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RE: 1001 Places To Remember S10 - Time To Vote for Your Favourite Story!

in #placestoremember5 years ago (edited)

Oh snap it's not really possible to decide. From there posts I've read the one from @delishtreats and @milkabustamante. I compered those posts again and it's not possible to say which one's better haha.

I'm voting for @milkabustamante cuz she's from Venezuela which is being hit by superstrong crisis and those rewards wpold probably have bigger value for her.


You can forget the dolphin votes now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Just kidding.. good choice 😉

Oh shit, half of my rewards gone in the snap of the finger :DD Or maybe better said, in the push of an ENTER :D

You said it right.....

:D :D :D

Morals over monetary-driven decisions! :D

Hahahaha, nepredam svoj zivot? :D I thought you would do everything for money :D I might reconsider my very well formed opinion about you :D

Hahaha r u talking about about my backstabbing skills? :DD I've thought those delicate information from Discord will never make it to the public eye hahaha :D

No, no, it was not me who named it :D I called it EVERYTHING - YOU gave it the exact name :D I kept the delicate information just between us, lol :D

Thanks ever for your support, I think that I now would accept hug you 🐷😂❤️

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