SteemRadio - schedule of all the steemit radio shows - week beginning 29 January 2018

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I made it! I finally launched Pennsif's Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves last Friday.

I totally enjoyed the show.

I had four most interesting guests (@RedRica, @GeordiePrepper, @Halcyondaze, @TheBugIQ) and a great audience.

Thank you to those guests for coming on the show and thank you to everyone who listened in to the show. I hope you can all tune in again next Friday.

I am now looking for more guests for future shows. If you have an interesting story to tell about homesteading, prepping, homeschooling, tiny houses, complimentary medicine, alternative energy, cooking (particularly low meat, vegetarian and vegan), permaculture or organic gardening do pop a comment below or contact me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

The show also needs a logo so I am currently running a Design a Logo contest for anyone with graphic design or artistic inclinations.


@Uniwhisp is moving her Emotion Integration show from Thursday to Friday 8pm - 10pm.

That is the slot just before my show so we will be radio schedule neighbours!

More information about the time change :

Another new show this week is @meno's Songwriter Shop Talk. This show airs between 2am and 4am UTC Thursday mornings on MSP Waves Radio.

Join MenO as he dives head first into subject he will never understand, interviews fellow songwriters, and talks about the person behind the song. There will be music, philosophy, irrational ramblings and emotional explorations of the ninth degree. If you think music is everything, and you are not afraid of philosophy with chicken nuggets, this is the show you need to join.

This coming Tuesday will see the second Sim Your Life show from @SimGirl. Do drop by 4pm - 6pm on MSP Waves Radio.

Saturday sees another of @aggroed's panel discussion shows. This week the show will be an Introduction to Crypto Trading.

This past Saturday saw @globocop and I reach the end of our run through the 1960s on the Frequency Waves 432Hz show with a look at all that happened in 1969.

This coming Saturday is going to a heavy metal special, before we resume our time travel into the 1970s.

In case you missed it this week's movie was :

If you know of any other relevant shows that I haven't included please do put the details in a comment below or DM me on Discord @pennsif#9921 . Also please let me know of any changes to the shows already listed

The times for the shows are all shown in Coordinated Universal Time UTC/GMT - which is currently UK time. There are numerous sites on the web for converting UTC to your local time. This one looks particularly useful

SteemRadio : schedule of shows for week beginning 29 January 2018

DayTime (UTC)StationShow
Mon 29 Jan12am - 1amMSP WavesSteemit Musicians with @isaria
Mon 29 Jan1am - 3amMSP WavesMinnow Mayor’s Town Hall @aggroed
Tue 30 Jan12am - ?WhaleSharesWhaleshares Live Curation with @freedomexists, @KubbyElizabeth & Co
Tue 30 Jan4pm - 6pmMSP WavesSim Your Life with @simgirl
Tue 30 Jan6pm - 8pmMSP WavesHacking Mental Performance with @WipGirl
Tue 30 Jan8pm - 10pmMSP WavesThe Music and Money Show @ScaredyCatGuide
Tue 30 Jan10pm - 12amMSP WavesBackstage with Bucky with @BuckyDurddle
Tue 30 Jan11pm - 1amWriters BlockFictioneers with @RhondaK
Wed 31 Jan12am - 2amMSP WavesBlame The Shane @swelker101
Wed 31 Jan1am - ?WhaleSharesBeyond Bitcoin - EOSTalk Live with @OfficialFuzzy
Wed 31 Jan10pm - 12amMSP WavesMa1neevent Interviews Show @ma1neevent
Thu 01 Feb12am - 2amMSP WavesThe Dancing Dreamers with DJ Damashii
Thu 01 Feb2am - 4amMSP WavesSongwriter Shop Talk with @meno
Thu 01 Feb4pm - 6pmSteemStarPimp Your Post Thursday with @shadowspub
Thu 01 Feb6pm - 8pmMSP WavesThe Mix with @WipGirl
Fri 02 Feb12am - 2amSteemStarPimp Your Post Thursday with @shadowspub
Fri 02 Feb1am - 3amMSP WavesFull Force Thursday with @crimsonclad
Fri 02 Feb1am - ?WhaleSharesWhaleShares Live Promote Your Post Session with @freedomexists
Fri 02 Feb8pm - 10pmMSP WavesEmotion Integration with @Uniwhisp
Fri 02 Feb10pm - 12amMSP WavesThe Alternative Lifestyle Show with @pennsif
Sat 03 Feb12am - 3amMSP WavesChaos Show @disarrangedjane & @globocop
Sat 03 Feb12.30am - ?Writers BlockState of the Witness with @anarcho-andrei & @swelker101
Sat 03 Feb1am - 3amSteemStarAll Play Friday with @topkpop
Sat 03 Feb2pm - ?WhaleSharesBitshares Open Source Hangout with @OfficialFuzzy
Sat 03 Feb3.30pm - ?WhaleSharesBeyondBitcoin Whaletank Hangout with @OfficialFuzzy
Sat 03 Feb4pm - ?MSP WavesIntro to Crypto Trading Panel Discussion with @aggroed
Sat 03 Feb8pm - ?Writers BlockShane & Muxxy Show with @swelker101 & @Gmuxx
Sat 03 Feb9pm - 12amMSP WavesFrequency Waves 432Hz with @globocop & @pennsif
Sun 04 Feb1am - 2amMSP WavesThe Dark Side with @isaria
Sun 04 Feb2am - 3amMSP WavesThe Peace Academy with @isaria & @aggroed
Sun 04 Feb2pm - 7.30pmSteemStarSteemitizens of Steem with @SirCork
Sun 04 Feb5pm - 7pmMSP WavesFrom the Ground Up Lazy Sundays @ftgu
Sun 04 Feb7pm - 9pmMSP WavesRomance on the Air @hope777 & @kubbyelizabeth
Sun 04 Feb7.30pm - 9pmSteemStarVO.TU (Voices of the Underground) with @Beanz
Sun 04 Feb9pm - 11pmMSP WavesGod Waves with @globocop
Sun 04 Feb9pm - 11pmSteemStarThe Cabinet of Curiosities with @LenaDr
Sun 04 Feb11pm - 12amMSP WavesSteemit Creative with @swelker101 & @isaria

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This will be adding to the steemit brand.. how can i be part of this development and how do i get connected to it?

my country don't have that stations in it's radio

It’s kind of old news but I homeschooled 5 kids all the way through high school in the Bronx mostly through the 90’s. I’ve got stories. One in particular that involved hiding from the cops. Don’t mind sharing the story on your radio show.