda ka at
pati narin ang boung mong pag katao .
kaya mahal ka namin aming sinta.


mula kay dontryme ang iyong masugit na follower ^_^



Aw! Thank you for this!

Keep sharing the good vibes 😘


sanay makita mo ang aking artikolo at basahin ang mga tula kung ginagawa,.
maraming salamat sa iyo..^_^ @purepinay.. mabuhay po kayo..


Your 2018 road map is a very positive one and i'm glad that you are creating this awesome opportunity to help the people need, changing life's for the greater good should be a way of life for us human's, my good wishes go with your project i resteemed / followed you for updates on this


Thank you so much for your support.

I wish us all the best in life. See ya around 😉


I'm happy to find that a fellow Eastehanon could be in steemit. I'm from eastern samar, as well. Anyway, good to hear from you. Keep slaying fellow steemian and easternian. haha


Hello there, Eastehanon!

Where in Eastern are you from? Hope to see you around more often 😉

❤️ - Gil


I'm from Giporlos. But I spend most of my days in Cebu. Hope to see you in personal. hahaha


Haven't been in Giporlos. I live in Cebu but I went home for Xmas with my family. Today am getting back to Cebu.

What do you do for living?


Im still a student taking my Masters degree in San Carlos. Haha ☺ Anyway, i find that you really love what you're doing. Fighting.


Oh a student, welcome to Steemit! How'd you learn about the website?


I'm one lucky investor in bitcoin, and since then become an avid investor in cryptocurrency coins and tokens.

Before I invest, I read the fundamentals, the team, the products, and white papers. I stumbled upon steemit through my interest in STEEM token. And I'm amazed by the thriving community and involvement of the members.

I'm surely gonna invest in STEEM and STEEM dollars.


Oh wow! Am glad to know another Steemian is into investing. You know, there's only few Steemit investors if look at the chart and Steemit coin is still under valued so there's a lot chance to grow. Lucky us who are invested early on crypto. It's just getting better and better.

Of course there will be ups and downs but no risk no reward.

You're not new to investing and so I believe you'll do great here. 😉


Thank you, yes I do love what am doing. There's a lot of growth here, different ways to become successful. Something that other social media site can't offer. So take advantage, time money and money is time.

So take time to learn. Have read the welcome link and FAQs, yet?


Yeah, it's a good way to redistribute the wealth of the world. haha. I've read FAQs. haha


Phew! Am glad you were able to find the FAQs link. I have been babysitting some minnows, can't even count the numbers and some of them still didn't finish reading the article, might have to remind them again... Hehe

Anyways, everything we need to know is available on the interwebs, but am happy to help if you have any questions, I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Talk soon. 😊

Happy new year. This is really good idea to try and change them. Feels happy by reading articl.Nice


Thank you my friend for reading! How are you? What's new?

Definitely something to think about when it comes to education. I appreciate your fish illustration. Adequate training is needed for the younger to thrive and supplies value for them in the future. I know you mentioned many of the youth live on the streets. It is reasonable to feel conflict when you have no money to give them but also hope them well. I could suggest that the best way to educate and give back would be using your time. Food for thought. Thanks for the post!


You're right, it takes a lot of effort to teach an individual and even a great patience. My mom is a really good teacher and I am really proud of her.
I just don't like the idea of giving money to an individual because it might help them today but then what about the day after?

Food for thought, yes. Although, let's say we can teach 10 individual but there's only very few who will take it seriously, that's just reality. Maybe that one person or two will also share what they learned. That's one person/family that will no longer suffer from hunger.

I can only hope.


Very honest and humble answer. I appreciate your reasoning and keep up the good work! It is true that not all those taught will accept the teaching or act on what they learn. That is how it goes sometimes but if you can impact just one person, that is what makes all the difference.

Your attempt for raising this resolution is wonderful.. I am very impressed to read your article... well done and keep it up dear @purepinay


Thank you for your time reading the article. I appreciate it.

How's everything going on with you?


All is going well .....

Hiii my friend, @purepinay always love to see your any post, you are so much active and devoted on Steemit. your passion and continous efforts made you strong, you always play leading role to support other steemians specially newbies. i am much impressed and learned a lot from your positive behavoiur. I appreciated your generous support.
my wishes always for you and hope new year brought more joy, success, prosperity and fulfill your dreams.


