Lovely Poetry # 9 - "Omnipotent" (An Original Poem)

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Finding a prose
In the world's noise and chaos
That will speak of bliss,
Miracles, Of Agape and Eros
Is like digging through ancient
Mounds of forgotten egos
Where humanity speaks
In words where unselfless
magnanimity echoes.

Futile it may,
And maybe close to forbidden
In lips where kindness are
seldom from and given
You hear a child say comfort amidst innocence.
You see an old man's eyes light up,
from days of grief and bereavement.

For the world may end,
In better or for worst;
The truth that there
are beautiful sunrise
and sunsets as centuries goes.
In disparity and benevolence
The day burns to close,
It left its mark in hearts
And raging souls.

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Until next time!

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I've always over romanticized the idea that poetry lives in the spaces between the common occurrences of our every day lives, and see similar here in the lines:

noise and chaos

A lot of Greco-Roman allusions in your conjurings of love, 'Agape and Eros', entities seeped in historical weight and meaning. I liked the thought that they too lie with the prose, forgotten in the bustle of noise and chaos - an almost returning of origin when looked at relative to myth, but I digress.

I liked the 'forbidden' / 'given' rhyme play to interject rhythm into that second stanza and create the turn, the contrast of innocence vs. innocence lost.

This all culminates to this powerful ending, lots of heavy words, lots of weight. The mark of all things being rendered to dust before time, with only passion leaving a lasting impressions.

All in all, a lasting collection here, @reewritesthings, a poem close to my heart. Thank you for sharing.

poetry lives in the spaces between the common occurrences of our every day lives

I agree. Glad you liked my work. I have read some of your pieces too and I must say I'm completely astounded by your poems. I appreciate you dropping by as I always look up to steemians like you. I hope you come and visit my account sometime for feedbacks. Thanks a lot! <3

Wonderful piece, nice creativity and good rhymes @reewritesthings. keep it up

Thank you very much @aduragbemi! You liking my poem makes me extremely happy. It helps me create even better poems. Thanks!

wow! exceptional piece. You are a poet @reewritesthings

Thank you very much @orhem. Glad you like it! You might want to visit some of my works too. Thanks!

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