Lovely Poetry #15 - "Hue and I" (An Original Poem)

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Hue and I

Paint me
on a summer day
while daffodils are abloom
as they sway carefree
feeling the earth
beneath their gleeful roots.

Paint me
Move your wrist with finesse
a thousand graceful brush strokes
Like a lone sailor set for a quest
navigating the vast ocean
exploring the outlines of my physique.

Paint me
A portrait of who I am
Do not try to conceal
the creases of my misery
Connect the dots
Of my past and present
Inch by inch on my skin.

Paint me
Trace my eyes
like the ray of sun light
as it kisses the roaring ocean
Sketch my lips the color of wine
a thousand flavor bursting
yearning for acquaintance.

Paint me
Fill your palette
with colors of my being
A masterpiece is waiting
Out of hue and I.

I would like to thank the members of the Impact Feedback Group for the
feedbacks given on the earlier version of this poem.

art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics


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Until next time!

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Connect the dots
Of my past and present
Inch by inch on my skin.

This is my favorite part. I get several emotions from this piece, but mostly it seems loving and inviting. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much @sumayyahsaidso! Whenever you drop a comment on my posts, my heart is filled with joy.

That is so beautiful! So creative! I do not how I would paint you based on this poem but it definitely touches me! Be blessed and express your creativity in various words!!

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Thank you so much for dropping by @sashagenji! You too! I see you as a very creative person. An artist I admire. Let us celebrate art everyday!

Beautiful poetry. From the genius of the title, to the lyrical artistry weaved throughout, this was a delight to read.

Especially love the hint of the dark, hidden within. This is the section that stood out the most:

Do not try to conceal
the creases of my misery


It is an honor to be commented by you. Thank you so much @naquoya. You know how much I adore your poems and book reviews. Thanks for reading. :)

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