Thank you for the positive feedback 😊

My heart is burst with happiness everytime I see my loving Steemians still showing their love and support. It really helps me to get more motivated and do better.

Thank you for the wishes and greetings...
Thank you for the friendship ❤️

Talk soon.

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Really appreciate and Quoted main points"A lot of children in the Philippines living on the streets. I oftentimes see them eating snacks, big chips, ice cream, 'Angel's' burger but never vegetables... passerby places a few coins in their hands. What do the parents do with this money? Some are on drugs, or alcohol. "

No one can understand their situation, Because of this conditions ,they don't have feeling with theirs families and kids and use them to earn money to meet out their addiction . These can be change by only EDUCATE them about " how can they improve their life by managing time and money in right way

Nice hearing your new year's resolution @purepinay.

I dont usually have a new year's resolution. I just want my new year to be blessed with good friends, healthy career and strong-bond family.

I will be graduating next year in God's grace... and I am extremely nervous because few months from now, I'll be dealing the new world of adults and working. Lol.

Anyways, have a wonderful year ahead. I saw your heart in this platform as your Co-Core Leader of SteemPh-Cebu. I am excited for our next move next year in our community.


You can definitely do it, Gil~!!! ^^ Good luck! ^^


Thank you, my dear! ❤️🤗


you're always welcome Gil! Happy to have you as a part of my 2017, btw... ^^

This is totally on point. People on sidewalks take advantage of donations but they don't make it out on their own. Thing is they know someone's gonna feed them because of pity. And your idea is just awesome. Nobody can take a proper education away from someone. Kudos to your post!


Thank you for your support, @maimaimaichan

Wow! Beautiful Post... Well thought out resolution.
You speak my mind in your introductory paragraphs. Really I can't find my free time anymore. Steemit has become suddenly my new obsession. Having great fun though.
Thank God we are being rewarded for it lol
I'm currently working on a new story... Really interesting. Will be posted in couple of minutes.
Meanwhile keep steeming!
Thumbs up!


Thanks a lot for the upvote! Here's the story

Kindly Check it out.
A very beautiful piece... Upvote, comment and resteem! Thanks a great deal!

Choosing a candidate from your neighborhood/hometown would be great. A hope- a future changed and as for you a deep soul satisfying fulfilment:) Good luck!'


Thank you for the advice, will look into that. I do need to delegate some task somehow...

Thank you for your support. Have a wonderful holiday! 😘

This will be a great advocacy @purepinay ! You can get in touch with government officials in your barangay or municipality, livelihood programs( bag making using wrappers, mushroom growing) will be helpful to parents and out of school youths. I know there is a Kagawad or a Konsehal who is assigned for those programs, this will be a win-win situation for everyone. Kudos to you! Keep it up!

Nice post friend, merry Christmas and advance happy new year image


Thank you 😘

I need to write my resolutions too!


Gorabels! 😉

happy holiday.. You're great!


Aw! Thank you, sweet 🤗

I hope you will succeed in keeping your new year resolutions and actually doing them.


Thank you. I have already started it actually, after a month on Steemit. I have been doing small charities of my own. I haven't shared it here, coz there's no need. I believe that the people that I was able to help will always remember it in their heart. :) I hope to help more in my own little ways.

Thank you for your support.❤️

The resolution of a very nice to welcome the new year, you really care for children and adolescents in the state of your refrigerator, with this post would be very helpful about a problem that you see

If you want to do it through education, maybe you can teach them a craft instead? Then they could sell whatever they made. Or maybe you can find a way to invite them to steemit, they probably have a lot of interesting stuff to share :)
I'm sure steemit can help a lot of people get to a better place in life, let's all make that happen :)

Amazing post dear


Thank you



Love the stickers 😊

That is so nice. Fellow Filipina here :) would appreciate a little help in form of upvoting my latest post

Also, I'm looking for like a chat or channel for the Filipino Steemians community. Would like to join

A great step for humanity.

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Positivity is always important to achieve one's goals

Nice post :)

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Excellent perception for this new year, Happy New year 2018

I'm also looking forward to blogging on Steemit in 2018. It's one of my resolutions. Although I can exchange Litecoin for Steem, I am not doing that - instead taking Steemit as a fun project. Nice post!

