Mini Motivation #103 - When others are not socially conscious enough to f*ck off

in psychology •  7 months ago

Imagine this: it's lunch time and the restaurant is packed with the the office crowd and you're waiting in line to get a place. Clock's ticking as you think about the pile of work needed to be cleared when you get back, and the meeting with the board that has been hovering on the back of your mind since the late last night.

Then, near the entrance where you are queuing, you saw a table of five, clearly done with their drinks and food, but just sitting there chatting, playing games on their phones, group watching a YouTube video and whatever thing they can think of, except f*cking off. The cleaners have come to clear the tables as a gentle sign, but still, with being oblivious is their modus operandi, they just decide to not move.

Don’t you just hate that?

Sure, they are trying to wait out their lunch break, and there's no real rules asking them to vacate their seats when done. Frankly, it's just a nice gesture, although I can justify it's one that "should" be right, but that's laying down too much of my expectations.

Of course, you can always go up to them and ask them to f*ck off, but really, had society come to this point of poor social consciousness that we become totally oblivious of the challenges of others. Has the world become to me-me-me now?

Withholding my anger aside, what about you? What would you do in those situation? Continue to be grumpy about it while waiting in the que, and write a post about it on social media (like me)? Or just head over and ask them to vacate the table in a polite way, and stand to be just ignored?

Mini Motivation is my own daily strategy to inspire myself. Mostly 3-minute reads.

From Motivation, we gain Inspiration. From Inspiration, we achieve Momentum. And the rest, they say, is history.

Hope it helps nudge you a bit too in the right direction.

Oh it did? Let me know in the comments, and of course an upvote would be a nice motivation for me. :)

Stay awesome!

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I often see such acts of selfishness, and I also do the same sometimes; people need to relax and have fun with friends after having dinner. I think, if they are not disturbing others, then it is fine. But, if there is a long waiting line in the restaurant, as it is the case in some restaurants, then I would not appreciate this type of 'oblivion'.


Just have to play with the scenario, eh?

I feel like slapping some people and say wake up! LOL

And Mav, well done mate on crossing the 100th Mini Motivation marker!!


Haha, yeah. Probably would stop writing these at the end of May and explore podcasting and videos for 21 days each. Wanna see if there are any strategies to elicit and processes to breakdown.


Talk show might also work actually! And Vlog interviews...


Well, meeting our residential Podcaster and vlogger @branlee87 tomorrow to learn more. Stay tuned!


Great... You could do a "Bong-Nights" (18+) show... You can just let loose and be yourself 😄😄

If it's a nice place, I like lingering, but if there is a queue, I'm always conscious my table is needed! I know not everyone feels that way - especially these days... Seems to be, I pay for my meal, I can stay as long as I want! I say, turn the tables on them, see how they feel...


Well, it can backfire into a vicious cycle, really. Because they had waited, they then forced other to wait, and the chain reaction goes on. Until someone stops and become conscious of others. I guess we all have a choice, eh?


So very true - I say, in every situation... we have a choice; to make a conscious decision to stop, and make a difference. Of course, easier said than done la, but...


Well, at least we are Aware, because that comes Before Change. ABC

I might just walk over and stand next to them at their table just to annoy them... hahaha

Do you ever get annoyed when you are looking for a parking slot, you saw someone just got into their car ready to leave so you put your signal on and wait for this slot, but you waited, and waited, and waited... He/She still sitting inside not moving! WTH!

My friend @roselifecoach have a brilliant idea and it works every time. You move your car right in front of them to block their exit and when they saw that suddenly they will start honking and wanted to move, human behaviours are just so strange, right!?


Wow! That's a great idea by @roselifecoach! Gonna try it the next time.

Oh yeah, the just LOVE camping in their car. Suck in the leather smell, sooth in the music, and piss the shit out of others waiting!


Hehe, ...put lipstick on, make one more phone call... :D
Great idea by @roselifecoach, @joelai - gonna try it next time!!


Yes, do try it @ackhoo, it works every single time!


Kannnn.... really 'naik api' with these people!

Since I'm a bit good with predicting how some people would react just based on their current activities, I'd approach them nicely if they seem to be reasonable people. Otherwise i'd let a haughty waitress get them to get up.