1001 Places To Remember S10 - Time To Vote for Your Favourite Story!

Dear Steemians!

Important Notice for 1001 Places to Remember Contest:

We have some changes to the reward system. Rather than giving out the rewards all full in Steem, the top 3 prizes will have 1 SBI unit each!

Now, the prize rewards are as follow:

1st Prize: 4 Steem + 1 SBI

2nd Prize: 2 Steem + 1 SBI

3rd Prize: 0.5 Steem + 1 SBI

6 Special Featured Prizes: 0.25 Steem each

3 Best Comment Prizes: 1 SBI each

Total Prize Value Per Season: 14 Steem

Every season we will have 9 winners winning the contest. As of now, we will do it every month to keep the fun rolling. We even will have twice a month with some season which we will keep it as an element of surprise.

One more thing: How to Vote?

Just drop your favourite author's name in the comment section. You can also write about why you love the story too! There will be 3 lucky voters for their best comments, so do come and support and win some prizes too :)

s10 vote.jpg

Finally, it is another great closing for our season 10’s submission. Again, we would like to thank all the contributors who committed their time and energy to create with amazing photography shots and stories about different places that they had been before. We appreciate each and every submission to our utmost gratitude. Never had we thought we can get all these amazing people to share their stories with us on #archisteem!

With this post, we would like to announce that our first ever project under @archisteem – 1001 Places to Remember Season 10 is officially closed and we will start to judging process immediately. At the same time, the 11th season for this project will officially be closed and 12th season is now officially started. To all the Steemians out there, let’s keep this going and build this project together.

We would like to do some reminders for future contributors:

  1. Tag to use: #archisteem
  2. To write at least 300 words of the story (we need more insight to make the content valuable collectively).
  3. Photos are not limited.
  4. Must have a title that describes the story (no need to mention the contest name as you will be using the tag).
    In every closing session for the season, we will start a voting session for the qualified posts. In the meantime, we will list all the qualified posts in the comments for the voting. Note that the voting will be based on the number of votes rather, but we do welcome high-value votes :)

All the contributed upvotes (SBD or Steem) will be used for the consecutive sessions reward while the SP gained will be used to power up @archisteem to increase its voting value to support the community better.

A fascinating journey to the prehistoric animals@singa
2018 Daegu & Daegu Vicinity Tour Stamp Trail Book #47: Momyeongjae Shrine@normalbro
Leopolis / Miasto Lwów - pt. 2@postcardsfromlbn
At Tokyo Golden Gai we got to Hell ... and it was great!@kocinka
Time has consumed the "Fortin de la Magdalena" but not their stories@milkabustamante
An enchanting forest in Taiwan@livinguktaiwan
From sunrise to sunset among the ancient temples of Bagan@digi-me
Inday Clara Travels Solo #30: Eating Bugs in Khao San Road!@indayclara
Things you can do in Pardina... apart from getting drunk@vonaurolacu
Walk with me - Diessenhofen in Thurgau@delishtreats
Beglika - The Name of the Dam, the Area, the Festival@manoldonchev
Hpa-An (Myanmar)@biffboff
Lazymom Travels To Busan Korea-7 Days Itinerary : Day 4@francesaw
The Descent from Mt. Humarap@watersnake101
FROM THE WINDOW...Berlin@yo-yo
吉隆坡咖啡山森林 Kuala Lumpur Bukit Nanas@auleo
#149 Follow Me to an Abbey (35 photos) 🍻 - 🇧🇪 修道院的美好时光~@itchyfeetdonica
Walkwithme: Nøklevann and Sarabråten (Thursday Oslo forest hike - part 2/3)@tobixen
Oldie but Goldie, literally - The Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan@nolasco
Trip in Festival Town of Spain:Sitges / 西班牙节日之城:锡切斯@starrouge

Let us start the voting in the comment section and we shall announce the winner after 5th December 2018 (Wednesday), 12pm EST (closing time for voting)!

Stay tuned and Steem on!

With that being said, we would like to take this opportunity to promote the Season 12 for 1001 Places to Remember which will be ending soon and let the stories rolling in! We have 250 Stories to go for our 1001 complete compilation. Help us push through and get it completed by 2018!


We welcome people with stories to join us on this project!

To know more about the project, click here.

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Here are some collaborations that are ongoing and making the contribution gaining more impact and reward!

A collaboration with
Photocircle by @funtraveller

#photocircle is a curation program started by @funtraveller (also happened to be the co-creator of #archisteem) to curate photography submissions with the #photocircle tag. One of the themes for the photography curation program is Architectural & City Photography which is aligned with the 1001 Places to Remember project as well as #archisteem.
We decided to collaborate under the theme Architectural & City and share the prize pool as well. This is a mutual relationship that will help both programs to thrive and to reach a larger group of audience.

This is our collaboration post:

A collaboration with
A City A Story by @aaronli

This contest is a weekly contest initiated by @aaronli. The intention of starting this contest is to encourage more people to share about the culture and stories of their hometown or their cities. This could help to promote the place’s uniqueness to a larger audience and in another way, to express our personal love to our beloved hometown and cities.
We found that both of our projects are well aligned and decided to collaborate and to make things bigger with more exposure! Participants will now get a chance to win both prizes at the same time, making the prize pool larger than before!

This is our collaboration post:

Join us here in Discord

ku0c0lglzaw7afvpywag copy.png

@archisteem has just started its Curation Trail. If you are interested in helping us to curate some quality storyteller, do follow our trail :) You can do it on Steemauto and login with SteemConnect, then go to curation trail and search for Archisteem. You can read the Step by Step Tutorial here.


This is an #archisteem post.

A new tag that is to curate our existing built environment and also future built environment development. Want to know more? Read here.



Coz he’s the man man!

Coz he’s the man!

@vonaurolacu made a deep story in good writing about a place not so attractive to mass tourists or culture explorers. Which is something very appealing to me now that I have such an interest.

If I have a second say, I would also go with @kocinka whose was the best educational article.

Hello @archisteem, my vote is for r @milkabustamante supporting my beloved land Venezuela, besides its spectacular history.

¡Gracias por tu apoyo @rvag5! ❤️

Oh snap it's not really possible to decide. From there posts I've read the one from @delishtreats and @milkabustamante. I compered those posts again and it's not possible to say which one's better haha.

I'm voting for @milkabustamante cuz she's from Venezuela which is being hit by superstrong crisis and those rewards wpold probably have bigger value for her.

You can forget the dolphin votes now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Just kidding.. good choice 😉

Oh shit, half of my rewards gone in the snap of the finger :DD Or maybe better said, in the push of an ENTER :D

You said it right.....

:D :D :D

Morals over monetary-driven decisions! :D

Hahahaha, nepredam svoj zivot? :D I thought you would do everything for money :D I might reconsider my very well formed opinion about you :D

Hahaha r u talking about about my backstabbing skills? :DD I've thought those delicate information from Discord will never make it to the public eye hahaha :D

No, no, it was not me who named it :D I called it EVERYTHING - YOU gave it the exact name :D I kept the delicate information just between us, lol :D

Thanks ever for your support, I think that I now would accept hug you 🐷😂❤️

Coz he’s the man!


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