Great post and totally agree with what you've said. If we want to help somebody we should teach him how to do something and not doing it for him... he will not learn out of it and you have to do it over and over again ... this is no solution.
Hopefully your New Year Resolution will be a total success :D

Couldnt agree more, how to help people who are not willing to help themselves in the first place.. So great that you willing to give back to the society :)
Education is definitely one of the best ways to improve their lives.

verrrrrry niceeee Oh my god

Want to take part in any ways with your Resolution @purepinay. We just support you all the way with your future plans for the community!

good post , Happy New year 2018 <3< 3

Nothing much for me, but I want to start doing Let's Plays (if you've heard of them) on YouTube.

I like your work. I am new here so please guide me. I follow you and you follow and please vote me.

All the best sis. will make mine too:)
so many of them :):)
Rock n roll! just happy for you talaga!
Miss you too!

See you araound sissy love

I enjoyed this post because it challenged me to actually begin thinking of ways to give back as well. Also I have recently joined Steem so I know all to well about being consumed. I'm up first thing before work reading and learning the site. Good luck!

Hey -- that's a great New Years resolution.

I visit my family in the Philippines every couple of years and I see what you've described.

Financial education is key -- especially for the future.

From experience, financial education isn't something that is taught widely. I remember reading something about how it's inherited knowledge from our parents i.e. Our parents teach us how to deal with money.

If the parents are not good at budgeting or don't understand basic financial principles such as cumulative interest on savings, then the kids won't either. It's a vicious cycle.

So, to the New Year - to be better and do better!

Just like you, I found Steemit in the second part of the year and it made me realize how much time to give I actually have.

Thanks for sharing your perspective! Inspiring!

Nice new year's resolution @purepinay. Good education is essential. Steemit is a great place to find many informative posts and videos. Keep to your new year's resolution and I am sure you will play a part in making the world a better place.

Your advocacy to give back via educating other people is very beautiful and admirable I must say... Like @surpassinggoogle you have a huge heart to help and support those in need without asking for anything in return. I hope you become a witness or a curator someday or much more, a whale! Because you deserve more!

good post.
Follow and uvote me yes.
thank you.

you are so beautiful as ur have a lovely thought...wishing u very good luck...become fan of ur...happy new year.

You are very right i joined this platform 3weeks ago,steemit helps in learnig from intelligent people here which you are one of them. I like your new year resolution by giving via education,God will help you.

very good post, I like about posting @purepinay.

hi @purepinay,i love your post,i have my 100% upvote because i like your post,let us follow each post,,hope will be friend as of now:-)

hope you can visit my post to,thanks

Fantastic post i love your post and always follow you...thanks for sharing

Good post thank you

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Ahhh I miss you @purepinay <3
So happy to be able to read your posts again...
I've been out in steemit for the past few months and have missed some of your posts. I'm so proud of what you have achieved here in steemit and your growth! I'll always be proud to have you as my first friend here in Steemit. I hope you still remember me.

By the way, belated Merry Christmas! More blessings to you! I hope to really see you in person! :) :* You're one of my inspirations. <3

It's very hard to miss a beggar. You see them everywhere. As you walk out of the store, backing out of a parking lot, eating by the aisle of a fastfood chain. They are just everywhere. It pinches your heart to see them helpless and at some point you'd feel guilty for not giving.

However, we have a law that discourages us to give beggars alms. Because really, who knows what they're going to do with the money. And with all of what's going around, kids being used by mafia and everything, getting drugged so they'd look pity full.

So, I totally agree with you to give to charities. And I hope these charities are reputable enough to ensure alms are given to rightful recipients.

Continue to have a good heart. The world needs more people like you.

full colours

Happy new year to you @purepinay . Your resolution post is positive and its feel nice to read it . More blessings to come to you . :) Keep up the good work .

Very well said! Happy new year, @purepinay! Sending you love and sunshine ☀️!

@purepinay I just started on steemit not too long ago too :) would love to connect with you near future since we’re not too far ! Come to Malaysia anytime :) btw upvoted and resteemed your post- followed you too! It’ll be so cool to know new friends here on steemit

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